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946 Female Vice-Chairman

 Although Zhang Yan disliked Zhou Shijie, after trying all 10 restaurants, Yuan Zhou's bravery and cooking skills had conquered his taste buds.

Moreover, since Yuan Zhou was still so young, Zhang Yan was able to let go of his prejudice against Yuan Zhou. After that, his satisfaction toward Yuan Zhou grew.

Thus, he put a lot of effort when introducing Yuan Zhou to the people around him. Even before the award conferment, he was already echoing what Zhou Shijie and the others were saying about Yuan Zhou.

After done with all the introductions and conventional greetings, Yuan Zhou felt like leaving. After all, he had something important to do, and it would be even better if he could do that today.

"Chairman Zhang, I still need to open the restaurant tonight," Yuan Zhou said.

"Sure. I heard from Chairman Zhou that you don't like socializing. But it is still a good thing to know someone from the business world," Zhang Yan did not stop, but he still stuck around.

"Um. Thank you," Yuan Zhou thanked earnestly.

"Don't worry about it," Zhang Yan waved his hand in an indifferent manner.

"Speaking of the business world, a daughter of mine is Dingfeng Group's vice-chairman. The two of you can consider getting to know each other when there is a chance," said Zhang Yan as he palmed his face, seemingly only having to recall this now.

"Vice-chairman?" Yuan Zhou asked doubtfully.

Yuan Zhou wondered why was there another high-position woman appearing. After all, in his restaurant, there was already a Jiang Changxi. Now, Zhang Yan's daughter had popped out as well.

After all, female chairmans should be as rare as young handsome rich male chairmans. This caused Yuan Zhou to be curious.

"Yes, vice-chairman. Although my daughter is a vice-chairman, she is of similar age to you. Young people will have more common topics. And when it comes to promoting Sichuan Cuisine, us chefs are in charge of cooking but the people from the business world are better when it comes to actual promoting," said Zhang Yan with a smile.

"Um," Yuan Zhou nodded and did not say anything else.

"Since you are the award recipient this year, it will be a good thing for you two to talk about the promotion of Sichuan Cuisine. I will bring her to your restaurant one day," said Zhang Yan calmly.

"Sorry for troubling you," Yuan Zhou said.

"Not at all. You won't have many topics with a geezer like me. But young people are always creative and will have similar topics," Zhang Yan said with a smile.

As they chatted, they reached the entrance of the ballroom.

"Thank you. I'll be leaving, then," Yuan Zhou took his leave.

Since Yuan Zhou had already told Zhou Shijie earlier that he was leaving, he could walk out directly and did not need to tell Zhou Shijie about it again.

"Sure. Be careful on your way back," said Zhang Yan. He watched on as Yuan Zhou left.

He noted that Yuan Zhou did not forget turning his head to thank the waitress who opened the door for him.

"Little Yuan sure is young and promising, usually silent yet still has sufficient presence, young yet responsible, and very talented to boot," muttered Zhang Yan.

"If my daughter can get together with Yuan Zhou, I will have incredibly talented grandchildren in the future. At that time, I will utterly surpass you, Zhou Shijie," Zhang Yan thought inwardly.

He had a smug look on his face, as if he could already see that day coming.

"Chairman Zhang? Chairman Zhang?" someone called out when seeing Zhang Yan daydreaming.

"Yes?" Zhang Yan immediately recovered his strict look and asked while rubbing his goatee.

"The people there are inviting you over," said the person while pointing at Zhou Shijie.

"Ok, got it," Zhang Yan nodded and headed towards the middle of the ballroom.

Meanwhile, Yuan Zhou was heading towards the hotel lobby with the wooden case containing the pennant he won.

The moment he reached the lobby, someone called out at him.

"Mr. Yuan, this way, please," said Zhong Lili. Obviously, she was told to wait here by Zhou Shijie.

Wearing a pair of heels, crisp sounds were created when Zhong Lili walked on the sleek and glossy ground. Yuan Zhou nodded and headed to the hotel entrance with her.

"Mr. Yuan, your ride is ready. You may return on this car," said Zhong Lili while opening the door for Yuan Zhou.

"Um, thank you," Yuan Zhou nodded and leisurely got in the car.

"What joke. I wasn't even nervous when facing the officials earlier. There is nothing to be nervous about a pretty girl opening the door for me," Yuan Zhou thought to himself.

Even when Yuan Zhou's keen nose caught a whiff of the Chanel perfume on Zhong Lili when she leaned over to close the door, Yuan Zhou still maintained the same expression.

In a diligent manner, Zhong Lili waited until the car left before berating, "This guy is as unromantic as ever."

Meanwhile, Yuan Zhou was unaware of that. He spoke to the driver, "You may stop the car at the intersection before Taoxi Road."

"Don't worry, Mr. Yuan. At this time, there is no traffic congestion there. I can send you until the street," said the honest driver.

This was the same driver that drove Yuan Zhou to the hotel, hence he was behaving in a very friendly manner.

"It's ok. I have something I need to do there. Thank you," Yuan Zhou explained seriously.

"Oh, sure. No problem," said the driver.

Similar to earlier, the car moved steadily along the road. While waiting for a prolonged red light, Yuan Zhou lifted his hand and looked at the time.

"Three fifty-five, I think there's still time," he mumbled.

Since Yuan Zhou was seated at the front passenger seat, the driver heard him.

"Mr. Yuan, nice watch," said the driver when he saw the gorgeous watch Yuan Zhou was wearing.

"It helps when I need to know the time," said Yuan Zhou as he intentionally unbuttoned his cuff to show more of the watch.

A watch was similar to having abdominal muscles. It was pointless if one did not show it off.

"This watch is expensive, but it looks good," said the driver. Evidently, he knew the watch. After all, he also had a watch on himself.

"It matches what I'm wearing," said Yuan Zhou calmly.

After all, it was very rare for Yuan Zhou to be able to wear this watch. It was natural he had to show it off more. Even when he was on stage earlier, he had been intentionally revealing the watch on his wrist as well.

The driver gave the watch another glance before nodding and stepping on the pedal again.

As they were less pressured compared to when they were heading to the hotel, the two continued chatting about watches and cars. These were common topics when men talked to each other.

And with common topics, time passed quickly. Before long, they reached the street before Taoxi Road.

"Mr. Yuan, we're here," said the driver as he stopped the car.

"Ok. Thank you," Yuan Zhou said.

"You're welcome. I'll visit your restaurant when I get the chance," said the driver. He was behaving much more casually now.

"You're always welcome," said Yuan Zhou.

Then, Yuan Zhou waved his hand while the car sped off.

"I hope this gift is acceptable," said Yuan Zhou as he headed towards the alley carrying the wooden case.