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938 The Serious Yu Chu

 "What do you have in mind, Chef Li?" the sous-chef did not mind being interrupted and asked.

"That Yuan Zhou loves fame, right? Let us give him fame, the infamous kind," Chef Li said with a smile.

"You mean?" the sous-chef's eyes lit up as he asked curiously.

"I can't tell you yet," Chef Li waved his hand, maintaining a mysterious expression.

The sous-chef gazed at Chef Li longingly.

"I can give you a hint. That Yuan Zhou is participating in the Sichuan Cuisine exemplary restaurant selection, right?" Chef Li said.

"Yes. I saw the video as well. Chairman Zhou is truly unfair. From his words, he is obviously being biased," said the sous-chef with a frown as he recalled the full marks incident.

"But since our restaurant does not serve Sichuan Cuisine, we can't join the selection and won't be able to defeat him this way," continued the sous-chef.

"Haha, it has never been our aim to defeat him through that event," Chef Li said with a laugh.

"If not, then what?" asked the sous-chef.

"To be precise, it is still somewhat related to that event," said Chef Li after giving it a thought.

That caused the sous-chef even more confusion. The head chef would always be giving partial information. Such people were usually hated. If this was someone else, the sous-chef would be scolding him by now. But since this was his head chef, he had to control his temper. He continued looking at the head chef curiously.

"In accordance with your performance, I am also trying my best to play my part," the lyrics of a certain song suddenly appeared in the sous-chef's head.

"It's good that Chairman Zhou is being impartial. And if Yuan Zhou wins because of that, even better," said Chef Li while picking his apron up with a smug look.

"Since Chef Li already has a great plan in motion, I will simply do my part to help when the time comes. We will definitely be able to step on that Yuan Zhou and shut his website," said the sous-chef who decided to say something else since the head chef was not telling him the plan.

"Go get changed. Time to prepare for lunch," said Chef Li after nodding his head in a satisfied manner.

"Ok. I'll go get changed," said the sous-chef after nodding repeatedly.

"Hmph. Yuan Zhou, I refuse to believe that you are omnipotent. Since ancient times, many people have encountered their end in the most unexpected manner," muttered Chef Li with a gloomy expression after the sous-chef left.

Naturally, Chef Li was not as calm as he was pretending in front of the sous-chef. Inwardly, he was wishing he could beat Yuan Zhou to death. Nobody would feel good after being called out for having cooking skills that were only one-tenth of someone else.

And that had happened so suddenly on a completely random website. But Chef Li was aware of his own strength and Yuan Zhou's reputation. He would not rush over to have his face slapped. Thus, he contacted others to propose cooperation.

With more people working together, they would be able to accomplish more. They had already came up with a smart plan. Now, they only needed to wait until Yuan Zhou's restaurant became the Exemplary Restaurant.

Pa. He turned off his phone and slid it into his pocket before starting his kitchen patrol.

Time passed quickly and now, it was the final day of the selection. Yu Chu knew that today, it would definitely be his turn to be an advisor.

He had already taken the day off from work and was waiting at home. As expected, he received a call from the appraisal team at eleven in the morning.

"Hello, is this Mr. Yu Chu? We are the producers of the Sichuan Cuisine exemplary restaurant event," said a sweet female voice from the other side of the phone.

"I am," Yu Chu gave a simple reply.

"Ok. Mr. Yu, we are inviting you to join the appraisal team as an advisor for the event today. Are you currently free?" asked the woman.

"Yes," Yu Chu answered.

"Our car will be picking you up at the address you gave, Number 17, Wangzhong Road. The car will be arriving in 10 minutes," said the woman.

"Ok," Yu Chu replied.

And after the woman reminded him what information to keep secret, she ended the call politely.

Ta. Ta. Ta. Yu Chu did not leave immediately after the call. Rather, he went to a mirror and looked at himself.

Today, he wore a black suit with a white undershirt. A necktie was neatly tied around his neck, and he had a black leather briefcase in his hand as well.

From his appearance, he looked more like he was attending a meeting than being an advisor. He was dressed formally with a solemn look on his face.

He nodded in satisfaction before leaving.

Wangzhong Road was not far from Yu Chu. It was a five minutes walk. He reached at nearly the same time as the car.

As usual, someone got off from the second car behind and made a short introduction to Yu Chu while opening the door. Yu Chu then got into the car.

The moment he got into the car, he greeted everyone politely.

"This guy looks more reliable," muttered Hu Yue inwardly as he sized up Yu Chu.

"Looks like there's a normal person in that kid's restaurant after all," Zhang Yan heaved a sigh of relief.

If they got another person like Wu Hai, they would not be able to stand it. Wu Hai had been insisting he had nothing against anyone yet at the same time, he also behaved like everyone was trash.

Of course, the filming crew members were even more relieved. They all thought that the filming today would not be as tiring anymore. After all, this advisor looked so serious and formal. He looked very dependable.

Only Lee Yanyi and Zhou Shijie who were frequent customers of Yuan Zhou's restaurant cursed inwardly, "I hope this kid won't cause any troubles."

One ought to know on certain aspects, Yu Chu was even harsher than Wu Hai. After all, he was the inventor of using Yuan Zhou as a unit of measurement.

Today, they were going to a restaurant that focused on Chongqing School of Sichuan Cuisine. This restaurant had been established for about 50 years in Chengdu and was an old restaurant. The chef was surnamed Zhao, a fatty with a kind look.

Probably nine out of ten chefs would be fat. It was not weird that this Chef Zhao was also a fatty. Even Zhou Shijie used to be fat. He had only slimmed down when he grew older.

Since the restaurant today was the last, the people there already knew the appraisal team would be visiting today. They had made all their preparations in advance.

"Welcome, everyone. Tea has been served inside," said the waitress who was slender, tall, and pretty. She led the way with a smile on her face.

And when they reached their seats, the thoughtful waitresses came up and handed them warm towels to wipe their hands with. Snacks and tea were already arranged on the table. The snacks were served on delicate tiny plates, and in small servings. The snacks would serve to stimulate their appetite yet wouldn't cause them to be full before eating the main course.

"Thank you," Yu Chu nodded and thanked as he handed the towel back. Then, he opened his briefcase.

In the briefcase was a thick notebook and several black pens.

Yu Chu took the notebook out, flipped it open, and started writing on it.

That's right. Each time Yu Chu ate something, he would personally record the data so he could subsequently insert them into his computer when he returned.

"Little Yu, what are you writing?" Hu Yue asked curiously.

"I'm writing up on the decorations at the restaurant entrance and the conflicts between the flavors of the snacks," Yu Chu replied briefly.

"Haha, Little Yu sure is serious," Hu Yue nodded in satisfaction.

"A young man should always be serious and humble. That will give one a good mindset in learning which will help in self-improvement," said Zhang Yan in satisfaction as well.

Naturally, Zhang Yan was of the impression that Yu Chu was here to learn. But Zhou Shijie and Lee Yanyi knew that nothing good would be written in that notebook. Thus, they kept their mouths shut.

Something bad is coming!