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951 Proper Business

 With a cold face, Yuan Zhou nodded his head and didn't say much.

"What you order conforms to 100 Styles of Rice Cuisine. You can order it. Please pay first and then, the food will be served up shortly," Zhou Jia said with a show of seriousness.

"How much is it?" The reporter asked.

"It's 118 RMB in all. You can pay by cash or by bank transfer. The two-dimensional code is over here," Zhou Jia pointed at the obvious two-dimensional code on the table and then said.

"Isn't 100 Styles of Rice Cuisine 98RMB?" The reporter knitted his brows.

Before he came here, the reporter had done much homework, not to mention the price was also listed on the menu.

"Yes. The 100 Styles of Rice Cuisine is indeed 98RMB per serving. Plus the Welcoming Set Meal, the total price is 118RMB." Zhou Jia explained.

"All right. I have paid." After he heard the explanation, the reporter made the payment cleanly. After all, he had already received half of the total remuneration.

That's right. This reporter accepted money from others and worked for them. That was why he used such extremely annoying methods to interview Yuan Zhou. Obviously, he didn't consider anything else.

"Okay. Money received. Please wait for a moment. The dishes will be served shortly," Zhou Jia said and then left.

"Boss Yuan, I have made the payment. You must answer my question now." The reporter raised his phone and indicated that he was now a customer that paid for his meals.

"Shua Shua Shua." Yuan Zhou was washing and brushing the wood spoon. He had no reaction to the reporter's words.

"Boss Yuan, do you mean that you can't shoulder the honor of the Exemplary Restaurant by not answering me?" There were some annoying reporters who didn't even need the interviewees' answers when he interviewed others. He could totally ask a question and answer it himself. For example, the current one.

Basically, Yuan Zhou seldom chatted while he was cooking. Therefore, he still had no reaction as he was still busy with cooking now.

"Now that you feel you can't shoulder such kind of honor, can you tell me how you obtained this honor?" the reporter continued asking and digging a hole.

Yuan Zhou turned around and began to stir the electric cooker with the spoon.

The rice in the electric cooker had barely been cooked well. It was still emitting hot gas.

Just when the reporter wanted to something more, there suddenly appeared a person beside him.

"You are talking too loudly." Wu Hai glared at the reporter and appeared not happy.

"Er..." The reporter became stupefied. He knew Wu Hai. After all, he didn't do his homework in vain.

"I hope you can keep your voice down like others from now on. Don't disturb me enjoying my meal," Wu Hai stroked his own mustaches and said seriously.

"But I'm here to interview him." The reporter tried to reason things out with Wu Hai.

"Do you mean you still want to shout?" Wu Hai asked, "Are you going to disturb me enjoying my meal?"

"No, I don't mean that. I'm worried that Boss Yuan couldn't hear me," the reporter explained.

"What you want to do has nothing to do with me. But if you continue speaking so loudly and affect me eating, I will let you roll out of the room," said Wu Hai.

"Me, too. If you continue disturbing me studying, I won't be so kind to you." Master Cheng was a man of large build. Though he had much fat on his body, he was quite heavy. So he still looked intimidating.

"That's right. You are way too noisy." A girl nearby began to chime in with him contemptuously.

"You don't even have basic ethics. Even if you interview others, you can't speak so loudly," the man, who was dressed in a business suit and wore a tie, also said immodestly.

After that, the reporter finally became silent. After all, an aroused public was difficult to tackle. He knew that very well.

"Never mind. I will stay and use other methods when they are all gone." Having been ridiculed by them, the reporter lowered his head, but he had never given up hope inwardly.

After all, he must do his job dutifully since he was paid to. At least, the reporter was principled in this regard.

When they found the reporter no longer chartered to disturb Yuan Zhou, other customers also stopped to eat the delicacies in front of them. They didn't that much time to spend on this person.

However, Zhou Jia also served up his dishes at that time.

