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950 Im Now A Customer

 "Interesting," Carpenter Lian was still calm. After all, he was a person who was able to eat food cooked by Zhou Shijie. So, he had better immunity towards great dishes.

Even so, the speed in which he stuffed food into his mouth was faster than usual today.

Since Carpenter Lian had only picked up a piece of fish meat without the skin, the moment the meat entered his mouth, his entire tongue was flooded by the tasty aroma of the fish.

Fish was a tasty ingredient, yet due to its inherent fishy odor, many people would spoil the flavor when handling the odor.

But that was obviously not the case for the piece of fish in his mouth. Carpenter Lian could not taste any odor in his mouth apart from the delicious flavor of the fish itself. A tiny trace of sweetness could be tasted as well.

He slightly pursed his lips, and when the meat spread out in his mouth, a faint saltiness emerged, giving the meat a sensation of increased tenderness.

"Fresh," Carpenter Lian couldn't help but to say this out.

That's right. This meat was pure freshness with a tiny sweetness that further accentuated the freshness of the fish.

And with the tiny saltiness hidden within the meat, it gave the meat an extremely smooth and tender feeling.

"It's very good. Give it a try," Carpenter Lian only remembered his disciple after eating several mouthfuls of fish.

"Yes, Master," the middle-aged man quickly picked up his chopsticks to start eating.

The wait had been unbearable for him. But this was the etiquette between master and disciple. He could not eat before his master said so.

Unlike his master, the middle-aged man picked up a piece of meat together with the skin.

The faint pink skin rested atop the fair and tender meat, with some translucent strains mixed between the meat and the skin. The translucent strains were the fish oil from the fish's belly.

Onom. The middle-aged man stuffed the piece into his mouth and started chewing.

The fish's belly was the plumpest part of the fish, and Yuan Zhou had selected a fish without any eggs. Only the belly of such fish would taste the best.

It was worth noting that even bears would only eat fish bellies during seasons where the hunting was bountiful. From this, one could see how tasty the fish belly was.

If a fish was carrying eggs, the nutrition would have been absorbed by the eggs, causing the belly to be somewhat dry.

"Hiss." The belly was hot, but the middle-aged man could not be bothered about it. He wasn't even willing to open his mouth for fear of leaking the tasty flavor currently flooring his mouth.

The moment the piece entered his mouth, translucent fish oil melted away and seeped into the fish meat. And the moment he started chewing, the meat was torn apart, allowing the flavor of black bean wrapped around the skin to seep into the meat as well.

Because of that, the fish's flavor was mixed with the black bean's flavor. At the same time, there was a tiny spiciness as well. The entire combination did not feel too greasy or heavy at all.

"Wu. Delicious," the middle-aged man couldn't help but to shut his eyes and enjoy the sensation within his mouth.

At this time, Carpenter Lian was starting to eat the fishtail.

"Oh, why does it feel like the fish is bouncing around in my mouth, so good," Carpenter Lian couldn't bear to part with his chopsticks once he started eating.

As the fishtail was the part that got the most exercise, the meat there was also known as living meat. The difference was that the meat here gave off a fresh and bouncy feeling.

The Stewed Jiangtuan Fish was about one catty in weight, and it was finished in a short while. Just as the two were wishing for more due to their stimulated appetite, Yuan Zhou served the second dish, Steamed Tofu with Minced Pork.

This dish showcased an entirely different style and flavor. Both Carpenter Lian and the middle-aged man greatly enjoyed the dish, and there was even a slight conflict toward the end when only a final piece of tofu was left.

If it wasn't for Carpenter Lian suppressing the middle-aged man with his identity as the master, the final piece of tofu would probably not ended up in his mouth.

As for the plain white rice served by Yuan Zhou, it had long been finished by the two.

Finally, a light and refreshing Jin'ling Grass was served.

With this, Carpenter Lian thoroughly believed what Zhou Shijie once told him.

"Little Yuan is indeed capable of seeing a person's preference in food," Carpenter Lian lamented.

Initially, when Yuan Zhou asked if they abstained from any food, Carpenter Lian recalled what Zhou Shijie bragged about in the past. Because of that, Carpenter Lian had intentionally left out that both he and his disciple did not eat spicy food to test if Zhou Shijie was merely bluffing.

That's right. Zhou Shijie had once bragged to Carpenter Lian that Yuan Zhou would be able to see whether a person could eat spicy food and how strong the flavor a person would prefer without even asking.

From the moment the first dish was served, Carpenter Lian was completely convinced that those words were true.

After all, he had told Yuan Zhou he did not abstain from any food, yet Yuan Zhou had served him non-spicy food. it was clear Yuan Zhou already knew his food preference.

"Seeing a person's preference in food?" the middle-aged man was confused.

"Focus on your food," said Carpenter Lian. He couldn't be bothered to explain.

"Oh," the middle-aged man stopped asking.

"But we have already finished all the food," said the middle-aged man.

"Go back if we're done," said Carpenter Lian.

"I'll drive you back, Master," said the middle-aged man. He stood up and did not leave immediately.

"Little Yuan, we're leaving first," said Carpenter Lian.

"Ok. Have a safe trip," Yuan Zhou nodded before his clear voice traveled out his mask.

Carpenter Lian nodded and left with the middle-aged man.

The moment Carpenter Lian left, a newcomer entered the restaurant. However, this newcomer wasn't here to eat. Rather, the newcomer was here to conduct an interview.

"Boss Yuan, how are you feeling for having won the exemplary restaurant award today?" asked the newcomer while holding a voice recorder.

This person was dressed in a black long-sleeved shirt paired with a pair of jeans. His hair was short and neat, and his entire person looked intelligent with a medium-built body. After asking, he gazed straight at Yuan Zhou, waiting for an answer.

"Where did a reporter come from?" The moment that newcomer asked his question, the customers around all looked over in astonishment.

When Yuan Zhou first got popular, there were a lot of reporters coming as well. Subsequently, due to the establishment of the Queuing Committee and the standardized queuing process, reporters who appeared randomly like this had basically gone extinct.

After all, fighting over a slot with a customer who wanted to eat would have grave consequences.

"Sorry but I don't accept interviews during business hours," said Yuan Zhou as he pointed at the newly added rule on the wall.

At the same time, Yuan Zhou slowly set down the dish he was carrying.

"Sorry. If you need to conduct an interview, please book a different time. It is currently Boss's working hours so he won't be accepting any interviews," Zhou Jia stepped forth and started telling the reporter off in an experienced manner.

"Sorry, but I got in by queuing normally," said the reporter as he showed his number proudly.

"Ok. Please be seated. What would you like to eat today?" Zhou Jia invited him to sit down instead without a change in her expression.

"I will definitely eat. But Boss Yuan, you have yet to answer my question. Do you have anything to say about the award? Or do you think you are worthy of the reward and such honor with this tiny restaurant?" asked the reporter loudly. It was obvious he did not have any good intentions.

"Sorry, the boss will not accept any interviews during working hours. This is the rule of the restaurant," said Zhou Jia seriously, her voice turned frosty.

"But I'm a customer now," said the reporter.

"Sure, what would you like to eat?" Zhou Jia asked professionally.

"One Fried Rice Cake from 100 Styles of Rice Cuisine. I believe Boss Yuan will be able to make this dish since he is the recipient of the exemplary restaurant award. After all, this is a dish where the ingredients can be adjusted freely as necessary by the chef," said the reporter, trying to provoke a response.

The reporter was clearly here looking for trouble. But Zhou Jia did not fell for his provocation. Rather, she turned and handed the order to Yuan Zhou as usual.