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953 Absolutely Not.

 Nonetheless, Yu Chu had no idea of the situation at Zhou Shijie's side. He was very happy now and was talking to the people behind him delightedly.

"Let's share the cost and eat the All-Fish Banquet today. The banquet isn't available during normal times," said Yu Chu.

"I know. It is because there are lots of rules in Boss Yuan's restaurant." It was a thin man approximately as old as Yu Chu.

He was really very thin. Seeing his waist, even Jiang Changxi would feel inferior. It was definitely less than 60cm. His complexion was good and he looked white and clean with a pair of light eyebrows. When he talked, he liked raising his eyebrows.

"It seems that you have done good homework, Li Zi," said Yu Chu contentedly.

"Of course. I have been leafing through the information about this place since I was on CHR. I browsed through the Most Delicious Dishes In Yuan Zhou's Restaurant and the Ten Cancers In Yuan Zhou's Restaurant," the person called Li Zi raised his eyebrows and said.

"Well, you did a good job. But the piece of Queuing Instructions on the Internet is still worth reading." Yu Chu suggested.

"Yeah, sure. I also read the Detailed Explanations Of All Ingredients and the Collection of Directions," Li Zi said confidently.

The two people talked seriously as if they had read some extraordinary books. More importantly, they discussed the content with a show of seriousness as if there were doing academic research.

Actually, these books were all collections of various information about Yuan Zhou's restaurant, which were sorted out by a nameless professional on the Internet. And each of them appeared to be quite professional.

Both the typesetting and proofreading were rigorous. Therefore, they simply could be printed and published directly.

As the business time was approaching closer and closer, the two people began to check if they could eat the dishes at the first time.

"We are early today, so we could probably go inside with the second group. It was a perfect time," Yu Chu nodded his head and said.

"It looks that way. The first group could be 12 people and we are the 15th and 16th one. So we can definitely make the first group," said Li Zi.

"Hua La." Yuan Zhou pulled the door open five minutes before the business time commenced.

"Hello, boss." Zhou Jia greeted him obediently.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded his head and then returned to the kitchen.

Just when Yuan Zhou turned around, a prompting message of the system suddenly sounded.

The system displayed, "The mission of Exemplary Restaurant has been completed. Host, please accept the reward."

Yuan Zhou paused for a while and then said, "I see."

After saying these words inwardly, Yuan Zhou didn't make any sound. He began to stir-fry the side dishes in silence.

Five minutes passed very quickly. Just in a little while, Zhou Jia began to say the usual greeting words outside the restaurant.

Nowadays, Zhou Jia did her work punctually according to the clock in Yuan Zhou's restaurant. She adjusted her own time almost every day on the basis of the clock in the restaurant just in order to be punctual.

And the customers also conformed to Yuan Zhou's rules. As soon as Zhou Jia said that, the first twelve customers outside began to flood into the restaurant. So did Master Cheng who waited at the side, of course.

"Hi, Master Yuan." Master Cheng greeted him.

In response to Master Cheng's greeting, Yuan Zhou nodded his head, indicating that he heard that. Then, he faced the customers and said earnestly, "Have a seat, please."

Whenever the customers entered the restaurant, Yuan Zhou greeted them and then returned to his own seat, waiting for Zhou Jia to report orders.

"Dad, is there only one chef here? Not even a kitchen helper?" As it wasn't time for Zhou Shijie and Zhou Xi to order dishes, Zhou Shijie sat on his seat and couldn't help saying irritably.

"Sit well." Zhou Shijie knitted his brows.

On hearing Zhou Shijie's words, Zhou Xi subconsciously stopped shaking his legs and sat upright.

"How long exactly do we have to wait? There are more than a dozen people and only one chef is cooking here," said Zhou Xi again after a little while.

"Dad, it's you who tells me to be suspicious about things we don't understand," Zhou Shijie continued immediately when he found Zhou Shijie knitted his brows and revealed a dissatisfied look.

"So you use this theory over here to go against me?" Zhou Shijie said discontentedly.

Zhou Xi wanted to say yes, but eventually gave up and lowered his head in disappointment when he saw the extraordinarily serious manner of Zhou Shijie. Recalling the art show held today, however, he thought it was a waste of time to stay here.

"Wait quietly to eat and then tell me your feelings," said Zhou Shijie when he found his son seemed to surrender.

"You want me to write a review just because I ate here today?" Zhou Xi pointed at himself and said in surprise.

That's right. Zhou Xi was frequently taken outside by Zhou Shijie to eat in those tiny restaurants, but none of them could serve better dishes than his father.

As the son of the chairman of China Chefs' Alliance, he was quite particular about food even if he wasn't able to cook himself.

Zhou Xi didn't think this tiny restaurant could be any better in this regard. One wouldn't feel the importance of the thing that one had never lacked.

Why didn't those rich second-generation tycoons take money seriously? That was probably the reason.

"Of course. He is Yuan Zhou." Zhou Shijie nodded his head deservedly and then signaled Zhou Xi to look at Yuan Zhou in the kitchen.

"Are you talking about the emerging talented chef?" Zhou Xi's voice sounded to be quite indifferent.

"Yes, it's him. After you eat his dishes, you will probably change your mind," Zhou Shijie said affirmatively.

"I will not learn cooking," Zhou Shijie stared at Zhou Shijie's eyes and said, this time.

"I am not forcing you to learn, but you must know about chefs. You must understand that cooking is an art. It isn't different from the paintings you like," Zhou Shijie said earnestly.

That's right. Zhou Shijie made great efforts to request for his son to come to eat in Yuan Zhou's restaurant just to change his son's thinking.

Zhou Xi was probably sick of watching Zhou Shijie cooking in his childhood and thus, he hadn't shown any interest in this occupation since he first had an understanding of the world. He said that a chef was nothing but a person who cooked and besides, he couldn't even make people draw nutrition no matter how well he cooked.

However tasty the food was, people forgot it very soon. It could neither make people think constantly of it nor make people feel contented inwardly.

It couldn't make people feel satisfied in spirit. As time passed by, he even felt that eating was just for filling the belly.

And this was the thought of Zhou Xi. Even if Zhou Shijie had frequently taken Zhou Xi out for various delicacies in order to correct such an extreme concept, that produced little effect.

"Dad, I don't feel happy when you say so. Eating is just eating. You like eating good food and I can accompany you. However, you can't compare cooking with my beloved paintings," said Zhou Xi with a solemn expression.

"Cooking is what I always love," said Zhou Shijie.

"Yeah, it's naturally your beloved thing, but cooking is nothing special. You are a chef and must be very clear about that. It's easy to cook delicious food, but drawing isn't that easy at all," said Zhou Xi.

"Very easy to cook delicious food? All right. I hope you won't ask me to bring you here to eat again after you eat this meal today," Zhou Shijie said affirmatively.

"Don't worry. That won't happen," said Zhou Xi, "Absolutely not."

Just when the father and son were debating, Zhou Jia came up to them to take their orders.