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936 Free Late-Night Snack

 While Yuan Zhou was busy the entire evening in his restaurant, Zhou Shijie started sighing.

"If I had known earlier, I would have gone to Little Yuan's place last. The grades for the restaurant today will definitely be low," Zhou Shijie muttered regretfully as he lounged on the sofa.

"I hope the grades won't be too low. Zhi Yuan is still quite decent. However, presently, I feel like eating something with a heavier taste," Zhou Shijie muttered as he pursed his lips.

When Zhou Shijie thought of Yuan Zhou, he immediately recalled the satisfying spiciness yesterday. The thought of that stimulate him to the point he started salivating again.

Also sharing a similar concern with Zhou Shijie was Zhang Yan. He was after all the chairman of the Sichuan Cuisine Association. Even if only one restaurant could be the exemplary restaurant, he still hoped that the number of great Sichuan Cuisine chefs to grow.

That would allow the Sichuan Cuisine as a whole to keep growing as well.

"That kid is truly an odd case. He's even better than Zhou Shijie of the past," Zhang Yan grumbled to his wife while making a Spicy Boiled Fish.

That's right. Tonight, Zhang Yan had specifically made some spicy food for dinner as well. He was even cooking personally.

One ought to know that Zhang Yan would rarely cook at home. Most of the time, his wife would be cooking. Today, he had personally cooked the Spicy Boiled Fish.

At dinnertime, Wu Hai arrived at the restaurant sharp on time. He was about to ask for more mulberry jam from Yuan Zhou, but the moment he saw the jams in the restaurant that were prepared for the other frequent customers, he shifted his focus.

Unsurprisingly, Wu Hai started trying to snatch Ling Hong's jam, and in a completely shameless manner, he also started trying to swindle Tang Xi's jam from her as well.

He had even forgotten to take credit for his contribution. And thus, he had neglected to mention what happened when he went on the eating trip.

As for Yuan Zhou, he never intended to ask about it. After all, he was very confident in his own skills. Thus, he stood to the side and watched the show.

Wu Hai used the "monkey fishing the moon" move as he tried snatching the jam Ling Hong was hugging. Ling Hong immediately turned and faced Wu Hai with his back and dodged Wu Hai's hand.

"Um. Wu Hai is still as nimble as ever. But Ling Hong's advantage is his longer legs," Yuan Zhou commentated within his heart.

That's right. Ling Hong was seven centimeters taller than Wu Hai, and on top of that, Ling Hong was one who wore leather shoes all the time while Wu Hai would be wearing sandals all the time.

Thus, Wu Hai kept insisting that Ling Hong was only higher because there were heels in his leather shoes.

After the dinner time ended, the war between the two extended into a war for liquor. Yuan Zhou no longer watched this war and started making some instant noodles.

After he was done with the noodles, he did not eat them immediately. Late-night snacks were something that would taste better when eaten alone late at night. It was still too early for that.

It was worth noting that the system's request for him to read books had helped him build a good habit of reading.

Every day, Yuan Zhou would spend about half an hour to an hour for reading and absorbing new knowledge.

"I'm a prince charming that possessed both brains and elegance. The only thing I lack now is a girlfriend," Yuan Zhou muttered to himself earnestly with a book in his hand.

"Father, mother, you have to quickly bless me with a girlfriend," Yuan Zhou said seriously.

This was a wish that he had made before the end of last year.

After he was done thinking silly thoughts, Yuan Zhou started focusing on reading.

His reading continued until the pub was closed. Only when Shen Min was done closing up and was about to leave did he set his book down.

"Boss Yuan, I'm going home," Shen Min said at the door.

"Travel safe," Yuan Zhou walked to the door and watched as Shen Min left.

"See you tomorrow," Shen Min said and trotted towards the station. The last bus was arriving soon.

As usual, not long after Shen Min reached the station, the last bus arrived. After Shen Min got on the bus, Yuan Zhou prepared to get back into the restaurant.

"Mr Wei?" Yuan Zhou paused mid-turn and called out with a calm tone.

That's right. Mr. Wei was standing in the shadows on the other side of the street that was opposite where Shen Min was earlier. Otherwise, Yuan Zhou would not have noticed him when turning.

"Good evening, Boss Yuan," Mr. Wei walked out the shadows and nodded.

When Mr. Wei walked out the shade, Yuan Zhou stealthily heaved a sigh of relief. He would not admit that he had been given a fright earlier. Calmly, he spoke, "You didn't drink today, Mr. Wei?"

Yuan Zhou remembered that Mr. Wei was not among his pub customers today.

Mr. Wei's daughter had some problems with her leg. As such, he would occasionally bring her daughter here to drink. But recently, he had been coming alone.

"Um, nope," Mr. Wei said.

"Why are you not home yet? Are you passing by?" Yuan Zhou asked.

"I did not manage to get the draw for the liquor today. So after work, I was aimlessly strolling around until I reached here. When I saw your door still open, I stopped to take a look," Mr. Wei looked like he was explaining himself, but then again, Yuan Zhou did not intend to question him at all.

For a moment, the two stood there on the street lit by the red lanterns. Mr. Wei was somewhat pale, it was unknown what had happened to him today.

"I'm going to cook some instant noodles but I won't be able to finish it alone. Do you want to join me?" Yuan Zhou offered.

"Sure. Thank you in advance," Mr. Wei blanked out slightly before nodding.

"Come on in," Yuan Zhou invited.

There was still a slight breeze outside. Although it was not too cold, it was still quite uncomfortable standing outside. The moment they entered the restaurant, they warmed up.

"Take a seat," Yuan Zhou said and walked into the kitchen.

Mr. Wei sat in the middle of the long table and watched on as Yuan Zhou started cooking.

"You made these noodles yourself?" Mr. Wei asked.

"Yeah. I made some when I had the urge to eat some instant noodles," Yuan Zhou nodded and took out two pieces of instant noodles and tossed them into the pot.

"They look the same as the instant noodles sold at the store," Mr. Wei commented.

"I made them with the same method," Yuan Zhou nodded.

Mr. Wei nodded and watched on as Yuan Zhou started loosening up the noodles with a pair of chopsticks.

Blurp. Blurp. The water boiled and the smell unique to instant noodles started spreading around the room.

"It smells good," Mr. Wei said.

Yuan Zhou nodded. Then, he nimbly tossed some clean vegetables into the pot.

With the intrusion of the vegetables, the boiling was reduced, but the water still boiled the noodles, causing them to roll about in the water. The vegetables immediately turned greenish-blue while the white stems turned transparent after being cooked.

At this moment, Mr. Wei spoke.

"I was working overtime today. After work, I was tired and Wei Wei should have fallen asleep. So I decided to take a stroll," Mr. Wei said.

"Um," Yuan Zhou nodded. Mr. Wei had a subtle relationship with her daughter.

"Without noticing it, I arrived here. And after I arrived, I didn't feel like leaving. So I stood there for a bit," Mr. Wei said.

Mr. Wei was talking about him standing in the shadows earlier.

"Um," Yuan Zhou nodded, indicating that he was listening on.

"It is a surprise that I would get to eat Boss Yuan's late-night snack," Mr. Wei said.

"Don't tell Wu Hai," Yuan Zhou suddenly said.

"True. If he found out I ate your late night snack, he would go crazy," Mr. Wei said, and for the first time tonight, he smiled. Evidently, he had recalled Wu Hai's usual behavior.

Thud. The sound of a bowl being placed on the table.

"Done," Yuan Zhou said as he served an ordinary-looking white bowl to the table.