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935 An Essential Factor For A Good Chef

 "Advisor Wu Hai, what is your opinion about Zhi Yuan?" the sous-chef from Chengdu Cuisine asked persistently.

"I have no opinions. Anyway, none of the dishes are as delicious as those served by Boss Yuan," Wu Hai shrugged and then gave his own opinions, "I'm not targeting this restaurant. I'm actually telling the truth."

"Say some merits, not the defects," With a frown, Zhang Yan stroked his beard and said.

"Merits? Beautiful surroundings and nice buildings as well as a reasonable layout," said Wu Hai earnestly.

"I'm telling you to say the merits of the dishes, not the buildings nor the surroundings." Zhang Yan was completely speechless. There really was a generation gap between them.

Wu Hai hadn't said anything when he was interrupted by Zhou Shijie.

"Ahem ahem. Now that everybody has given your opinions, we can give our score now," Zhou Shijie covered his mouth with his hand and coughed gently, saying that.

Zhou Shijie feared that it would be way too unfair for Zhi Yuan if he let the situation continue. After all, it was much too unfair to make comparisons between Zhi Yuan and Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"Just give scores as per the normal way. Please get started, everybody." Before they began to score, Zhou Shijie looked at Wu Hai and the sous-chef from Chengdu Cuisine with concern and emphasized again.

After they finished scoring and handed the scores to the production team, Zhou Shijie let out a sigh of relief.

"The person recommended by Little Yuan is as strange as him." Zhou Shijie looked at Wu Hai and sighed inwardly.

"How lucky that the experienced Chairman Zhou is here, otherwise the filming will definitely fail." The crew cut guy called another person to turn off the video camera and felt fortunate.

He had reason to feel lucky. The sous-chef from Chengdu Cuisine tried desperately to find fault with this restaurant while Wu Hai always said something surprising. The crew cut guy felt the filming today was more laborious compared to several days ago. After all, he was really worried about the filming getting suspended.

"Good. Everything went smoothly." The crew cut guy let out a sigh of relief.

"I'm leaving now. Bye." Wu Hai walked to the door hurriedly and found he hadn't said goodbye to the judges; therefore, he turned around and bid them farewell earnestly before opening the door and left.

"This young man is fairly interesting," said Hu Yue smilingly. He was the chief editor of a magazine. Therefore, he was constantly in contact with various authors and could accept such a strange person like Wu Hai.

"A painting genius is alike to other geniuses. And they are all different from us," said Lee Yanyi.

Zhang Yan shook his head vaguely, "Geniuses are not good at communicating with others?"

"If he isn't a genius, how could he be a well-known young artist? After all, he is so young," Lee Yanyi said intentionally, "People tend to have a high tolerance for geniuses."

"Haha. It's good for young people to have talents." Zhou Shijie tried to smooth things over with a smile, but Zhang Yan looked more dissatisfied.

The several people spoke casually, but had a common view in their hearts. It was better to arrange the other advisor of Yuan Zhou's restaurant on the final day.

While Wu Hai was still hurrying back hurriedly, lunchtime at Yuan Zhou's restaurant had ended. Once in a blue moon, Yuan Zhou wasn't in the restaurant, either.

"He's not sculpting at the door?" Wu Hai looked at the closed door and Broth outside before revealing a puzzled look.

"Broth, where has your boss gone?" Wu Hai approached it, crouched down, and said to Broth.

"Wooo..." Broth turned it's head impatiently and didn't want to face Wu Hai.

"Broth, use your paw and tell me which direction your boss has gone." Wu Hai touched Broth's head and forced it to turn its head around to look at himself.

"Anyhow, I gave you so much food last time. Tell me now." Wu Hai continued bothering Broth when he found it didn't take notice of him.

"Wooo. Aooo." Broth pressed Wu Hai's hand down with its paw and stood up and then left.

"Broth, you are really so heartless. I won't bring any food for you next time," Wu Hai stood up and said that while pointing at Broth's behind.

