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967 There Are More Hardworking People

 Yuan Zhou closed the door of his restaurant. That attracted many customers' attention, though it was fairly common to close the restaurant when it wasn't the business time.

But normally, Yuan Zhou either sculpted outside or read books to study cooking in the afternoon. The door was always left open.

It only happened once or twice that he closed the restaurant. So the customers were all discussing if Boss Yuan prepared to serve a new dish again.

Somebody even made a bet on if Boss Yuan's new dish was a meat dish or a vegetable dish. The crowd of people in Yuan Zhou's restaurant were really not bored.

As a matter of fact, however, Yuan Zhou was preparing a dish for himself secretly. After all, there were so many prepared ingredients. Therefore, he specially prepared two nice dishes for himself.

After the scrumptious meal, Yuan Zhou directly collapsed on his seat and burped. Luckily, the All-Fish Banquet didn't require too many ingredients that needed to be prepared beforehand and the fish were mainly killed on the spot. Otherwise, Yuan Zhou couldn't finish all of them.

Fortunately, Wu Hai was talking about something with Zhou Xi. Otherwise, he, who had a sensitive instinct for delicacies, would probably come over here to knock at the door.

The situation was like this...

"Peng Peng"

Zhou Xi carried a pile of items in his arms and knocked on Wu Hai's door. As for how he knew which room Wu Hai lived in, everybody around this area knew about that.

"The door is open. Come on in." There came Wu Hai's voice from the inside of the room.

Zhou Xi carried the stuff in his arms and opened the door meticulously before entering.

Just like Zhou Xi had imagined, Wu Hai's room was in a great mess.

There was drawing paper and canvases all over the room. More than that, even the four walls around were painted with all sorts of stuff.

The quantity of the painting brushes was probably next only to the painting paper in Wu Hai's room. There was a painting brush on the washing table of the bathroom, on the TV stand of the living room and even the bedside lamp.

Zhou Xi had heard that some very awesome artists would record their inspirations in the form of paintings.

Obviously, Wu Hai was that kind of person. What he didn't really know was that Zheng Jiawei would paste new white wallpaper on the wall every two months. And Zheng Jiawei had barely pasted the new wallpapers before he left.

"I don't know which brand of toothpaste you like using, so I bought one for all the brands. There's a total of more than 30 tubes."

That's right. What Zhou Xi carried in his arms was a pile of toothpaste.

"More than 30 pieces? It's enough for me to use for two years." Wu Hai was very happy, "I don't need to buy any toothpaste for two years."

No need to buy any toothpaste for two years? Zhou Xi was immediately stupefied. He didn't think of it that way.

"The money is in the basket over there. Just take as much as you spent on the toothpaste."

The basket mentioned by Wu Hai was right at the porch. It was Zheng Jiawei who put it there so that Wu Hai still had money to use when he couldn't find his wallet.

"Okay. I'll take the money later. Where shall I put all the toothpaste?" Zhou Xi asked.

"In the bathroom." Wu Hai pointed at a direction in the room randomly. He was observing a water drop carefully.

He was thinking that there were also many bacteria in the water drop and it was also a complete vivosphere, just like the vivosphere of the earth.

But Wu Hai could wave his hand randomly and erase the single water drop very easily. He could also find many water drops casually.

Then, was the earth also like that from the perspective of a certain dimension?

For the whole afternoon, Wu Hai was thinking of that.

Wu Hai's apartment was fairly big.

After all, it was rare for the bathroom and washroom to be separated.

"I have a question to consult you," said Zhou Xi.

Wu Hai didn't move his head at all. He still put his head on the table and said, "Say it."

"The two paintings on the ceiling of Yuan Zhou's restaurant are ..."

Zhou Xi hadn't finished speaking when he was interrupted by the complacent guy Wu Hai.

"Hahaha. That's right. I managed to let Compass hang them there with great difficulty. Am I awesome?"

