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933 Zhi Yuan Palace Cuisine

 Just as Ling Hong ridiculed Wu Hai and Yuan Zhou's taste, Wu Hai answered the phone.

"Hi, who's that?" Wu Hai said.

"Hi, this is the contact person of the Appraisal of Sichuan Cuisine Restaurants. We hereby invite you to take part in the appraisal of the restaurants half an hour later. Do you have time?" There came a clear and melodious female voice from the other end of the phone.

"Yes, I do." Wu Hai stroked his own mustaches and answered primly.

"Thank you for your cooperation. Please wait at the street corner of Taoxi Road twenty minutes later. You'll be picked up by a car to enter the restaurant and take part in the appraisal," the girl said courteously and gently.

"Okay," said Wu Hai.

"The car number has been sent to your phone. Please confirm it," the girl continued saying.

"Got it." While they were talking on the phone, Wu Hai's phone received a message. Wu Hai looked at it and answered immediately.

Then, the girl said goodbye on the phone and Wu Hai hung up the phone politely.

"Who was it?" Ling Hong asked curiously.

Buyers of Wu Hai's paintings usually talked with Zheng Jiawei rather than Wu Hai himself. And Ling Hong had never found that Wu Hai had friends. Most importantly, Wu Hai rarely answered others so primly.

"It's my turn to appear in the end," Wu Hai said inexplicably.

"What the hell?" Ling Hong didn't react for an instant.

"Just help yourself. I'm going to eat a meal." Wu Hai took up a suit and went out smartly.

Of course, he didn't forget to shut the door when he went out.

The loud sound of "Peng" woke Ling Hong up with a start.

"This damn artist just leaves me here alone in his art studio?" Ling Hong stayed put speechlessly in shock.

But the truth was indeed so. The slightly trembling door told him it was the truth. Wu Hai had gone and he was the only person left in this spacious art studio.

"Sh*t. Is it really necessary to be so active just to eat something?" Ling Hong said while leaving.

On the other side, Wu Hai had walked to the street corner of Taoxi Road and prepared to be picked up.

The car arrived very soon. Just in a little while, Wu Hai saw the car that came to pick him up. It was a black SUV and behind it was a Jinbei automobile, which presumably came for a follow shot.

"Hello, are you Mr. Wu, Wu Hai?" The butch-haircut assistant got off the Jinbei automobile and asked courteously.

"Yeah, that I am." Wu Hai nodded his head.

"This way, please." After the assistant confirmed Wu Hai was the right person, he pulled open the door of the backseat of the black SUV.

"Chairman Zhou, this is the person selected by Master Chef Restaurant today, Mr. Wu Hai." The assistant introduced.

"Um, I see. Come on in." Seated in the passenger seat, Zhou Shijie nodded his head and then said when he heard the introduction.

The assistant immediately turned around and made a gesture of "Please."

"Hi, everybody." Wu Hai greeted them politely and then got on the car.

At that time, there was only one seat left in the car. It was beside the other advisor. Wu Hai took that seat consciously.

Rarely had people seen Wu Hai behave so obedient and not picky. Zheng Jiawei would probably be tearful if he saw this scene. Anyway, he had never seen Wu Hai so easy-going.

However, that was all about it. As soon as Wu Hai got on the car, he sat there wordlessly and totally ignored the people inside, losing himself in his own world.

Luckily, the others didn't feel embarrassed, as after all, the other four people were the principal judges. The only one that felt embarrassed was the other advisor from another restaurant who was seated beside Wu Hai. And he happened to be the sous-chef of Chengdu Cuisine.

He looked at the principle judges in the front and felt that there was no opportunity for him to join in. Then, he looked at the person next to him in hopes of making a self-introduction. However, Wu Hai didn't react to him at all.

"Who the hell is this guy? Why is he as strange as the Master Chef Restaurant?" The sous-chef from Chengdu Cuisine couldn't help muttering inwardly.

