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966 The Feeling Of Being A Dad

 "It isn't true that a genius can't take care of himself in daily life," Zhou Xi said, "Just like Eaves Wu. If he turns all his attention from drawing to his daily life, I believe his life wisdom will also be very high."

"So it isn't a common problem for the geniuses not to be able to take care of themselves. It's actually how devoted he is to his performance for everyone. The more attention he focuses on this matter, the lower his corresponding life wisdom and EQ will both become." In the end, Zhou Xi also added, "That isn't limited to the genius, but also applies to common people."

Zhou Xi's utterance was closely reasoned and well-argued. Furthermore, he spoke quite earnestly.

"Is that so?" Wang Hong was feeling that something was wrong. He felt that theory wasn't supposed to apply to everyone, but failed to speak out.

"Don't you write novels? Trust me, you'll be successful when your EQ becomes low. When you can't take care of yourself in daily life, you'll become a literary giant." Zhou Xi was quite good at making false theories.

As a matter of fact, this false theory indeed made some sense. The most famous example was Big Big Wolf that used all his intelligence on his inventions. If there was really a Big Big Wolf in the real world, the technology of humanity would be able to advance by 100 years.

But that was of no use at all. He still couldn't hunt a sheep.

On the other hand, Wu Hai had already finished eating when Zhou Xi and Wang Hong were halfway through their meal. He ate very quickly until all the dishes were gone and all the plates became brilliant enough to reflect his image.

The dishes ordered by the first ten people had basically all been cooked.

When Yuan Zhou got a little spare time, he said to Wu Hai, "Wu Hai, I have something to tell you."

That kind of consulting tone instantly made Wu Hai become alert. Yuan Zhou hadn't finished speaking when Wu Hai interrupted directly, "I'm telling you, Yuan Zhou, you cannot ask for leave. I won't let you do that all my life."

Stroking his two small tufts of mustaches, Wu Hai said earnestly with a solemn look, "Besides, you have promised Zheng Jiawei not to ask for leave for a period of time, at least before he comes back. Yuan Zhou, you cannot eat your words now and become fat."

Can't eat his words and become fat? Yuan Zhou looked at his standard figure and laughed. Even if he ate his words, he wouldn't become fat, not to mention that he wasn't going to ask for leave.

What a joke! When did he ever discuss with others when he needed to ask for leave?

Speaking of Zheng Jiawei, Yuan Zhou remembered that Wu Ling returned and took him on a trip after she got a long vacation.

Before they left, Zheng Jiawei worried a lot about Wu Hai. Therefore, he specifically came to ask Yuan Zhou if he was going to ask for leave in the coming two weeks.

Yuan Zhou's answer was no. Only after that did Zheng Jiawei depart securely. After all, Wu Hai wouldn't starve nor run around unless Yuan Zhou asked for leave.

"Forget it. Nothing special." Yuan Zhou suddenly didn't want to ask anymore.

On the contrary, Wu Hai felt very happy about that. He felt he had just prevented a great catastrophe. Therefore, he was about to leave with light footsteps.

"Wait a moment, Eaves Wu." Seeing Wu Hai intend to leave, Zhou Xi mustered up his courage and shouted at him.

But Wu Hai just answered conveniently without even turning his head, "Sorry, no time for a signature."

After saying that, Wu Hai continued walking out.

"Eaves Wu, I have something to ask you. Can I pay a visit to you later?" Zhou Xi hadn't finished eating until now and besides, he was also a little nervous since there were so many people. So he said hurriedly in a moment of desperation.

"Sure. Just come as long as you can find me. Besides that, remember to bring me a tube of toothpaste when you come," said Wu Hai casually.

Zhou Xi was so excited that he failed to hear the last words quite clearly. When he figured it out, he found that he was asked to buy toothpaste. He hadn't even gotten time to ask what brand Wu Hai wanted when he disappeared.

The lunch went on normally. Zhou Jia's classmate, who wasn't liked by others, came again. Just like last time, he greeted everybody, but still received few answers from the customers.

