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943 Stunned Now?

 Due to Zhou Shijie's reminder and the several Oscar Academy Awards Yuan Zhou had watched, he obtained a conclusion that he needed to accept the prize wearing a suit.

That's right. Yuan Zhou was planning to wear a suit. Thus, he went and bought a set the day before the award ceremony.

"Fortunately, the weather is not too hot and is quite suited for a suit to be worn," Yuan Zhou muttered in satisfaction as he studied the suit hanging in his cupboard.

On the day of the award ceremony, the weather was excellent. The sky above Chengdu was blue with warm sunlight enveloping the city.

Ta. Ta. Ta. The moment lunchtime ended, Yuan Zhou went upstairs and took a bath. After putting on the suit and his shiny leather shoes, he stood before the mirror.

Yuan Zhou had bought a full-length mirror in order to practice his facial expression. After all, as a prince charming, he had to take care of his image.

"I am indeed very handsome. With my height and straight back, I am very suited to wear a suit," said Yuan Zhou as he studied his reflection in the mirror before nodding in satisfaction.

After working out for a year, Yuan Zhou had gained clear abdominal muscles. Even his back, arms, and legs were muscular, giving his person a streamlined look.

He wore an ash-grey suit paired with a white undershirt and a bowtie, looking formal and youthful at the same time. The outfit showcased his perfect figure, and he also had a pair of shoulder pads and long legs under his torso.

"I am probably one of those long-legged oppas," Yuan Zhou said as he looked at the mirror.

"Fortunately I don't dress like this normally. Otherwise, Ling Hong would have to move aside for me," Yuan Zhou muttered confidently.

That's right. Usually, the girls all liked how Ling Hong looked when he wore a suit. They claimed that he had a straight back and long legs that looked very well in a suit. Yuan Zhou was sure that the current him looked much better than Ling Hong.

After tidying his cuff, Yuan Zhou walked downstairs. The car sent by Zhou Shijie was waiting for Yuan Zhou at the intersection of the street.

Swoosh. Yuan Zhou closed the doors and when he turned around, he saw Wu Hai looking at him from upstairs.

"Compass, you actually have a suit?" Wu Hai said in astonishment while rubbing his mustache.

"Um," Yuan Zhou nodded calmly while inwardly, he was feeling very smug. "Stunned now? Astonished now? Surprised?" he thought to himself.

"Tsk tsk, I never expected you to go accept the prize in a suit. I thought you would still be wearing the Han attire," Wu Hai said in astonishment.

"I'm leaving," Yuan Zhou said with a wave of his hand. He did not say much.

When Yuan Zhou raised his hand, he revealed the watch on his wrist. That's right. That was the watch Yuan Zhou bought after watching the TV series. He finally found a use for it.

It was worth nothing that Master Cheng had offered to drive Yuan Zhou to the award ceremony but was refused. After all, Master Cheng was also one of the chefs invited to the ceremony.

Yuan Zhou turned and walked away, not knowing that Wu Hai had taken a picture of him from the back.

"Although this is only a picture of his back, it is still obvious that this is Compass. Let's share it in the group," said Wu Hai as he started sharing the picture in the group chat.

When Yuan Zhou reached the intersection, a black Audi was parked beside the road. Yuan Zhou walked forth and opened the door before getting in the car.

And before the driver could say anything, Yuan Zhou put on the seat belt himself. This had been his practice regardless of what car he took. So long as there was a seatbelt, he would put it on.

"Hello, Mr. Yuan. I am sent here by Chairman Zhou," said the driver. He was an honest-looking middle-aged man.

"Thank you. Sorry for making you wait," Yuan Zhou nodded as he sat with his back perfectly upright.

"You're too polite. This is what I should do. Shall we leave now?" asked the driver with a smile.

"Yes. Drive carefully," Yuan Zhou said.

"Sure thing. Don't you worry. I am a safe driver," said the driver confidently.

Yuan Zhou nodded and did not say anything else. The car started moving slowly towards their destination.

Although there was only one award for this award ceremony, apart from the bosses and head chefs of the 10 participating restaurants, there were also other popular chefs attending.

The person conferring the award was someone from the Provincial Party Committee. This ceremony would start at 2:30 pm while the award would be given at 3:00 pm.

The ceremony was held at the ballroom of Jinshui Hotel, a hotel that would frequently host meetings and events of the Municipal Committee and Provincial Party Committee. Therefore, it was understandable that this ceremony was held there as well.

Due to the participation of the government, the ceremony was very formal. Apart from the official media of the Sichuan province, the official medias of the neighboring provinces were invited as well. Therefore, this ceremony as only admissible by ticket.

When Yuan Zhou arrived, it was 2:15 pm, not too late or early.

"Mr. Yuan, we have arrived at Jinshui Hotel," said the driver.

"Ok. Thanks," Yuan Zhou said as he got off the car.

The Jinshui Hotel looked like your average five-star hotel. It had a gorgeous lobby and at the entrance, there were neatly dressed doormen waiting. In the middle of the entrance was a glass revolving door. And to the two sides of the revolving door were two glass sliding doors. Above the doors were a huge display screen, and on the screen, promotional materials of the ceremony were being played. There were also banners welcoming the arrival of certain big shots hanging to the side, giving the entire ceremony a formal look.

Before Yuan Zhou could enter, a crisp sound of heels could be heard heading towards Yuan Zhou.

"Boss Yuan, I was told by Chairman Zhou to wait for you here," said Zhong Lili.

"Um," Yuan Zhou glanced over at Zhong Lili.

Today, Zhong Lili was still dressed in a black formal dress. Her hair was tied into a ponytail, and she was wearing a pair of non-prescription glasses that gave her a strict and smart look.

"Please come with me," Zhong Lili nodded and reminded Yuan Zhou to take out his invitation.

When they reached the door, there were people waiting and opening the door for them. The same happened when they reached the elevator. They smoothly arrived at the ballroom in the second floor.

Outside the ballroom was a metal detector and two doormen in charge of checking the invitations. Standing not far away were the guards maintaining security.

"As the people from the Provincial Party Committee will be here, the checks are quite stringent," explained Zhong Lili.

"Um," Yuan Zhou nodded and did not say much.

When the two showed their yellow invitation letters, they were allowed entry.

In fact, there were different colors to the invitation letters of this ceremony. Those with yellow invitation letters would be seated at the front row, while the red invitation letters would be seated at the back. As for the media, they were issued green invitation letters.

The moment Yuan Zhou entered, he was assaulted by the noise in the ballroom. He frowned slightly before recovering as Zhou Shijie was walking towards him.

"Little Yuan, you're here?" Zhou Shijie was as friendly as ever.

"Thank you, president," Yuan Zhou said as he tossed Zhong Lili a glance.

"It's nothing worth thanking. If you want to thank me, make me a new dish," Zhou Shijie teased with a smile.

"Sure." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"You look good today, Little Yuan. As a young man, you truly look energetic," said Zhou Shijie after sizing up Yuan Zhou.

"Hello, Yuan Zhou. I am Zhang Yan, chairman of Sichuan Cuisine Association," Zhang Yan walked over and introduced himself.

"Hello," Yuan Zhou nodded.

"Um. Very young," Zhang Yan stroked his goatee and nodded.

"Forget it. Don't you remember you talking about the other young man last time?" said Lee Yanyi who had just arrived as well.