On hearing that, Broth turned its head and took a look at Wu Hai. From its eyes, Wu Hai seemed to find deep contempt.

"I will absolutely not bring anything delicious for you next time," Wu Hai said affirmatively.

Broth straightforwardly turned its head to Wu Hai but took no notice of him, as if to say, "You bring food just in order to get the rations that Yuan Zhou makes for me. You never bring anything especially for me."

"Forget it. Let me go back and lie down to rest. I can talk about that in the evening." Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and straightforwardly went upstairs.

Having been reminded with concern, Yuan Zhou was pulling his small cart and giving out his mulberry jam everywhere.

Yuan Zhou's first stop was the granny's home. When he arrived, the granny was kneading the dough. Presumably, she was preparing for the breakfast to be sold the following day.

"Granny, this is the jam I just made. Please try the taste." Yuan Zhou took out four bottles of the jam and handed them to her.

"Thank you so much, but I am not good at cooking. So how can I be qualified to try its taste for you?" The granny wiped her hands with her apron and still didn't reach out her hands to get them.

"The Tangyuan made by you is quite delicious. And the jam is specifically made by me for the elderly. However, I don't have an older family member to try the taste for me," Yuan Zhou held the bottles and said primly.

"Okay. Let me try the taste for you." The old granny nodded her head and received the bottle carefully and earnestly.

"Thank you so much. The jam has little sugar and the shelf life is short. Just help to taste it," said Yuan Zhou.

"You are welcome." The granny smiled happily. She put down the bottles and waved his hand repeatedly before giving a response.

"I'm leaving now. Bye, granny." Yuan Zhou nodded his head and said goodbye.

The granny walked out of the door in two steps. And only after Yuan Zhou walked far did she returned to her house.

"Boss Yuan is so considerate." The granny stroked the jam bottles and couldn't help smiling.

After that, Yuan Zhou went to Huang Ling and her younger brother's home. He used the same reason of trying the taste to let them accept the jam. The younger brother Huang Li, who had been worshiping Yuan Zhou, even thumped his own chest and guaranteed that he would write a comment no less than 3000 Chinese characters.

At the sight of his serious expression, Yuan Zhou couldn't help reminding him that he needn't write so much.

Yuan Zhou also went to Mu Xiaoyun's home and the place where Grandpa Jia usually parked his tricycle to send the jam. This place had already been set, otherwise, he wouldn't be able to find Grandpa Jia at all.

Of course, nobody could find him. After all, Grandpa Jia was always here today and gone tomorrow.

Apart from them, Yuan Zhou didn't forget Director Wu from the street administration office, either. He also sent some jam to her.

Even the grandpa's home, Yuan Zhou sent him two bottles of jam with less sugar.

During the process of giving out the mulberry jam, Yuan Zhou walked around the surrounding areas of Taoxi Road again and conveniently sighed with emotion at the rapid development in the recent one year.

When he met the expressman who often delivered packages for him, Yuan Zhou didn't forget to gift him a bottle of jam, either.

Yuan Zhou made many many bottles of the jam. He received all the mulberries when that old man carried more to him the other day.

It was no exaggeration to say that almost everybody who was familiar with Yuan Zhou received the jam.

For those who were more familiar with him, Yuan Zhou prepared to put the jam in his restaurant for them to take whenever they wanted. Of course, he only needed to be cautious of Wu Hai.

After all, Wu Hai had no moral integrity at all. Leaving others aside, he would absolutely grab Ling Hong's food.

Yuan Zhou spent a whole afternoon on giving out the jam. When he returned to the restaurant, it was almost time to prepare the ingredients for dinner.

"I want to eat the instant noodles now," said Yuan Zhou suddenly when he prepared the ingredients.

"Let me make some instant noodles by myself and keep some to use." Yuan Zhou decided to make the noodles personally very soon.

A good chef must have capabilities to pamper his own stomach, including making instant noodles by himself.