At the very beginning, Wang Hong also greeted him. But later, Even he didn't like talking with that classmate of Zhou Jia.

Yuan Zhou knew the reason well, so he was in favor of Jiang Changxi's practice. Presumably, only Zhou Jia and Shen Min didn't know what was going on.

"Boss Yuan, do you have an appointment with somebody? I noticed that you look out from time to time," a customer asked curiously.

Immediately, another person answered, "He's definitely waiting for Yin Ya. This beauty hasn't been here for a very long time."

"Don't talk nonsense. Queen Jiang has declared that Boss Yuan is hers."

"I think Tang Xi is also very promising. After all, she's the most loyal fan of Boss Yuan. Every man hopes that his future girlfriend worships him."

"No, you are all wrong. Didn't you guys forget that somebody has expressed her love to Boss Yuan?"

Therefore, the customers changed the subject and began to discuss Yuan Zhou's marriage.

In their discussion, Yuan Zhou played dumb and continued cooking. A serving of Egg Fried Rice Set was well cooked in minutes.

Speaking of which, the people who had ordered a table of All-Fish Banquet at noon today, surprisingly, didn't come. Yuan Zhou looked outside from time to time just to see if they were coming.

That was possible. Yuan Zhou's restaurant was always very crowded. Even if you ordered the All-Fish Banquet beforehand, you couldn't necessarily get seats on the following day. It also happened from time to time that people ordered the All-Fish Banquet but eventually didn't get seats before the business time ended.

This rule had been complained about by many people. In Yuan Zhou's eyes, however, ordering the banquet in advance was just for preparing necessary ingredients. It had nothing to do with waiting in line.

However, it was also the very first time that they didn't even come to wait in line like today. They might have been delayed by something. Yuan Zhou didn't really care about it. However, some ingredients prepared for the All-Fish Banquet definitely couldn't be kept for the next banquet. So he intended to boil them and eat them by himself.

It was also a painful thing to eat alone. Buddha said, "If I don't go to hell, who else will go?" Yuan Zhou thought inwardly.

A female voice made Yuan Zhou come to himself.

"Boss Yuan, I have finished tidying up the restaurant. So..., I'm leaving," said Zhou Jia.

Lunchtime ended.

"Zhou Jia, do you have something to tell me?" Zhou Jia looked hesitant as if she had something to tell him.

"Boss Yuan, I just got a boyfriend..." Zhou Jia wanted to say something, but eventually failed to finish. She suddenly blushed with embarrassment

"Okay. And then?" Yuan Zhou nodded his head and asked naturally.

"So I wanted to ask if you have time..." Zhou Jia's voice diminished gradually. And Yuan Zhou couldn't even hear her in the end.

"It's a good thing. Let's make it tomorrow afternoon. Bring him here." At this time, Yuan Zhou's intelligence instantly soared.

That was exactly what Zhou Jia meant. She just had a boyfriend and theoretically, she was supposed to take him home to let her parents have a look.

But the problem was that Zhou Jia's hometown was quite far from here and besides, it wasn't the holidays yet. Without knowing exactly why, Zhou Jia just wanted to bring him here and let Yuan Zhou have a look first.

As a matter of fact, Yuan Zhou was nothing but her boss, but Zhou Jia and Shen Min had already taken Yuan Zhou as half a relative, without knowing when it started.

"Okay. Thank you, boss." With a blush on her face, Zhou Jia ran away swiftly.

Looking at the back of Zhou Jia, Yuan Zhou muttered secretly in his heart that Zhou Jia was a good girl and thus he must help to examine the boy very carefully.

"Why do I have a feeling of being a dad? I still haven't gotten a girlfriend till now. How could I have a daughter...?" Thinking of this, Yuan Zhou instantly became upset.

Zhou Jia had been working in Yuan Zhou's restaurant for only half a year. However, time wasn't the only criteria to judge if one trusted one another.

Some people were as intimate as old friends and thus spoke from the bottom of their hearts even though they had just known each other. On the other hand, some people were only nodding acquaintances although they had known each other for more than ten years.