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965 Zhou Coward

 The person that interrupted him was Ao Pi, the chief chef from White Mansion which was well-known for cooking seawater fish. Of course, Ao Pi took several apprentices after he became famous.

He hadn't cooked personally in White Mansion for a long time. Though he didn't do the job himself, his score of 0.2 Yuan on the Gourmet Appraisal Website still made him feel very angry.

Therefore, he got enraged immediately and then said with anger when he heard Chef Li from Shrimp And Crab Gathering constantly complimenting Yuan Zhou.

"That's right. Don't you think you have overestimated Yuan Zhou too much, Chef Li? I once went there and had a look. He's indeed competent in Sichuan Cuisine, but not so excellent in everything else as you said."

"I've also been to that tiny restaurant for meals. Apart from Sichuan Cuisine, he can cook only a few series of cuisines."

People who gathered here all had issues with Yuan Zhou, so they all stated their views as soon as Ao Pi talked. Luckily, there wasn't anyone that blindly said that Yuan Zhou's dishes weren't up to standard, either.

However, not everyone on site was dim-witted. For example, one of them said,

"Chef Li, did you bring all these people together today to tell us how awesome Yuan Zhou is, don't you?"

The question happened to give Chef Li a way out. He said, "I have studied for a very long time and I realized that Yuan Zhou has never cooked seafood."

As soon as he said that, all of them began to think over it carefully. Many people had been to Yuan Zhou's restaurant secretly and they found it was indeed so.

There wasn't a seafood dish on the menu of Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"The fact that he hasn't cooked seafood before doesn't necessarily mean he can't cook it. Though Yuan Zhou is very young, he is actually quite sophisticated. When he opened the restaurant at the beginning, he said he could only cook Egg Fried Rice and then, he focused on cooked wheaten food and then Sichuan Cuisine gradually. God knows how many things he is hiding from us."

Once the chief chef from Fragrant And Spicy Prawns said that, many people had a sense of identity.

"That makes sense. Yuan Zhou is so skilled in cooking Sichuan Cuisine, but at the very beginning, he said he could only cook Egg Fried Rice and Clear Broth Noodle Soup. He's a liar," said Ao Pi contemptuously.

"Egg Fried Rice and Clear Broth Noodle Soup are just the bait. This step by step method is better than telling others all at once. He's really smart."

"I remember that Yuan Zhou is younger than 30. Such a young person surprisingly has such deep cunning thoughts. That's really horrible!"

The crowd all discussed and talked at once. With their joint effort, they successfully shaped Yuan Zhou to be quite a cunning person that had evil thoughts and high EQ.

Chef Li continued, "I naturally wouldn't be so certain just from the fact that he has not cooked those dishes before only. Do you still remember that exchange meeting between China and Japan?"

To speak bluntly, these chefs might enjoy some reputation in Sichuan Province, but for the exchange meeting between China and Japan, they were absolutely unqualified to attend it.

Therefore, what they knew about mainly came from the newspaper or others who had attended the exchange meeting.

When he found others all nod their head to show consent, Chef Li continued, "In the exchange meeting held in Shanghai, Yuan Zhou successfully conquered the famous food critic Tengyuan from Japan with the Steamed Rice Served With Japanese Grenadier Anchovies."

"Actually, seawater fish was the best choice to conquer the Japanese, but Yuan Zhou chose freshwater fish in the end," Chef Li continued, "If he only wanted to show off his craftsmanship by choosing the freshwater fish, he could have prepared the sashimi when he was called in question in Japan."

"Whichever it is, it clearly shows the fact that Yuan Zhou isn't able to cook seafood cuisines." Chef Li came to a conclusion.

"After all, sashimi is just something from which you slice the meat with your excellent knife skills. It doesn't require any particular craftsmanship on cooking," Chef Li emphasized.

People were only willing to believe what they wanted to. Everybody there today was good at preparing seafood cuisines, thus they liked to believe very much that this was something that Yuan Zhou couldn't do as well as them.

Furthermore, Chef Li's analysis indeed made sense. Judging from the situation at the exchange meeting between China and Japan, Yuan Zhou was indeed not good at cooking seafood cuisines.