Speaking of this matter, Wu Hai instantly became spirited. He continued, "Do you feel that I am awesome? Yeah, that's right. This is one of the two matters that I am most proud of in my lifetime."

"..." Zhou Xi was made quite speechless.

Zhou Xi felt rather puzzled. Did that event deserve to be proud of? He felt that he completely couldn't follow Wu Hai's mindset.

"May I ask about the other matter that you feel proud of?" Zhou Xi asked in a whisper.

"Drawing. The other matter that I am most proud of is drawing," Wu Hai blurted it out.

It was surprisingly as important as drawing. Zhou Xi felt that his head was going to explode. It seemed that those customers hadn't exaggerated at all.

The two paintings of This Is Life and People Passing by A Small Restaurant were really accepted by that boss of the restaurant because Wu Hai pestered him again and again.

This world was way too crazy. According to a philosopher from Dong Province, the mouse even dared to be the bridesmaid of the cat.

"Well, don't you feel it's a waste to hang two valuable paintings on the ceiling of a tiny room?" Zhou Xi made the final effort and asked.

"A waste? Which place do you think where it will not be a waste to hang the paintings? Wu Hai asked back, "In the collection rooms of the wealthy people? Or in some certain museums?"

Zhou Xi choked then. It was a rhetorical where the paintings should be kept so that it wasn't a waste. There was totally not an answer to this question.

"Besides, you are still too young, kid. You don't know how awesome that restaurant is!" said Wu Hai.

Zhou Xi really didn't know that. He couldn't understand why such a tiny restaurant was really so miraculous although it served delicious food.

While they were talking, somebody else knocked at the door. Wu Hai directly instructed Zhou Xi to open the door habitually.

The door was opened. It was an auntie. After she greeted Wu Hai, she began to tidy up the messy ground habitually.

This auntie was an hourly employee paid by Zheng Jiawei to tidy up the room for Wu Hai.

"Eaves Wu, how often does this auntie come here?" Judging from how messy the ground of the room was, Zhou Xi could speculate that the auntie probably comes once every three or four days.

"What are you trying to say?" Wu Hai said, "She definitely comes every day to clean the room."

"Huh?" Zhou Xi opened his mouth wide and revealed a surprised look.

"Young man, this room will be full of trash if I come every two days." Once in a blue moon, the auntie who was doing the cleaning raised her head and got in a word.

In other words, the big pile of stuff on the ground was all Wu Hai's paintings today. It was a little exaggerated to say there were 100 pieces, but there were at least around 80-90 pieces.

"How many paintings do you draw in a single day?" Zhou Xi blurted out subconsciously.

"I don't have time to count. I keep drawing whenever I'm free and whenever I want to." Actually, Wu Hai didn't state clearly on one thing. For him, every moment was his spare time except for mealtime. That's right. Even sleeping time was considered to be spare time for him.

"No wonder you can become such a well-known artist in China. You work so hard." Zhou Xi was left speechless, "In one single day, you almost practice one hundred paintings."

"I'm not considered to be hardworking at all. You can go to have a look at Compass. He either cooks or practices his culinary skills or else, practices some other skills to improve his culinary skills every day," said Wu Hai, "I can draw everything in the world like trees, flowers, various animals. But Compass just tosses the wok and practices the basic knife skills repeatedly every day."

"See? That's hardworking. Do you believe that he has been practicing for quite a while?" Wu Hai was a little tired of talking, therefore, he began to drive him away.

"Close the door when you leave," after saying that, Wu Hai continued putting his head on the table and stared at the water drop fixedly.

Well, that was really a powerful and straightforward way to drive guests away. Zhou Xi left obediently. Could one really be so hardworking on something to such an extent?

After Zhou Xi closed the door gently, Wu Hai turned to look at the door and muttered to himself, "Such an intelligent old guy like Zhou Shijie surprisingly has a silly son. He didn't even take the money."

"However, he has good taste. Hahaha." Wu Hai stroked his own mustaches and became a little complacent.