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948 Abundance of Good News

 "This is nice," Yuan Zhou did not turn around. Rather, he smiled and muttered to himself before heading toward his restaurant.

In a suit, Yuan Zhou's back was perfectly straight while he walked leisurely. On his way, many pedestrians would greet him.

"What are you doing all dressed up today, Boss Yuan?" asked someone from a store beside the street.

"Just taking a stroll," Yuan Zhou did not say that he had received an award tonight.

In Yuan Zhou's opinion, he was a humble man who did not enjoy showing off. Therefore, there was no need for him to brag about his award.

"Is Boss Yuan going on a blind date? Boss Yuan is quite popular nowadays," teased a middle-aged woman with a laugh.

"Nope," Yuan Zhou said without a shift in his expression.

"If you have your eyes on anyone, don't be shy about it. Let us know and we will help you out," said someone else.

All those people were basically the people from the restaurant's surroundings. Even Fatty Wang from the hardware store had joined in on the fun. With a smile on his face, he urged Yuan Zhou to quickly get a wife.

"Spring is almost over, right? Why do I feel like a second spring is arriving?" Yuan Zhou had a calm expression, yet his heart was quite anxious.

"Perhaps the girlfriend my parents found for me is going to appear?" Yuan Zhou started imagining the appearance of his future girlfriend.

He started thinking about how they should interact in the future, and how he should change his schedule when he got a girlfriend.

And next, well, there was no next. After all, there was a limit to the imagination of a person who had never been in a relationship before in terms of life with a girlfriend.

"Should I do my research on those relationship games to prepare myself for when I get a girlfriend?" Yuan Zhou considered this seriously.

As Yuan Zhou thought about all those random thoughts, he arrived at his restaurant.

"How is it, Compass? Where's the pennant?" Wu Hai asked curiously from upstairs while rubbing his mustache.

"I hung it," Yuan Zhou answered after a slight pause.

"Hung? Did you enter from the back door again? I did not notice you," asked Wu Hai with a frown.

"Not in my restaurant. Somewhere else," said Yuan Zhou.

"Somewhere else? Are you not the winner? This competition is rigged! Even the official website has already declared you as the winner yet they gave the award to someone else? Who got it?" Wu Hai said before rushing downstairs in his sandals.

He looked like he was about to go demolish the award recipient.

Ta. Ta. Ta. Wu Hai arrived before Yuan Zhou and stared at Yuan Zhou solemnly.

"I hung it at the granny's house," Yuan Zhou explained slowly.

"Holy sh*t. Couldn't you say that earlier? You gave me a fright. I thought the competition was rigged or something," said Wu Hai as he finally lowered his raised arms.

"You came down before I could finish my words," said Yuan Zhou.

"Forget it. I now remember how infuriating it is talking to you. I won't bother bickering with you," said Wu Hai while stroking his mustache with a generous expression on his face.

"I'm going to open the restaurant," said Yuan Zhou as he slowly turned around. He couldn't be bothered to bicker with Wu Hai as well.

"You sure are generous, Compass. Giving away the symbol of glory just like that," said Wu Hai while walking in circles around Yuan Zhou.

"You're pretty generous too. Your paintings are expensive," said Yuan Zhou as he opened the door and pointed at the two paintings on the ceiling.

"Of course. That was me being unmoved by money," Wu Hai boasted. He added, "A painting will be worth the world if people like it. If nobody likes it, the painting will be worthless."

"Yes, you're the noblest," Yuan Zhou agreed so he could get to his work sooner.

"Although you are still the same Compass, you have finally smartened up today. That's right. I am that noble," said Wu Hai as he continued circling Yuan Zhou before stopping and rubbing his mustache smugly.

"Hoho," Yuan Zhou couldn't help but look at Wu Hai in disdain before entering the kitchen to prepare for dinner.

"What is the meaning of that, Compass? Did I say anything wrong?" Wu Hai stepped forward and asked.

Yuan Zhou washed his hands in silence and ignored Wu Hai.

Wu Hai did not give up and continued staring at Yuan Zhou.

For a moment, the restaurant sank into silence. And with the silence, Yuan Zhou felt even more at ease. Still wearing his suit, he started doing what he could do for now.

For example, wiping the countertop.

"I'll go upstairs to get changed," said Yuan Zhou as he headed upstairs directly.

"Right, you're wearing a suit today. That's rare," said Wu Hai as he was immediately reminded of that.

"I'm going up," Yuan Zhou said, but he was already upstairs.

"He's definitely going to take a bath. He loves cleanliness more than me," muttered Wu Hai while rubbing his mustache.

Speaking of loving cleanliness, Wu Hai suddenly thought of a certain customer of the restaurant. This customer would come occasionally at no fixed schedule.

At times, the customer would come once per month while during other times, the customer would come once in three months. How did Wu Hai come to remember that customer? Simple.

That person would always bring along some cinnabar paint when coming to the restaurant and would be dressed in the color of lacquer as well. That attracted the attention of Wu Hai who was very sensitive toward colors.

And that customer behaved oddly as well. Apart from bringing some cinnabar paint each time, the customer would also bow to Yuan Zhou and the other customers after eating. That was a very odd behavior.

Of course, Wu Hai was more curious about the origin of the paint as the paint had a very sharp color, looking very pretty.

"I wonder what he does for a living," wondered Wu Hai while rubbing his mustache.

"Excuse me, is Boss Yuan around?" asked a middle-aged man. He had arrived while Wu Hai was busy entertaining his random thoughts.

Wu Hai turned and saw two people entering the restaurant. And resting on the ground next to them was a bulky object wrapped in black cloth.

"Is there anything you need?" Wu Hai asked with a deadpan face.

"This is my master, Carpenter Lian. We are here today to deliver the cabinet," said the middle-aged man.

"Boss Yuan is taking a shower upstairs. He will be here shortly," said Wu Hai after nodding.

"Oh..." the middle-aged man had nothing else to say.

Right this moment, Yuan Zhou arrived downstairs in his Han attire.

"Carpenter Lian, you're here?" Yuan Zhou quickly stepped forward and greeted.

"I just finished the cabinet today so here I am, delivering it," said Carpenter Lian loudly.

"Thank you for your trouble," said Yuan Zhou.

"Don't worry about it. That was what we agreed upon after all," said Carpenter Lian as he waved his hand indifferently. Then, he pointed at the cabinet wrapped in black cloth.

"It will definitely look good," said Yuan Zhou.

"Master heard that you were receiving the award today, so he decided to send your cabinet here today," said the middle-aged man while moving the cabinet.

The meaning behind his words were clear. Carpenter Lian had decided to deliver the cabinet today to congratulate Yuan Zhou on his award.

"You talk too much," Carpenter Lian glared at the middle-aged man. Because of that, the middle-aged man lowered his head and stopped talking.

"You come at a good timing, Carpenter Lian. Eat here tonight. It will be on me," Yuan Zhou did not have any words of gratitude to say but he offered a meal instead.

"Carpenter Lian, don't refuse. You already agreed to this previously," said Yuan Zhou when he saw that Carpenter Lian was about to refuse.

"Fine, I'll stay behind. You can leave after moving the cabinet," said Carpenter Lian as he pointed at the middle-aged man.

"Please, both of you must stay," said Yuan Zhou seriously.

When Carpenter Lian saw how serious Yuan Zhou, he did not refuse and nodded in agreement. But he did not sit there doing nothing. He started ordering the middle-aged man around as he installed the cabinet.