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959 The Long History of Sichuan Cuisine

 Naturally, Yuan Zhou was unable to absorb all the information in a short period of time. Thus, he skimmed through it. He would take his time to slowly integrate the information.

Nevertheless, when reaching the part about snacks, Yuan Zhou still paid a lot of attention and tried to see if there were any traps left by the system. He checked if he could directly access the information or if there were hidden conditions before he could actually access the information.

Yuan Zhou only stopped worrying after skimming through all the information.

"Looks like the system is being honest this time. There are no traps," said Yuan Zhou with a satisfied nod.

"I sure am not used to an honest system," Yuan Zhou muttered to himself. In other words, he was behaving like a masochist.

Sichuan Cuisine was one of China's Han Chinese four major traditional cuisines, and also one of China's eight famous regional cuisines. A large variety of ingredients were used. The usages of condiments were dynamic and there was also a rich diversity in the number of dishes this cuisine had. It stressed equally on fresh, pure, and bold flavors, and was widely known for its spiciness.

This was also a cuisine that was good at utilizing new ingredients, taking in new information, and innovation. In terms of cooking methods, there were sautéing, pan-frying, roasting, deep-frying, grilling, stewing, steaming, braising, boiling, steaming, quick frying, and so on, totaling to 38 cooking methods.

Naturally, modern people were most familiar with the quick frying method. Apart from that, the flavor of Sichuan Cuisine was quite strict, composing of seven basic flavors, and it had a long history dating back to the Western Han Dynasty.

"The core of a nation is the culture of its households. And what a household can never lack is food. Studying the Sichuan Cuisine is like studying the continuation of history."

"There are so many dishes with a lot of lost dishes excluded. Otherwise, there will be more dishes," lamented Yuan Zhou.

If the length of the information Yuan Zhou had received from the system was measured in scrolls, it would be the equivalence of 100 scrolls of Along the River During the Qingming Festival[1].

"Hold on, the lost dishes are excluded? System, I thought you are giving a complete set of Sichuan Cuisine?" Yuan Zhou suddenly asked.

The system displayed, "Lost dishes are not part of the menu."

"Then this menu is incomplete?" Yuan Zhou said.

The system displayed, "Lost dishes are separated into a different category. Host, please work hard and level up to learn them."

"Fine," Yuan Zhou made a tactical retreat.

In truth, Yuan Zhou was in no rush to know those lost dishes. After all, the number of dishes he had to learn currently were already too large, to the point he was already out of words.

"If I can learn all these, I am probably a Sichuan Cuisine grandmaster already. It is indeed worthy of being one of the eight famous regional cuisines and also one of the four major traditional cuisines. This cuisine is too amazing," lamented Yuan Zhou while looking at the information in his mind that had been compiled into the form of a book.

"This is a super reward. Totally worth it," said Yuan Zhou, feeling relieved as he looked at the "Sichuan Cuisine" written on the cover of the book. He opened his eyes and tidied his sleeves in satisfaction.

"The dishes alone are already extremely large in number, not including the snacks," Yuan Zhou thought to himself.

He then continued cleaning the kitchen while thinking about the snacks he could use for his set meals.

"Looks like I can change it up during breakfast tomorrow," muttered Yuan Zhou as he set his eyes on one particular snack.

"Boss, are you daydreaming?" a gentle and crisp voice of a man rang out beside him.

"Su Mu," Yuan Zhou raised his head and called the person's name.

"Wow, so you still remember me," said Su Mu as he laughed while covering his mouth with his fair hand.

"Yes. You came for the liquor lucky draw in the morning before," said Yuan Zhou honestly.

"You sure are a rigid person," Su Mu was speechless.

"Yo, it has been a while," said a customer. The customer was Fang Heng. He wasn't able to get the draw for the liquor today, and was here on someone else's quota. When he saw Su Mu, he greeted.

"Yes, it has been a while," Su Mu nodded.

Fang Heng was here on Chen Wei's quota. Chen Wei had also just arrived.

"Tsk, you're here again?" Chen Wei disliked Su Mu as Su Mu was too pretty.

"But you're still here?" Su Mu was not one to be kind towards a person who disliked him.

"Of course. Your daddy is here for the liquor," Chen Wei always spoke coarsely to Su Mu.

"Good evening. Looks like everyone is here," Jiang Changxi had arrived as well.

"Good evening, Sister Jiang," Su Mu greeted obediently.

Naturally, Jiang Changxi was here on Su Mu's invitation. Before long, Mr. Wei arrived as well. As usual, he was here alone.

"Please come in, everyone," said Yuan Zhou as he gestured Shen Min to open the sergestes wall landscape door.

"Let's go. Time to drink," said Chen Wei as he entered with wide strides.

"I'm going to, Boss Yuan," said Fang Heng.

He had to keep his eyes on Chen Wei for fear of Chen Wei finishing the quota by himself.

The novelist nodded and entered as well.

"Boss Yuan, I'm going upstairs now. If you miss me, come see me and I will buy you a drink," said Jiang Changxi with a smile. She then entered while waving her hand.

"The unromantic Boss Yuan will never agree, am I right, Boss Yuan?" Su Mu said with a shrug.

Yuan Zhou merely gazed at them with a deadpan face.

What joke. If he could maintain his deadpan face when someone confessed to him earlier, he would definitely be able to maintain his deadpan face against Jiang Changxi who frequently teased him. Such little tricks could no longer move him.

While looking at the customers, Yuan Zhou started thinking about the new breakfast he was going to prepare tomorrow.

"Alright, I'll make Dan Dan Noodles. Back then, father's Dan Dan Noodles were the best," said Yuan Zhou as he recalled the time when his father used to sell noodles.

Back then, the Dan Dan Noodles was the most ordered dish.

"Father, my version will definitely be better than yours," muttered Yuan Zhou confidently.

After deciding on what to make, Yuan Zhou started silently practicing cooking skills to help him better cook the new dishes he had obtained.

The night passed with Yuan Zhou practicing to cook Dan Dan Noodles. Of course, he slept late again.

Early the next morning, Yuan Zhou woke up and went for a run again. As usual, after that, he started working busily in the kitchen. For the Dan Dan Noodles, he also needed to first make the mincemeat. Thus, this was a busy morning for Yuan Zhou.

"Kid, you are too energetic, right? Waking up so early for breakfast?" said Zhou Shijie who was being rushed along by his son.

"We agreed that I'm buying you a meal today, right? So I will be treating you for all your meals today. It's Saturday so you're not going to the alliance anyway," said Zhou Xi.

"I have never woke up this early since your high school graduation," said Zhou Shijie helplessly.

"It's healthy to wake up early," said Zhou Xi with a flat expression.

"You have been possessed," said Zhou Shijie anxiously.

"I haven't overdone it by bringing him to Yuan Zhou's place, right?" Zhou Shijie was worried.

"I am a perfectionist. You know that. Therefore, if I'm treating someone to food, I will only feel good if it's for an entire day," said Zhou Xi seriously.

"Fine. But that Brat Yuan will only sell 100 sets of breakfast in the morning. I wonder if we can make it," said Zhou Shijie.

"100?" Zhou Xi immediately increased his walking speed.

"You can probably fly if you walk slightly faster," said Zhou Shijie when he saw Zhou Xi rushing with wide strides.

"I can't be walking slower than you, right?" said Zhou Xi.

[1] Dimensions of this painting are 26 cm x 5.25 m