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942 Yuan Zhou Won The Award.

 A serving of Twice Cooked Pork was a bit large for one person to eat up. After all, people were eating less and less meat nowadays.

But this problem didn't exist in Yuan Zhou's restaurant. Furthermore, people only felt the amount was too small.

"Hua Hua Hua." Grandpa Jia ate the food cleanly and rapidly like a soldier.

It was the first time that he had eaten so quickly. He always ate slowly whenever he came before. After all, the cuisine cooked by Yuan Zhou were way too delicious.

If he ate it up in one mouthful, it would feel like a reckless waste of natural resources. They were gone before he could savor the taste.

But this time was different. It was Twice Cooked Pork eaten along with plain cooked rice this time, so Grandpa Jia ate it very quickly.

"Peng." There came a sound of the bottom of the bowl hitting the long curved table.

"Another bowl of plain cooked rice, please." Grandpa Jia said lavishly.

"Zhou Jia, get me another serving of plain cooked rice of the 100 Styles of Rice Cuisine. It has been paid by bank transfer," while saying that, Ling Hong gave his rice to Grandpa Jia.

"Okay. Coming right up." Zhou Jia answered.

"Thank you, Little Ling. I'm so satisfied with the meal today," Grandpa Jia turned his head and said.

"Grandpa Jia, you are too polite with me. No need to be so courteous with your grandson," Ling Hong said, pretending to be angry.

"Haha. Yeah, right. I don't need to." The smile on Grandpa Jia's face became more obvious.

While Grandpa Jia was chatting and laughing happily, Tang Xi suddenly shouted excitedly at the other side, "The results are available now."

While shouting, Tang Xi raised her phone high and then said happily.

"Is it the news of Master Yuan getting the award?" Master Cheng reacted more quickly than others. He went up to Tang Xi swiftly and asked.

"Yes. Boss Yuan won the award," Tang Xi nodded her head heavily and handed her phone to Master Cheng while saying.

Immediately, there appeared a smile on Master Cheng's face. He took her phone and turned to look at the page of the Exemplary Restaurant Activity.

Not surprisingly, Master Chef Restaurant ranked first. Its score was as high as 9.99.

"Why isn't it a full mark?" Master Cheng knitted his brows and said with puzzlement.

In his eyes, Master Yuan deserved full marks. After all, Yuan Zhou was so awesome! Where did the deduction of 0.1 come from?

"Boss Yuan won an award?" A customer asked in a more caring manner.

"Right. The appraisal of Exemplary Restaurant of Sichuan Cuisine held previously. From now on, this restaurant will be the Exemplary Restaurant,"

"Exemplary Restaurant of Sichuan Cuisine? It must be our restaurant. Boss Yuan's craftsmanship deserves that title," the customers nodded their head and said approvingly upon hearing that.

"There's nothing to be surprised about. It's definitely Boss Yuan who would win the award," a young girl pushed her glassed upward and said as if it were obvious.

"Congratulations, Boss Yuan," Wu Hai stroked his own mustaches and said smilingly as if it was his own honor.

"Yes, right. Congratulations, Boss Yuan," with Wu Hai taking the lead, other customers in the restaurant immediately reacted and began to say to Boss Yuan.

"Thank you, everybody," Yuan Zhou stood upright in the kitchen and said with a clear voice that came from his face mask.

"I feel that Boss Yuan is so cool!" Tang Xi, Yuan Zhou's big fan, looked at him in admiration.

"I also think so. I almost become a fan of the chef even though I just came here for a meal," said the young girl with glasses.

"I'm not surprised at that. Let me tell you. Boss Yuan isn't awesome only in terms of his culinary skills." Once Tang Xi heard the young girl say so, she immediately began to speak highly of Yuan Zhou.

"How awesome Little Boss Yuan is! He has been acknowledged by the authorities. Great!" Grandpa Jia smiled and said sincerely.

"Even if it isn't acknowledged, no other restaurants could cook better than him," Wu Hai said squarely at the side.

"That's really not bad," Ling Hong said approvingly once in a blue moon.