"Great. Chef Li, what plan do you have?" Ao Pi asked.

If Yuan Zhou really wasn't good at cooking seafood, why would he compete against them with something he wasn't good at? After all, he wasn't stupid.

"Yuan Zhou Gourmet Review Website is said to judge all cuisines with the standard of Yuan Zhou's restaurant. Since our business is cooking seafood, we ask Yuan Zhou to compete against us with seafood," Chef Li said, "If he doesn't agree, he must shut down that so-called Gourmet Review Website. If he doesn't even know how to cook seafood, how come he judge us?"

That really made sense. If he didn't even know how to cook seafood, how could he give a review to the people who mainly cooked seafood? Now, the head chefs on site all understood why the head chef from Shrimp And Crab Gathering would invite only dozens of people among more than 700 restaurants who had received a very low score.

The crowd of people began to discuss the details of the upcoming event one after another. The more they discussed, the happier they were.

They behaved as if Yuan Zhou was doomed to failure or the website would be shut down...

It was around lunchtime in Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

Undoubtedly, Wu Hai was at the forefront of the line. Zhou Xi, who had clamored for asking Eaves Wu about things clearly during breakfast, was right after Wu Hai.

At a critical time, however, he suddenly became a coward.

Why did he become a coward? Because Zhou Xi felt that it was way too informal to go up and strike up a conversation with such an amazing person like Wu Hai.

So Zhou Xi didn't say anything to him from the moment he waited in line for the number ticket until now, when business time commenced.

In addition, Zhou Shijie had left his silly son over here and hurried to Beijing by plane directly due to an emergency from the China Chef's Alliance.

As soon as the lunchtime commenced, Wu Hai rushed into the restaurant and ordered seven or eight dishes. Frankly speaking, nobody but Wu Hai could eat lunch like that.

First of all, he had money; secondly, he had a big stomach. If he couldn't eat all up, he would be blacklisted.

"Hey, buddy. You are really like a pervert when you behave like that." Wang Hong also followed him into the restaurant.

Then, he found Zhou Xi glanced at Wu Hai from time to time with a kind of hesitant and perturbed light, similar to a young man who had a crush on others. That simply gave Wang Hong goosebumps all over his body.

As for Wu Hai himself, he was accustomed to being watched by the crowd. Even if there were ten more people or even beauties who stared at him secretly, he wouldn't have any special reaction, not to mention this was only one single person.

"You don't understand. It's already quite good to have a look at such a unique talent like Eaves Wu from far away." Zhou Xi answered Wang Hong's question after he ordered dishes.

That's right. Zhou Xi still didn't forget to order dishes. He had intended to imitate Wu Hai and ordered many dishes, but later when he realized he couldn't finish them by himself, he just ordered half of the same dishes.

"Why are you called Shameless Wu, Eaves Wu?" Wang Hong asked.

"Because he's the most popular Chinese artist in Europe and America and thus he's regarded as the door eaves of Chinese paintings." Zhou Xi answered flatly and proudly.

Wang Hong glanced at Wu Hai who was gobbling and occasionally stealing other's dishes. Was this guy really that awesome? This was an appropriate subject matter for his new book, wasn't it?

You guessed right. Wang Hong was a writer. Of course, he could afford the meal over here because he himself was a second-generation rich tycoon, not because of the contribution fee he had received.

As it concerned his new book, Wang Hong asked something more. With regard to the subject about Wu Hai, Zhou Xi showed a lot of knowledge and brought many things out.

The astonished look on Wang Hong's face became more and more intense. Especially when he heard about the matters concerning Wu Hai. When Wu Hai went on a long journey to the USA to attend an art exhibition for the first time, the organizer had arranged Wu Hai's paintings at the deepest corner.

But in the end, Wu Hai's painting of People Like Him was auctioned at the highest price in the whole art exhibition. He outclassed all other artists there. When Wang Hong heard that, he became excited immediately.

"I never expected that such an exciting story could happen to Wu Hai who has low EQ and can't even take care of himself in daily life," Wang Hong muttered, "Is it really true that a genius can't even take care of himself in daily life?"

About Wang Hong's mutter, Zhou Xi had a different opinion.