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963 The Painting Was Bought By Boss Yuan.

 Zhou Xi's mouth could be described with a Chinese idiom, Seven Mouths And Eight Tongues. It was used to describe a person who was gossipy and meddlesome.

It had just been mentioned that he was once severely beaten abroad, thus he would sometimes feel an ache in his neck due to an old injury. Therefore, he needed to move his neck from time to time to relax it after he maintained a position for too long.

After he finished eating, he slightly moved his neck and made a sound of "Ka Ka". Actually, the exercise wasn't the main point.

What was important was...

"What's this?!!" Zhou Xi stared at the ceiling fixedly in astonishment.

"Is the painting above the authentic work of People Passing by A Small Restaurant?"

As he was much too surprised, Zhou Xi failed to control his voice. As a result, everybody heard that and looked towards the ceiling after him.

They explained habitually, "Yeah, it is.", "The other one seems to be This Is Life.", "Shameless Wu is really good at painting." ...

"What's the matter with you?" Zhou Shijie was also a little frightened when he saw Zhou Xi's surprised expression, especially after other people explained the origin of the two paintings to him. One couldn't even describe Zhou Xi as being dumbfounded.

He couldn't have been more startled than if he saw The Hulk perform a pole dance.

Even Zhou Shijie worried that his silly son became a real fool.

"Dad." Zhou Xi lowered his head stiffly and called his father.

"Just say it." Zhou Shijie asked.

Zhou Xi asked in an unnatural way, "The Shameless Wu mentioned by you guys just now, is he Eaves Wu, the great artist Wu Hai?"

"I've never heard of the name of Eaves Wu, but he's indeed Wu Hai. It's the one that muttered ceaselessly to himself. Haven't you seen him twice before?" Zhou Shijie said.

"Is that person Eaves Wu? That person is actually Eaves Wu?!!" Zhou Xi muttered to himself.

Zhou Shijie wasn't stupid. He figured out this matter in a little bit. This silly son of his liked drawing just like the current young generation liked being followers. When he found his beloved star turning out to be so plain-looking, however, he absolutely couldn't accept the fact for an instant.

As the chairman of China Chef's Alliance, Zhou Shijie was quite open-minded. Therefore, he prepared to say something to comfort him. After all, this silly son was injured by the cruel reality.

However, he hadn't spoken before he heard some words which he totally couldn't understand.

"Well, that explains it. It was really a fashionable style to wear pajamas, casual pants, and a pair of black sports shoes. As far as I can remember, wearing pajamas outside became a popular trend in Chanel Women's Clothing Conference this year. However, that popular trend hasn't spread to men's fashion. Only the people at the forefront of the fashion world like Eaves Wu would dare to give it a try."

Zhou Shijie, "?"

"No wonder his hairstyle looks so messy. It's obviously the natural state pursued by the international hairstyling master, Tom Cotonou. As expected, the hairstyle of Eaves Wu is extraordinarily messy." Zhou Xi spoke highly of Wu Hai's hairstyle.

Zhou Shijie, "??"

"Tsk-Tsk. Even the stars in the US and Europe who aim to be at the forefront of the fashion world wouldn't dare to be dressed like that. He truly deserves to be regarded as the pioneer of domestic artists. The sense of decency from the soul can never be concealed." Zhou Xi continued.

Zhou Shijie finally understood that his silly son really became foolish this time.

"When I saw him just now, I knew he definitely wasn't an ordinary person. He is such a great person." Zhou Xi flaunted to Zhou Shijie excitedly.

He said, "Dad, do you know Eaves Wu? Though he is regarded as the leader of the younger generation, he actually isn't even inferior to the older generations. His paintings are especially popular in the auction houses. In a previous auction for art exhibitions, the paintings of Eaves Wu outclassed many foreign famous paintings and became the most expensive auction item. Anyway, the stories about him cannot be finished in only one day."

