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941 The Intrinsic Taste Of Pork

 "Grandfather Jia, you are right. It's not only a sin in Boss Yuan's restaurant, but also you would definitely be blacklisted. So nobody here dares to leave any dish unfinished," said Ling Hong smilingly.

"That's true. Everything cooked by Little Boss Yuan is so delicious." Grandpa Jia nodded his head.

"So, Grandfather Jia, never stand on ceremony today. Eat more and then I can show off to my grandfather," said Ling Hong.

"What an interesting grandfather and grandson pair! Last time, Ling Little Six also said the same to me," Grandpa Jia burst into laughter and said.

"Did my grandfather speak ill of me, saying that I have neither knowledge nor skill? Grandfather Jia, don't listen to him and don't believe him. I'm quite useful," Ling Hong thumped his own chest and said.

"Yeah, a useful playboy." Wu Hai interposed at the side.

"Hahaha, Mr. Wu. You can't say so. At least, Little Ling shows filial piety," Grandpa Jia couldn't help saying smilingly.

"Didn't I tell you not to talk?" Ling Hong turned around and glared at Wu Hai, who tried to pick a quarrel with him.

"Um?" Wu Hai looked at Ling Hong with a blank look. When did he agree?

"Forget it. I don't want to bother with you, Shameless Wu." Ling Hong was made quite speechless. He directly turned his head and no longer took notice of him.

"Grandfather Jia, don't listen to his bullsh*t. He is even worse than me. At least I know how to pay the phone bill, which he doesn't even know." Ling Hong explained.

"Yes, sure. Little Ling, you are really not bad." Grandpa Jia nodded his head smilingly.

In the eyes of Grandpa Jia, people in this restaurant were all very nice. And he was quite happy with that kind of feeling these young people gave him.

As Ling Hong and Grandpa Jia were chatting freely, Jiang Changxi didn't go up to greet them when she arrived later. She directly found a seat and leafed through the menu, preparing to order her dishes.

Jiang Changxi wanted to have a meal quietly, but the person who came after her didn't think that way.

It was a young man who seemed to be in his twenties. He was dressed in a suit of the latest Dolce \u0026 Gabbana clothing and wore an Armani watch, which cost about dozens of thousands RMB, on his wrist. On the whole, he looked quite spirited.

As soon as he entered the restaurant and saw Jiang Changxi over there, he ran straight to her and began to greet her, instead of going to his own position to sit down.

"Sister Jiang, you are also here for a meal. What a coincidence! I came here today, too. What do you want to eat? Let me treat you to dinner," the young man said with a manner of complacency.

The young man smoothed his hair with his fingers and looked at Jiang Changxi fixedly with a smile on his face, waiting for her answer.

However, Jiang Changxi had no reaction at all. She turned her head and called Zhou Jia, "Come and take my order, Little Jia."

That's right. Jiang Changxi totally ignored this young man. She just spoke to Zhou Jia smilingly.

Actually, Zhou Jia wasn't very far from her just now. After all, Yuan Zhou's restaurant was no more than 20 square meters, including Yuan Zhou's kitchen.

Therefore, Zhou Jia could clearly hear what the young man said just now. More embarrassingly, she even knew this person.

Because he was Shen Min's schoolmate. Though they weren't in one class, she heard the young man's family was quite rich. He went to school by BMW and wore extravagant clothes. Ever since he got to know Yuan Zhou's restaurant, he often came here to eat meals.

Besides, he liked taking photos of himself and posting them on his Moments. And after he got to know the queuing committee, he often went up to greet Jiang Changxi and Ling Hong whenever he met them in the restaurant.

Without exception, he was always ignored by Jiang Changxi in an impolite way.

"Little Jia, what are you standing there for? Come and take my order," Jiang Changxi reached out her white and tender hand, waving in front of Zhou Jia, and then said smilingly.

"Oh, okay." Zhou Jia glanced at the young man out of the corner of her eye carefully. When she found he was blue in the face, she dared not look at him anymore and began to report the order seriously.

