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956 In Your Name

 After putting the phone down, Yuan Zhou stood at the door blanking out for a while before entering the restaurant again.

"It's the fourth agency," Yuan Zhou muttered.

"This is the fourth agency returning with nothing. Is it because the information I have is too little? Or perhaps his family members are not in Chengdu or even Sichuan Province at all?" Yuan Zhou wondered.

"That's possible. He has never mentioned that he's from Sichuan or even Chengdu."

"Looks like I won't be able to find him."

After the call, many thoughts rose in Yuan Zhou's mind, concluding with the phrase "won't be able to find".

That's right. After Zhou Shijie's suggestion, Yuan Zhou decided to search for Song An's family. He did not know what he could do, but he just wanted to find them. After all, Song An had given Yuan Zhou his most beloved boxing gloves.

In truth, Yuan Zhou only knew the boxer's name and the fact that he was an amateur boxer striving to be a professional boxer. Yuan Zhou had no other information.

Thus, Yuan Zhou had hired four detective agencies to search for the boxer, and the agency that called him today was the final agency to contact him.

Each of them gave him the same answer: they couldn't find Song An's family as the information given was too little.

After so many detective agencies, the only result Yuan Zhou got was the reason of Song An's death and nothing else.

"Perhaps I should give up, or maybe look for more detective agencies," Yuan Zhou continued thinking while scrolling through his phone mindlessly.

The pages on his phone flipped through rapidly, yet Yuan Zhou's attention was not on the phone. Suddenly, he caught a glimpse of a certain logo.

A golden branch and leaf surrounding a red cross. This was an article of an interview regarding the Red Cross.

The bright color of the logo caught Yuan Zhou's attention. He lowered his head and blanked out while staring at it.

"That is the logo of Red Cross?" Yuan Zhou seemed to have realized something.

Yuan Zhou was a patient person. He stared at the logo for five full minutes before putting his phone down.

"Perhaps I can change my methods," Yuan Zhou thought as he recalled the reason for Song An's death.

"Yes, I need to change my methods," Yuan Zhou put the phone down. He did not even bother shutting the door and quickly rushed into his room on the second floor.

He turned on his computer and started doing some searches on it.

The word "boxer" returned with many search results.

"Not this," Yuan Zhou frowned and changed to a different search term.

This time, he searched "injured boxer" and numerous shocking injuries appeared. In the results, bone fractures were, in truth, nothing serious. There were those who lost their sight and hearing, or even internal organ injuries.

Yuan Zhou went through the results page by page, slowly and seriously.

By the time he was done, about an hour had passed. Now, he started doing what he thought of earlier.

He found a donation platform, and directly opened the official website of that platform.

This was a platform he found after one hour of sifting through news reports.

"Hopefully this goes smoothly," Yuan Zhou started studying the website.

This was a website for donation to injured boxers. The logo of the website was a clenched boxing gloves colored in black and white, giving it a solemn and respectful feeling.

As for the overall theme of the website, it was a red theme, similar to the Red Cross's color scheme. The color was bright, with a common font of moderate size being used. The entire appearance of the website was decent.

At the top right corner of the website, the donation methods were listed. And below that was the search bar of the website. On top of the search bar was a black phone symbol, probably signifying that one could call in to make their inquiries.

And below that was the section where one could make their online donation. Yuan Zhou was in no rush and started studying the information on the front page.

He moved his mouse to the left. There, the latest news of the platform could be seen. Everything they had done recently were listed there clearly.

Click. Click. Click. Yuan Zhou clicked on the mouse without a stop, looking up on whether the information on this website were trustworthy.

After a while, Yuan Zhou was finally confident enough with the website.

"There shouldn't be any problems," said Yuan Zhou as he opened the online donation section.

A new website popped out on the screen.

The first line of the website had these words written: "Thank you for your compassion."

"System, can you transfer a part of the money to my ICBC account?" Yuan Zhou asked.

The system displayed, "Yes."

"Thank the heavens you can do something like this," Yuan Zhou heaved a sigh of relief.

The system displayed, "Host, if you have any objections with the transfer, you may reject it. After the rejection, you may handle the funds as you wish."

"No, no objections. Transfer it to my ICBC account directly," Yuan Zhou said.

The system displayed, "Done. Host, you may take a look at it."

"Thank you," Yuan Zhou thanked solemnly.

The system went silent again, giving no reply.

"With this, I can focus this account on doing it," said Yuan Zhou with a satisfied smile. He then started studying the donation requirements.

He studied them in detail, and found that there were some blank columns to fill in. There was a row of tiny black words: "Thank you for your contribution. Any donation below 10 RMB will be directly transferred to our online donation box. The gathered fund will be used for humanitarian efforts in accordance with the spirits of our website."

"The Boxing Aid Association sincerely thank you for your trust and support. On behalf of all the boxers in need of help, we thank your contribution!"

"This will do," Yuan Zhou sighed inwardly.

And below that was a form where he could fill in his donation and payment details.

Naturally, the first part of the form was the part where he select the donation type. Without hesitation, Yuan Zhou selected "individual donation" there. Following were the donor's name and so on, and Yuan Zhou quickly filled everything up.

Pa. Pa. Yuan Zhou tapped on the keyboard, keying in "Song An" as the name.

That's right. Since Yuan Zhou couldn't find the boxer Song An's family, after a long consideration, he thought of this idea.

Yuan Zhou decided to make a donation in Song An's name, to do some charity in Song An's name while consoling his own heart at the same time. This was Yuan Zhou's idea.

He filled in the form quickly, and at the address and phone number columns, he filled in the information he obtained from the detective agencies.

Yuan Zhou used the personal phone number of Song An that was no longer in use.

When asked whether he wanted to donate anonymously, Yuan Zhou selected no. The final part of the form was his donation message.

Yuan Zhou did not start typing immediately. He gave it a thought before starting.

While typing, Yuan Zhou recalled that each time Song An came to the restaurant in the past, the first thing Song An asked for was a towel.

Thus, Yuan Zhou typed, "Don't let your close ones see your face filled with blood."

That was the message Yuan Zhou was giving on behalf of Song An.

Click. Yuan Zhou clicked on the confirmation button. Shortly after, the donation was submitted. And three minutes later, he received a message from his bank about the fund transfer.

Looking at the message, Yuan Zhou smiled, the first time he had ever smiled when spending money.