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962 Those Who Know The Business Couldnt Eat It.

 "And most importantly, Boss Yuan's seriousness toward culinary skills is just like that of the painters including Gu Kaizhi or Wu Daozi. Everyone will study things that they identify with assiduously. They will not hesitate to do anything in order to make a little progress."

Zhou Xi indicated that, thanks to his own mouth, he had been severely beaten abroad, which resulted in a bloody nose and a swollen face.

He continued, "In this world, you can't purely say whether a thing is worth it or not. Things are of great worth to either one person or another. Boss Yuan believes cooking delicious food for us and to keep improving are worth it. So who the hell are you, uncle? Are you really qualified to say that it isn't worth it?"

Lee Yanyi clapped his hands and said, "Brilliant! You have an excellent thought process of a back-up option. You feel your efforts are worth it no matter if your beloved goddess cares about you or not, whether she accepts you or not."

"Uncle, you are really good at rephrasing words. I am not discussing about love with you. And if there's really a girl that can make you do so, that would also be very good," said Zhou Xi, "But I think you absolutely don't have one with your bitterly sarcastic manner of speaking."

Not only Zhou Shijie but also everybody on site was surprised at Zhou Xi's eloquence. It was almost as good as Lee Yanyi's eloquence.

Precisely speaking, everybody but Wu Hai diverted their attention to the two people. Wu Hai was still staring at his noodles fixedly.

That's right. His noodles.

Time was up and Yuan Zhou began to serve breakfast. In a flash, Wu Hai rushed into the restaurant like an arrow and chose a very good position.

"The breakfast today is Dan Dan Noodles," said Yuan Zhou.

"I know. I want a bowl of noodles." Wu Hai took out his phone. After all, he could also use Alipay now.

The Dan Dan Noodles was sold at 148RMB per bowl. As for why it was so expensive, you would know the reason after you see the wheat flour and pork used.

Salt, soy sauce, vinegar, chili oil, sesame oil, and bean sprouts as well as the delicious soup that had long been boiled. Yuan Zhou threw the fresh noodles into the cooking pot and stabilized the high temperature, allowing the fragrance to emit.

The time to cook the noodles was very important. The toughness varied for each individual. Some people liked eating rigid noodles while some others liked soft noodles. Wu Hai was one that liked the slightly rigid noodles.

It was not only Wu Hai's taste preference but also all the other regular customers' requirements concerning the mouthfeel of noodles were basically known to Yuan Zhou. Yuan Zhou scooped the noodles into the bowl and began to act with his other hand.

"Shua". He scattered the stir-fried minced pork, half of the red chili oil, and two pieces of green vegetable leaves over the noodles swiftly. Then, the heavy fragrance rushed into his nose.

"So fragrant," Wu Hai couldn't help saying.

The noodles looked quite chewy. The thin noodles were transparent outside and slightly yellow inside. The brown and crisp minced pork scattered over the noodles had a slightly peppery taste among the fragrance, saltiness, and freshness. Both the visual effect and audio effect made Wu Hai whet his appetite.

This was Dan Dan Noodles. Even if one could not eat spicy food, one could still eat Dan Dan Noodles. Wu Hai stirred up the noodles in the bowl with chopsticks and blended the noodles and chili oil evenly. Then, he took up some noodles. The bright red chili oil on the noodles looked brilliantly red and there were also small bits of dry and yellowish minced pork on the noodles. People couldn't help drooling just by looking at them.

"Awoo." Wu Hai ate it quickly.

When the noodles, which had a slightly sweet taste of the wheat itself, had barely entered his mouth, the spiciness of the chili oil began to stimulate his tastebuds. And right after that was a gust of fragrance filling his mouth. It was the taste of grounded roasted peanuts.

"Ho Ho. Good. It tastes better than Clear Broth Noodle Soup." Wu Hai muttered ceaselessly.

Wu Hai had originally preferred spicy food. The noodles tasted chewy and if he chewed carefully, he could even eat the dry and yellowish minced pork, which was chewier than beef and also had a crisp feeling of meat.

And the minced pork tasted tender in the center just like the miniature oil-fried meatballs that were crisp outside and soft and tender inside. They were awfully delicious.

Such tasty minced pork eaten along with the noodles were so delicious that Wu Hai almost swallowed his own tongue.

Wu Hai didn't eat Stride chewing gum, but after he ate a mouthful of Dan Dan Noodles, he simply couldn't stop and couldn't help eating it on and on.

The sound of "Slurp Slurp" lingered on incessantly.

