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955 Unsearchable Person

 "Who is Shameless Wu?" Zhou Xi focused on something that others wouldn't normally focus on.

"There, the one over there," Zhou Shijie pointed at Wu Hai who was practically pouring food down his throat and said with a grumbling tone.

Zhou Xi looked over and saw a mustached guy with ordinary looks and extremely dexterous hands.

"He's faster than me!" Zhou Xi muttered before increasing the speed of his hands.

And when Zhou Xi increased his speed, Zhou Shijie could no longer find a chance to take any food from the plate as Zhou Xi's chopsticks seemed to be everywhere.

"Hold back a bit for your father. What's the point of eating that fast?" Zhou Shijie said with a glare.

"This is fine, father. I got this speed from all the studying I did," said Zhou Xi. His mouth was stuffed full of food yet he could speak extremely clearly.

"You are behaving like you have been starved for days. Eat slower," Zhou Shijie felt like slapping Zhou Xi to death.

After all, from how Zhou Xi was behaving, one would think he was normally mistreated by Zhou Shijie. He was eating without any regard to his image.

"Gulp." Zhou Xi swallowed the final mouthful of food. Finally, his mouth was emptied.

"No, father, I am not full yet. Can we order more?" Zhou Xi said the moment he finished eating.

"So which brat was it that mentioned earlier that one does not need to take eating seriously?" Zhou Shijie was not surprised by Zhou Xi's reaction, yet he still teased.

"Cough. It's me. But now, I'm saying that I'm not full yet. You're my father. You can't let me starve when treating me to a meal, right?" said Zhou Xi. It would seem like he had also inherited Zhou Shijie's shamelessness. He felt nothing saying those words.

"You, kid..." Zhou Shijie did not say too much and stopped at the appropriate moment.

"Father, the meal today is on you, right? Then I'll order two more dishes," said Zhou Xi with a smile while scratching his head.

"Go ahead. You don't come back often anyway. Eat more," said Zhou Shijie with a nod.

"Excuse me, order please," Zhou Xi picked up the menu and called out at Zhou Jia.

"Be careful. You must finish all the food you order. Otherwise, you will be banned from the restaurant. These are the rules here," Zhou Shijie reminded.

"Ok," said Zhou Xi with a nod.

"Hi! What would you like to order?" Zhou Jia was already used to customers ordering extra servings after eating. In a way, this was a rite of passage for new customers here.

That's right. Due to the expensive price of the food here, first-time customers would normally opt to order one dish to give it a try. And after tasting the first dish, 98% of them would order more.

Without stuffing their stomachs with food and emptying all the money in their wallets, the new customers would not stop.

This was especially true in situations where a regular customer was bringing a new customer here. Almost all of them would order more.

"Phoenix-Tailed Prawns, White Oil Tofu, Sautéed Vermicelli with Spicy Minced Pork, and Smoked Fish Silver Thread Noodles. He's paying," Zhou Xi quickly ordered before pointing at his father.

"Yes, I'm paying. One Clear Broth Noodle Soup Set as well," said Zhou Shijie. He glanced at Zhou Xi helplessly before taking his phone out and making the payment.

"Ok, please wait a moment. The dishes will be served shortly," said Zhou Jia after confirming that the payment had been received. She left after a nod.

"The dishes and the noodles are enough for me," said Zhou Xi.

"Piss off. I ordered the noodles for myself. The dishes earlier have all been finished by you. I had only eaten a single bowl of rice," grumbled Zhou Shijie while pointing at the empty plates on the table.

"Cough, I'm just trying not to waste food," said Zhou Xi after an awkward cough.

Zhou Shijie tossed Zhou Xi a glance, not feeling like saying anything else.

Zhou Xi did not feel anything. In any case, that was his own father. It felt good to be shameless toward him every now and then.

"No wonder even Senior Yu Chu has turned into a gourmet. How can food so good exist? This is something out of the world," said Zhou Xi while smacking his lips and recollecting the taste of the food he had eaten.

Meanwhile, Yu Chu and his friend were happily and passionately talking about the All-Fish Banquet.

The moment Zhou Xi saw that scene, he said, "It is truly unbelievable yet understandable. The food here is too good."

Zhou Xi was not thinking about anything else and had completely forgotten his initial approach towards food. The only thing in his mind was the new dishes he had ordered.

"I wonder how will they taste like," Zhou Xi muttered.

"Definitely delicious," said Zhou Shijie.

Zhou Xi nodded on reflex before seriously looking at Yuan Zhou who was busy cooking.

"I haven't brought him here for nothing, after all," said Zhou Shijie. He was feeling gratified when he saw Zhou Xi's reaction, even his facial expression eased up.

The two hours of lunchtime ended quickly. When leaving with Zhou Xi, Zhou Shijie greeted Yuan Zhou.

"See you tonight, boss," said Zhou Jia after she was done with her job. She was the last to leave.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"Truthfully boss, you are already very amazing," Zhou Jia suddenly said when she reached the door.

Yuan Zhou had a confused expression. He gazed at Zhou Jia, not understanding what she was trying to say. He agreed and already knew that he was amazing, but this sudden praise was rather odd.

"I observed that you seem unhappy recently. In truth, the hate comments online are all written by people from other restaurants. Don't mind them, boss. You are truly amazing," said Zhou Jia with a stubborn look on her face.

Yuan Zhou was stupefied. What was being said on the internet? And what were the hateful comments?

That's right. It had been a few days since Yuan Zhou last went online. He was only waiting for the news about the boxer and had no idea what Zhou Jia was talking about.

Zhou Jia was referring to the hate comments that had recently appeared. The various false information about Yuan Zhou's restaurant was rather infuriating.

Naturally, Yu Chu, Jiang Changxi, and Ling Hong were already dealing with that and were looking for the reason of the attack. Zhou Jia believed that Yuan Zhou was unhappy because of that.

Although Yuan Zhou was a person with a deadpan face, after working for a while at the restaurant, Zhou Jia had a better grasp at Yuan Zhou's mood. That was why she was suddenly comforting him.

"Don't worry, boss. Hate comments will only appear because of our high popularity," Zhou Jia said.

"Um. Don't worry," said Yuan Zhou. Although he had no idea what the hate comments were talking about, when he saw Zhou Jia's anxious expression, he still gave her a serious reply.

Zhou Jia studied Yuan Zhou's expression and left after a nod.

"Hate comments? Forget it. I'll check next time," muttered Yuan Zhou. He only lifted his phone for a short moment before putting it down again.

Nowadays, apart from when improving cooking skills and running his restaurant, Yuan Zhou would be in a rather downcast mood as he still hadn't found any information about the family members of Song An, the boxer.

Right after he placed his phone down, the phone rang.

"Hello," Yuan Zhou quickly answered the call when he saw the caller ID.

"Hello, Mr. Yuan. The results for the investigation are out," said a male voice calmly.

"Um. Will you be sending me a document about it?" Yuan Zhou asked.

"No, not really. We failed to locate Song An's family," said the man.

"Oh, ok. Forward me the balance fee later," said Yuan Zhou after a slight pause.

"Thank you, Mr. Yuan. I hope we have a chance to work together again in the future. The detailed report will be mailed to you with express mail service," said the man.

"Um," Yuan Zhou nodded and ended the call.