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940 I Want To Eat Twice Cooked Pork.

 Everything went smoothly for the past three days. Though the after-effects of the Exemplary Restaurant Appraisal Activity was still going on, Yuan Zhou's restaurant, where the taste test first started, seemed to be free from the noise and clamor.

However, it was as hectic as always.

It happened to be Ling Hong's turn to treat Grandpa Jia to dinner at noon today. Ling Hong was mischievous during normal times, but when he decided to entertain Grandpa Jia, he behaved quite formally. He notified Grandpa Jia two days in advance.

And besides that, he specifically drove his fancy super sports car and went to pick up Grandpa Jia who was waiting for business.

Hence, people saw a scene on the street. A grandpa, who lived by riding a tricycle for transportation, was invited into a super sports car by a good-looking young man while his tricycle was left in the parking lot beside the street.

It was not an exaggeration to say that those old fellows together with Grandpa Jia were all astounded. All of them stared at each other in bewilderment.

"When did Old Jia know such a wealthy young man?" They felt both puzzled and astonished.

After the start of the appraisal for the Exemplary Restaurant, the customers could obviously feel that there were more people in Yuan Zhou's restaurant. Apart from Wu Hai, all the regular customers felt the pressure. Therefore, Ling Hong went to pick Grandpa Jia up very early.

Outside of Yuan Zhou's restaurant, the customers formed a line very early, too.

On the other side, a dumpling restaurant appeared diagonally opposite Yuan Zhou's restaurant. That was right. This restaurant, which had been operated by many bosses formerly, had a new boss again. It seemed to be a franchise restaurant of a very famous dumpling restaurant group this time.

A man and a woman were seated in front of the restaurant covertly. They didn't know each other, but they smelled a familiar scent from each other and hence got seated together. That's right. They were both reporters.

Since Yuan Zhou's restaurant enjoyed such great popularity in Sichuan, how could the reporters not come?

"Hey, why don't you go to interview Boss Yuan directly?" the woman asked.

The man seemed to think of something and said straightforwardly, "Do you think I don't want to? There are three King Kongs in Yuan Zhou's restaurant, a nameless grandma, an irritable rich second generation tycoon and a rabid artist. None of them are easily trifled with. I would have already died before I approach them."

While saying that, the male reporter shuddered and asked right away, "What about you?"

"Previously, the most beautiful woman in our newspaper office wanted to conquer Yuan Zhou with her beauty and get something valuable from him. So she made a call to him. Surprisingly, Yuan Zhou only answered her 'It's time to do business' and hung up the phone without hesitation." The female reporter sighed.

Then, she paused for a while and continued, "But the beautiful colleague wasn't convinced. She directly came to his restaurant and happened to meet two people. They seemed to be called Sister Wan and Queen Jiang. After that, she returned to the newspaper office gloomily and applied proactively for not going to report anything about Yuan Zhou's restaurant anymore."

"I don't want to end up like her." The female reporter and male reporter stared at each other and suddenly had a feeling that they had the same misfortune.

Let's get back to the irritable rich second generation tycoon, Ling Hong. The business time for lunch arrived. Along with the familiar voice of Zhou Jia, the first ten people began to enter the restaurant.

"Grandpa Jia, you came to eat at noon today?" Master Cheng greeted him first.

That's right. Master Cheng was also acquainted with Grandpa Jia. Sometimes, they chatted together.

"I'm being treated to dinner today, so here I am," Grandpa Jia pointed at Ling Hong and said smilingly.

"Oh? If this guy treats you to dinner, you must eat some more," Master Cheng took a look at Ling Hong and straightforwardly said without asking too much.

"Yes, that's for sure." Grandpa Jia nodded his head repeatedly.

"Good afternoon, Grandpa Jia," the customers, who entered the restaurant, got seated and greeted Grandpa Jia.

"You seldom came at noon," another customer said to him.

"My godson is treating me to dinner today. It's him," Grandpa Jia said proudly.