After eating a few mouthfuls of noodles, Wu Hai didn't forget the two pieces of green vegetable leaves. He picked one up with chopsticks and began to eat it. The small green vegetables in Yuan Zhou's restaurant really had a refreshing and sweet vegetable taste.

He might have eaten it too fast causing the bowl in front of him became empty in less than two minutes. When he prepared to pick up some more with the chopsticks, there was nothing left.

"Where are my Dan Dan Noodles? Why are they suddenly gone?" Wu Hai shouted and asked Yuan Zhou shamelessly if he had seen his noodles.

The customers were quite used to such a situation. Wu Hai always ate too fast and thus had nothing to eat later.

Such a situation was just like playing a computer game. Because of his excessively free actions, his health came to an end unconsciously.

"Don't occupy the seat if you have finished the meal."

A person behind said to him. Wu Hai looked at his empty bowl and then left the restaurant while muttering that somebody must have grabbed his noodles.

It was a tacit understanding among the regular customers of Yuan Zhou's restaurant. The restaurant was too small, so people must leave quickly in order to make room for others behind him.

Zhou Shijie and Zhou Xi entered the restaurant. and ordered two bowls of Dan Dan Noodles. Looking at Yuan Zhou who was cooking meticulously, Zhou Shijie suddenly asked a question.

"Dad, this Boss Yuan cooked Dan Dan Noodles repeatedly for the whole morning. Isn't he sick of that?" Zhou Xi asked.

"Didn't you tell me there was an artist who drew eggs repeatedly in a western country? Wasn't he sick of that?" Zhou Shijie said, "You definitely want to say that painting skills are different from culinary skills and that was an art, right? But who told you about this concept?"

Zhou Shijie's question made Zhou Xi fall silent. Actually, he didn't feel those two were different. He just felt one was a part of life and the other was an art. There was no comparing between them.

Zhou Xi looked at Yuan Zhou fixedly. He had to admit that it was an enjoyment to see Yuan Zhou cook. Wasn't it considered to be an art?

Having been lost in thought, Zhou Xi's expression suddenly changed as he looked at Zhou Shijie, "Dad, how could you eat my Dan Dan Noodles?"

That's right. When Zhou Xi stared blankly just now, the noodles had been served. Then, Zhou Shijie naturally took some noodles from his son's bowl into his own bowl.

A bowl of Dan Dan Noodles was no more than 100g in Yuan Zhou's restaurant. On seeing that, Zhou Xi completely became unhappy.

"Didn't you say you would treat me to dinner?" Zhou Shijie said with his expression unchanged, "Just like I treated you to dinner yesterday and let you eat your fill, how could you let your father remain hungry since it's your turn to treat me today?"

Zhou Xi stared blankly at Zhou Shijie and felt his words were reasonable. There was actually that kind of reasoning.

This silly son was really too naive. Zhou Shijie couldn't help laughing inwardly and then lowered his head to eat the noodles. He liked well-cooked noodles and thus, this bowl of noodles was cooked in this way.

"Zi liu"

The sound wasn't a requisite factor when one ate noodles, but it was necessary to make some sound when one ate delicious noodles. Zhou Shijie ate a mouthful of steaming hot Dan Dan Noodles, which were thin and smooth and had the fragrance of both peanuts and minced pork along with the peppery taste.

"This is the best Dan Dan Noodles in Sichuan Province. It tastes fresh but not greasy, hot but not dry. Great!" After eating it, Zhou Shijie gave a very favorable remark.

"If you don't like eating it, I can help you." Zhou Shijie looked at his silly son who was still a little dumbfounded.

Zhou Xi immediately shook his head and covered his own bowl, "No, thanks. I can eat it by myself."

Because of Yuan Zhou's Dan Dan Noodles, the atmosphere in the restaurant was quite harmonious. However, it wasn't the case outside. The quota of 100 servings of breakfast was soon used up and Lee Yanyi came late, therefore, he didn't manage to eat it.

Zhou Xi stood up reluctantly. He was originally not happy as he hadn't eaten his fill, but when he prepared to walk out and then found that sharp-tongued uncle failed to eat it, he instantly became delighted.

"Uncle, you know a lot about eating, but you still couldn't get to taste it. Hahaha." Zhou Xi burst into laughter.

Lee Yanyi glared at Zhou Shijie. Seriously speaking, even Zhou Shijie didn't dare to speak against him like that. Youth knew no fear and this was probably the best evidence.

The happy young man, Zhou Xi, patted his own not-too-full belly and slightly moved his neck and then prepared to leave the restaurant. But suddenly, he saw an object...