"Boss Yuan, don't you want to go back to my place to drink some wine and celebrate? I have a bottle of good wine prepared for you." Jiang Changxi took up the cup and looked at him with a smile on her face.

"No." When Yuan Zhou heard Jiang Changxi's words, he instantly thought of the manager ignored by her previously and hence refused flatly.

"Are you sure?" Jiang Changxi changed her posture. She leaned against the long curved table and looked at Yuan Zhou.

This time, Yuan Zhou answered Jiang Changxi with a view of his back. He directly returned to the kitchen to cook.

"Nothing shall disturb my cooking," said Yuan Zhou inwardly. Then, he ignored her and began to cook.

"Boss Yuan is as uninteresting as always." Jiang Changxi didn't take it seriously. She raised her eyebrows and began to eat seriously.

Because of this matter, the atmosphere in the restaurant became better. Those who had gotten their dishes began to eat seriously while those who hadn't begun to show off proudly which cuisines of Yuan Zhou's restaurant they had eaten here.

Having been notified with the good news just now, the remaining people who were lining up outside also began to discuss it earnestly.

Even if they couldn't eat Yuan Zhou's dishes right now, they must show off to others. Apart from posting on Wechat Moments, they also logged on forums and Weibo to share this information.

Not long after that, almost everyone in Chengdu knew about the matter that Yuan Zhou's Master Chef Restaurant had obtained the Exemplary Restaurant of Sichuan Cuisine.

These loyal fans were sometimes very adorable. This was what Yuan Zhou felt when he took his phone and checked the forum after the lunchtime ended.

"These praise from these people sound quite right." Yuan Zhou smoothed his knitted brows and appeared quite happy when he found the prevailing compliments.

"When will they let me accept the award? I remember it is a silk banner." Yuan Zhou thought of the silk banner hung in the center of the main hall in Shu Restaurant.

That's right. The silk banner of Shu Restaurant was hung at the most obvious place in the center of the main hall.

"If only I could get the silk banner." Yuan Zhou sighed with a deep feeling contentedly in his heart.

"By the way, do I need to go up onto the stage to accept the award?" Yuan Zhou suddenly thought of this serious matter.

Then, Yuan Zhou searched his own memory and found he didn't have any such experience of going up onto the stage to accept any award.

"Let me watch some award ceremonies to see how those people behave." Yuan Zhou switched on his phone unhurriedly and prepared to watch TV.

"Oscar Academy Awards? It deserves to be watched." When Yuan Zhou searched for large award ceremonies on the Internet, this result immediately popped up.

However, a phone call was made to him before Yuan Zhou had time to tap it open.

"Chairman Zhou?" Yuan Zhou answered the phone.

"Little Yuan, you got the news, right?" There passed Zhou Shijie's happy voice from the other end of the phone.

"Yes, I do. Thank you and thank Mr. Lee as well." Yuan Zhou was more and more skilled in giving polite greetings.

After all, he had got more opportunities to practice recently.

"Haha. Why thank us? It's your good skills that got this honor," Zhou Shijie burst into laughter and said.

"Um," Yuan Zhou nodded his head and said immodestly.

"Yes. Young people must have confidence in himself. This is what you deserve." Zhou Shijie approved of Yuan Zhou's self-confidence.

"Here's the thing. You must come to receive the award at 2:00 p.m. the day after tomorrow," said Zhou Shijie.

"Where?" Yuan Zhou asked lightly.

"The banquet hall of Jinshui Hotel. After you receive the award, you have to say something. By then, there will be lots of reports from official media." Zhou Shijie brought out the address.

"I will be prepared." Yuan Zhou answered.

"The person who will give the award to you is from the Provincial Party Committee. Just wear a suit of formal clothes and behave naturally. Young people are supposed to be spirited. I will send people to come to pick you up," Zhou Shijie said in the end.

"Thank you, chairman." Yuan Zhou felt warm inwardly and said gently.

"Don't mention it. I grabbed the opportunity from others to pick you up. Haha," Zhou Shijie said jokingly.