"Ling Hong is treating? That rarely happens." A customer looked at Ling Hong jokingly.

"Yeah, Ling Hong is so nice." Grandpa Jia nodded his head primly.

Like other old people, Grandpa Jia began to speak highly of Ling Hong whenever he was asked, like "Ling Hong is treating me to dinner" or "Ling Hong is so nice."

That even made Ling Hong, who followed him behind, feel embarrassed.

Luckily, Yuan Zhou's restaurant wasn't big. While talking with others, the two people had walked beside the long curved table.

"Grandfather Jia, let's sit here," Ling Hong kept one step ahead and walked to the seat right in the middle and then said to Grandpa Jia.

"Okay, okay." Grandpa Jia nodded his head smilingly and then got seated.

"Rarely do you sit next to me," said Wu Hai whole stroking his own mustaches.

That's right. Wu Hai was now sitting beside Ling Hong.

"Shameless Wu, don't argue with me today. I'm treating this old man to dinner," Ling Hong said to Wu Hai seriously and earnestly.

"You are speaking as if I will grab your food. I can order my own dishes," Wu Hai instantly said discontentedly when he saw Ling Hong's manner.

"That's great." Ling Hong didn't say anything more today. He directly turned around and looked at Grandpa Jia.

"Grandfather Jia, make yourself at home today. If you stand on ceremony with me, you won't be giving me face." Ling Hong changed his expression instantly and said to Grandpa Jia smilingly.

"How fast he changes!" Wu Hai looked at Ling Hong's bright smile and immediately said discontentedly.

Ling Hong pretended to be deaf to Wu Hai's words and waited for Grandpa Jia to speak.

"We can't eat so much. Let's just eat some simple dishes. Little Boss Yuan cooks everything well," said Grandpa Jia.

"Grandfather Jia, don't be too polite. We've agreed that I am treating this time. Please check the menu and order whatever you like." Ling Hong took a menu and handed it to Grandpa Jia, even if there was one in front of Grandpa Jia.

"No, I definitely won't stand on ceremony." The smile on Grandpa Jia's face never ceased today.

The menu that Ling Hong passed to him happened to be the one that included the Chengdu School of Sichuan Cuisine. Grandpa Jia straightforwardly opened it and began to check.

Apart from Kung Pao Chicken, there was another cuisine well known to everybody in Sichuan Cuisine. It was the Twice Cooked Pork.

This dish was so common that almost each and every family can cook it. However, the taste was totally different from one another.

"I want the Twice Cooked Pork and plain rice." Grandpa Jia looked at the Chinese characters of "Twice Cooked Pork" fixedly and then said.

"One dish is way too little," said Ling Hong.

"No, not really. This is ordered for me only. You can order whatever you like. This old man doesn't want to interfere in your choice," Grandpa Jia waved his hand and said.

"I mean one dish is too little for you," said Ling Hong.

"In those days, your grandpa only wanted to eat Chives Scrambled Eggs, but I dared to dream bigger than him. I just wanted to eat Twice Cooked Pork along with plain rice. I'm now only expecting to eat this dish cooked by Boss Yuan. I want nothing but this one," Grandpa Jia said smilingly.

Grandpa Jia was quite satisfied. He had never eaten any meat dish in Yuan Zhou's restaurant. After all, the meat dishes were extraordinarily expensive over here, just like the Twice Cooked Pork he was going to eat today. It cost 566RMB per serving, thus Grandpa Jia wouldn't order and eat it during normal times.

"Okay. Let me order something else." When Ling Hong heard Grandpa Jia talk about this matter, he didn't ask him to order other dishes anymore.

"I want a Translucent Beef Slices, an Egg Fried Rice Set, a Steamed Tofu with Minced Pork. That's all." Ling Hong didn't order too many dishes. He ordered a total of three dishes.

"That's totally enough for us. It would be sinful if we can't finish such delicious dishes," Grandpa Jia nodded his head and said.