Fortunately, the car didn't go too long before they arrived at the destination today, Zhi Yuan Palace Cuisine.

This Zhi Yuan Palace Cuisine was well-known for its peach blossoms. In this season, the peach blossoms had nearly all fallen, but as soon as they entered it, they nevertheless found the peach blossoms inside were in full bloom.

Zhi Yuan was a garden in the form of the western Sichuan style. The facilities were quite exquisite. There were pavilions, terraces and open halls as well as a long scarlet winding corridor. Along the corridor, there were low-slung peach blossoms at both sides, which had beautiful pink-white petals.

With the beautiful environment, it wasn't like a place for having meals, but instead, for enjoying the scenery. The whole yard was magnificent.

"Hi, there. May I ask if you have a reservation?" Two women, who were dressed in lily-blush cheongsams and had their hair tied up, walked out of the peach blossoms and asked with a clear and melodious voice.

"We are the guests of Mr. Liu. We spoke to him that we would come to have a meal here within these few days." Zhou Shijie took a step forward and answered.

"Mr. Liu, right? Follow us, please." A slightly matured woman answered and then turned around to lead the way.

That's right. Palace Cuisine had to be reserved in advance before they could get their turn, which was different from Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"Too many procedures." Wu Hai muttered at the end of the line.

"I also think so. Our Chengdu Cuisine is better in this regard. We have both the VIP area that requires reservation and the main hall that doesn't. It's more convenient." Although Wu Hai had spoken softly and others might not have heard it, the sous-chef from Chengdu Cuisine nevertheless heard him clearly and replied with that sentence.

"Our Master Chef Restaurant doesn't require any reservation at all and you can still eat there," Wu Hai stroked his own mustaches and said complacently.

"Your restaurant is more intimate to the people. Yes, more intimate." The sous-chef from Chengdu Cuisine almost bought out such words as "How do people make a reservation in a restaurant no more than 20 square meters?"

The sous-chef from Chengdu Cuisine actually wasn't fawning on Yuan Zhou by saying that, but because they had a history with this Zhi Yuan.

One served innovative Sichuan Cuisine while the other served traditional Palace Cuisine. Both of the two restaurants were quite famous. Therefore, how could they be in harmony with each other?

He was trying to form an alliance with Wu Hai so that they could comment Zhi Yuan as being good for nothing shortly. Anyway, he came to find fault with this restaurant today.

While they were talking, the receivers had taken them to the main hall through the winding corridor full of peach blossoms.

There were more people in the main hall. What appeared in their sight were many graceful and charming waitresses dressed in cheongsams and the private rooms that were half-opened along two sides.

The private rooms were all located around the main hall. In this way, they could see the beautiful peach blossoms from the inside of the room. The side facing the main hall was half-opened for the convenience of serving dishes.

"These are the guests invited by Mr. Liu. Lead them to the Zhi-marked private room," the receiver who led the way said to the waitress who came up to welcome them.

"All right. Hi, this way, please," the waitress who came up to them was also dressed in a cheongsam and high-heeled shoes. She leaned to one side and said.

"Seated in Zhi-marked private room, you can enjoy the most beautiful scenery of peach blossoms. If there is a breeze, you can even enjoy the beautiful scenery of falling petals lying in profusion. I hope you enjoy the meal here," the receiver who led the way said with a gentle smile.

Zhou Shijie nodded his head slightly and didn't say anything.

On the other side, the sous-chef from Chengdu Cuisine especially said to Wu Hai, "We are here to have a meal rather than enjoy the flowers, right?"

"Um." Wu Hai nodded his head.

While they followed the waitress into the Zhi-marked private room, somebody had already notified Head Chef Liu of Zhi Yuan that the appraisal team had arrived.

Therefore, the tea water and snacks before the meal had already been prepared as soon as they arrived at the private room.

"It turns out that only that Master Chef Restaurant is abnormal. Everybody but him knows to prepare some snacks before a meal," Hu Yue suddenly said when he saw the exquisite tea and snacks.