However, Zhou Jia didn't have time to pay attention to this person later, because Yuan Zhou's restaurant became busier very soon.

Meanwhile, Ling Hong and Grandpa Jia's dishes were also served up.

"The Twice Cooked Pork really looks good." Grandpa Jia appeared quite satisfied when he held the plain cooked rice in his hand and looked at the Twice Cooked Pork in the front.

The Twice Cooked Pork was put on a square dish. And the meat slices in the bowl were nevertheless like the boat saucers. With the two ends curled, the entire meat slice was wrapped in the red sauce stir-fried from the thick broad-bean sauce.

There was a thin layer of pig skin around the edge. The lean and fat were red mixing with white and appeared quite palatable in contrast to the green garlic sprouts around. The red sauce overflowed in the dish and the fragrance rushed into Grandpa Jia's nose, which made him feel hungrier.

"How I missed a bowl of Twice Cooked Pork way back in those days!" Grandpa Jia said earnestly.

"Anyhow, you are better than my grandpa. He wanted nothing but Chives Scrambled Eggs." Ling Hong ridiculed his own grandpa smilingly.

"Yeah. I had a bolder idea than he did. At that time, it required a lot of money to eat a bowl of Twice Cooked Pork," Grandpa Jia burst into laughter and said.

"Hurry up to taste it," Ling Hong nodded his head and then said.

"Okay. I'm going to eat it now. Don't reach out your chopsticks for the dish," Grandpa Jia said with an alert expression.

"Don't worry, Grandfather Jia. I have ordered my own dish. But if it's not enough for you, I can order another serving," Ling Hong said complacently.

"Haha. The meat is sufficient, but I'm sure about the plain cooked rice," Grandpa Jia smiled and said.

"You eat it first. I can keep mine for you," Ling Hong thumped his own chest and said affirmatively.

Grandpa Jia nodded his head and then turned to look at the plain cooked rice and dish in front of him seriously. With an expectant expression emerging on his face, he reached out the chopsticks and began to pick the cuisine.

He straightforwardly picked a meat slice up as well as a leaf of green garlic sprouts. Along with Grandpa Jia's movements, the meat slice was trembling continually between the chopsticks as if to show off how delicious it tasted.

Judging from the way he ate, he was particular about eating. The Twice Cooked Pork was supposed to be eaten along with the green garlic sprouts and that was the correct way.

The Twice Cooked Pork was a dish selected to test a chef of Sichuan Cuisines when he wanted to level up, but Yuan Zhou cooked it deftly. Therefore, Grandpa Jia instantly squinted his eyes and began to chew it contentedly as soon as the meat entered his mouth.

Once it entered his mouth, the red sauce that wrapped the meat slices suddenly melted in his mouth cavity. And then, the fragrance and spiciness blended with oil began to spread throughout his mouth from his tongue tip.

"Slurp slurp." Along with his chewing, the intrinsic fragrance of pork mixed into the taste. The soft and chewy fat tasted not only soft and tender but was also not greasy at all. Instead, he was reminded of the same feeling in his childhood when he ate Twice Cooked Pork at the Spring Festival and the oil-filled his mouth.

When he began to chew the lean meat, the flavor became more obvious. It tasted tender and yet a little chewy and had the intrinsic fragrance of pork itself.

During the process, the slight spiciness of green garlic sprouts helped to spread the fragrance of Twice Cooked Pork. And the fragrance of bean sauce inside also tasted very good in contrast with the green garlic sprouts.

"So delicious! It's really like the meat we ate in our childhood. It has the intrinsic meat flavor," Grandpa Jia ate a mouthful of plain cooked rice and then said.

Today, it was very difficult to be able to eat pork that held an intrinsic meat flavor, vegetables with an intrinsic vegetable flavor and fruits without the pesticide taste.

"Then you can eat some more." Ling Hong smiled at the side.

"That's for sure. The Twice Cooked Pork cooked by Little Boss Yuan has the intrinsic meat flavor. Delicious." Grandpa Jia ate a mouthful of it again while saying that.