"Fried Rice Cake of 100 Styles of Rice Cuisine. The cream-color candy is for whetting your appetite while the ginger candy for removing bad breath," Zhou Jia put down the tray and said.

The Welcoming Set Meal just included two candies, a cup of water, and a facial tissue. Two golden yellow rice cakes were laid out on the plate in the center.

"Is this the so-called Welcoming Set Meal worth 20RMB?" The reporter felt discontent in his heart.

In his eyes, it was simply an open robbery to sell two candies that appeared to be no more than 1RMB and a cup of water at 20RMB.

"Tsk-tsk. It turns out to be so expensive." The reporter took out a camera from his bag and took a photo of the Welcoming Set Meal.

The function of this photo was self-evident.

"Let me taste the so-called appetizing candy." The reporter picked up the candy wrapped in the cream-color candy paper, peeled it, and took a look at it.

The appetizing candy wasn't big. It was approximately as big as a faba bean. Its surface was milky white. If one looked carefully, one could even find some places glittering just like the starlight. So beautiful!

"It's indeed very beautiful, but even so, it isn't worth 20RMB," the reporter muttered to himself and then ate up the candy.

As soon as the candy entered his mouth, the slight sweetness immediately pervaded his mouth. Then, the reporter felt a burst of refreshing and sweet taste in the throat.

The candy melted quickly. When the sweetness was almost gone, an extremely sour taste immediately passed to his throat from the tip of the tongue. And that straightforwardly resulted in the secretion of saliva.

"I feel hungrier." The reporter couldn't help swallowing his own saliva.

The reporter could no longer stand the temptation when he lowered his head and looked at the golden yellow crisp rice cake, which was emitting the intrinsic fragrance of rice grains and oil fragrance. Therefore, he directly took up the chopsticks and began to pick one up.

The rice cake was made into a round shape by Yuan Zhou. And due to his worsening obsessive-compulsive disorder, the round shape was very clear and neat, as if drawn with a real compass.

"Ka Ca." The reporter bit a semi-circle gap on the rice cake.

There was nothing on the rice cake. It was golden yellow and about one-finger-width thick. After biting it open, he could clearly see the frozen white rice grains inside.

"Ka Ca Ka Ca." The rice cake made a clear and melodious sound in his mouth.

The outer surface was fried into a golden yellow color and thus became brown and crisp. As it had been squeezed and pulverize before being fried, he could only feel the sensation while eating it.

Everytime he chewed it, the pulverized rice grains emitted clear and melodious sound and meanwhile, there was a blast of scorching aroma filling his mouth.

"Well, it's yummy." The reporter couldn't help speeding up chewing it.

Suddenly, he bit the center of the rice cake. The rice grains there were soft and free from any oil, thus it tasted quite refreshing. Besides, it also carried the intrinsic fragrance of rice grains.

And because it had been pulverized, it also had a sticky feeling in the mouth. The mouthfeel was totally different from that of the brown and crisp surface outside.

"Ka Ca." The reporter bit it again and began to chew it.

However, he felt a slight saltiness this time. Just inside the smooth and soft rice grains in the center, there was slightly salty taste. As a result, the greasy feeling of being fried in oil was completely neutralized.

As it was slightly salty, it made people want to eat more as they ate it. In just a little while, the reporter

"How delicious!" The reporter sighed with emotion while savoring the aftertaste. When he opened his eyes and saw the plain boiled water, he picked up the cup and drank it up.

"Even the water reminds me of the well water in my childhood. It's so sweet." The reporter put down the cup.

There was only an after-meal candy left on the table by then. Holding the candy in his hand, the reporter was reluctant to eat it anymore.

As for his ideas on how to dig traps in order to catch Yuan Zhou, he couldn't think of any at all. What he was thinking inwardly right now was how many times he could eat in Yuan Zhou's restaurant with his money available.

The reporter didn't come over here for nothing. Actually, somebody else paid him to come here.