"I can actually see the authentic work of Eaves Wu over here! Dad, I feel, for the first time, that your appreciation level is of so much artistic value. The restaurant you choose is surprisingly liked by the great artist, too," said Zhou Xi.

Zhou Shijie regretted. He regretted that he had always called Zhou Xi a silly son in his heart previously. Now, he really became an idiot.

Anyway, the limited 100 servings of breakfast had all been served, so he didn't worry that they would block the way. Zhou Xi just held his pose and looked up at the painting above like that.

Zhou Xi stared fixedly at the painting while appreciating and sighing at how nice the painting of People Passing by A Small Restaurant was. It could simply be regarded as the ten most important paintings in the new century.

"This painting of People Passing by A Small Restaurant really deserved to be a milestone of Eaves Wu's creation. It was sold at an extremely high price in an auction. It is regarded as the most important work of Eaves Wu along with Looking Up At The World." Zhou Xi explained to his father in detail earnestly and fervently.

When Zhou Xi saw the other painting This Is Life, he became more stupefied.

Because he had never seen this painting in any auction house before, not even in Wu Hai's art shows.

However, the standard of this painting was pretty high. It wasn't inferior to People Passing by A Small Restaurant and Looking Up At The World at all. They were all paintings of the same standard.

Theoretically, it was supposed to be very famous. Zhou Xi knew well about paintings, so he usually judged paintings from the perspective of artistic conception and technique of painting. Consequently, he did not notice some of the original content of the painting.

Looking at People Passing by A Small Restaurant, Zhou Xi suddenly ran to the door and said excitedly, "

"That's right. Here it is. Here it is. The two paintings of People Passing by A Small Restaurant and Looking Up At The World are both drawn with this restaurant as the core."

Yuan Zhou's restaurant tended to be very quiet after breakfast. After the silly son of Zhou Shijie muttered loudly in surprise, however, many customers who had finished eating but not left yet were startled.

On hearing Zhou Xi's words, many people felt quite strange. Many of Wu Hai's paintings were drawn with Yuan Zhou's restaurant as the core or background. That was almost known to all regular customers.

And somebody even asked Wu Hai to give Yuan Zhou copyright royalties before. But as a matter of fact, many things you believed to be known to everybody in most cases were unknown to most people.

In the art circle, there had always been a viewpoint that the restaurant in the painting People Passing by A Small Restaurant was Wu Hai's imagination. Otherwise, how could there be such a cozy restaurant? Such a type of restaurant only existed in his imagination.

"It seems that not only this tiny restaurant but also the boss are very awesome. They can provide artists with limitless inspirations." It gave Zhou Xi a strange sense of intimacy to look at Yuan Zhou.

It was rumored that the painting People Passing by A Small Restaurant was bought back from the first buyer with a very high price. In retrospect, it must be the boss of the restaurant, Yuan Zhou, who did that. And the other painting was definitely also bought by Yuan Zhou from Wu Hai directly due to their good relationship.

It could hardly be recognized that this boss was fairly rich. He was not only a person in the same circle, but also knew well about paintings.

"I never expected this boss to have the same taste as me." Zhou Xi sighed with emotion.

On hearing that, Zhou Shijie was made quite speechless.

Zhou Xi had been puzzled about the reason to hang the two paintings of People Passing by A Small Restaurant and This Is Life on the ceiling before, but now, he finally figured that out.

Alike to Looking Up At The World, the feelings of looking up at the two paintings on the ceiling from this angle were totally different.

It really felt good. Zhou Xi was even a little envious of the customers who could raise their heads and enjoy such exquisite paintings every day.

He couldn't help saying, "Dad, I never expected that Boss Yuan also knows about paintings and he would buy back this People Passing by A Small Restaurant at such a high price. Furthermore, he even bought the This Is Life painting directly from Eaves Wu. No wonder he cooks so well."

Zhou Xi's voice wasn't low and other customers all heard him.