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932 Zhao Xins Suggestion

 The moment Yuan Zhou spoke those words, the others were rendered speechless.

After a while, Lee Yanyi, who was a frequent customer here, spoke, "Fine. I know you are even more rigid than me. Go and continue cooking."

Lee Yanyi waved his hand with a look that showed he did not want to see Yuan Zhou in front of him anymore.

"Hehe, this kid is too rigid. But his skills are truly something you can't criticize," Zhou Shijie said with a smile.

"Since we are done eating, should we go now?" Hu Yue suggested as he stood up. He decided to leave before he felt even hungrier when he saw the customers around them enjoying the food.

"Yeah, let's go. I am not full at all," Ma Cheng muttered and stood up as well.

"Let's go then," Zhou Shijie stood up.

"Hmph. As a young man, he does not know how to respect the old," Zhang Yan muttered and stood up.

As for Lee Yanyi, he said nothing and leisurely walked out of the restaurant.

Zhao Xin was the last to leave and he had the most complicated feelings among them.

When he first met Yuan Zhou, Yuan Zhou was still an odd-job worker at a three-star hotel. At that time, Zhao Xin was already a sous-chef. But not long had passed before Yuan Zhou had transformed into Chef Yuan while he was still a disciple learning from others.

Yuan Zhou had transformed into a chef that was at a similar level as his master, or even better. Suddenly, Yuan Zhou was a rank above him.

"Fate works in such a weird way," Zhao Xin gave the restaurant a final glance before walking away.

Towards the end, Zhao Xin did not think that he would come here again in the future. Perhaps he would only come again when he felt that he was already a better chef than Yuan Zhou.

But from their current situations, it was unknown when that day would arrive.

A visible gap would serve as a motivation for one to progress, while a gap that was not visible would cause one to stand still without advancing. The present Zhao Xin was in that situation.

Zhao Xin had been holding in a certain thought all along and had never voiced it.

After the appraisal team and the filming crew left, the customers in the restaurant started discussing.

"There won't be any problems for Boss Yuan, right?" asked a new customer. She was the owner of the accessory store next door that had started frequenting this restaurant recently.

"I think so," Jiang Changxi nodded.

"From the looks of it, the judges seem satisfied," said a guy wearing sunglasses. It was worth noting that the sunglasses this guy wore were, in fact, a prescription sunglasses. After all, he was shortsighted.

"Looks like the Sichuan Cuisine exemplary restaurant will be our restaurant," said a different customer.

"Definitely. Am I right, Boss Yuan?" asked Wu Hai.

"Of course. No one can compare with Master Yuan's skills," said Master Cheng with a nod.

The customers all looked at Yuan Zhou, even the customers queuing outside stretched their necks up in anticipation.

"We will know when the result is released," Yuan Zhou said, completely unperturbed.

And after receiving a satisfactory answer, the customers resumed what they were doing, eating or lining up.

"How is it, system? The mission is completed, right?" Yuan Zhou asked inwardly after turning around.

The system displayed, "The mission result will be known after the competition result is released."

"So I won't be able to know the result earlier?" Yuan Zhou asked.

The system displayed, "Yes."

"Fine," Yuan Zhou did not press on. He was still confident with himself.

Meanwhile, the appraisal team had just arrived at their meeting room and were discussing Yuan Zhou's dishes.

"Now, it is time to voice your opinions," Zhou Shijie said.

"Chairman, you are still giving him full marks?" Hu Yue asked.

"You will know when the time comes," Zhou Shijie kept them guessing instead of giving a direct answer like how he was when they were outside the restaurant earlier.

"In any case, I won't be giving him full marks. It's not like I'm deducting any marks because of the plate presentation or the taste, rather, it's because I'm not full," Hu Yue said.

"That's right. How is a dish that can't feed someone until one is full be worthy of full marks?" Zhang Yan remarked righteously.

"Why not blame your insatiable appetite instead?" Lee Yanyi sneered.

"Regardless of our appetite, we didn't move as fast as you," Zhang Yan said.

"Don't blame me if you are too old to move quickly anymore," Lee Yanyi countered.

"I can't be bothered arguing with you. The two advisors, what do you think?" Zhang Yan turned and asked Ma Cheng and Zhao Xin.

Zhang Yan was unwilling to bicker with Lee Yanyi. After all, Lee Yanyi was a person who made his living with words.

"There is nothing I can criticize about the taste. Boss Yuan is worthy of his fame," Ma Cheng gave an honest opinion.

"The dishes are delicious," Zhao Xin gave a simple narration.

"It's like you have said nothing," Zhang Yan complained.

"Ok. Since nobody has anything much to say, time to grade him. After you write it down, pass it to the producers directly," Zhou Shijie said.

Zhao Xin finally voiced the words he had been holding back for a long time, "In truth, if we weren't full, we could have ordered more food at the restaurant. There won't be any problems ordering as customers."

The moment these words were spoken, everyone was stunned, including Lee Yanyi, the one with a poisonous mouth. Those words were too well spoken.

They finished grading quickly, and after grading, the program for the day ended.

The moment the camera was turned off, the cameraman couldn't hold himself back anymore.

"I'm so tired today. Brother Liang, are you treating us to a meal? If not, I'll go grab some food now. I'm starving," complained the cameraman while holding his stomach.

"Yeah. Brother Liang, today is a miserable day. We have to watch on with nothing to eat," said the girl in charge of audio as she pushed her glasses up with a bitter look on her face.

As for the young assistant, although he did not say much, he was also looking at Brother Liang, the crew-cut guy, expectantly.

"Let alone you guys, I nearly starved myself to death today as well. Put the stuff away and leave immediately. We'll go eat some noodles," said the crew-cut guy as he waved his hand while rushing out the meeting room.

"Nice," the others cheered and quickly put their stuff away.

This time, they worked much faster than their usual speed. This was for the sake of getting to eat earlier. Otherwise, their stomachs would start rumbling ceaselessly as they were too hungry.

Ma Cheng and Zhao Xin who were the last to leave suddenly rejoiced at the fact that they had still gotten to eat something after all. Or else, they would be even hungrier.

As chefs, they knew more about a dish and how delicious a dish was. If they could only see and not eat, they would be torturing themselves to death when their brains started imagining the taste.

The appraisal of Yuan Zhou's restaurant had ended. Although the result had yet to be released, the customers had full confidence in Yuan Zhou. And since the appraisal had ended, everyone shifted their attention to Wu Hai and Yu Chu.

"By the way, the competition has started several days. When will it be your turn to become advisors?" Ling Hong asked Wu Hai.

"The important person will usually appear at the end," Wu Hai said while stroking his mustache.

"It's already the sixth day. If your turn still doesn't come, instead of being the important person, you will probably be the dismissed person," said Ling Hong as he laughed.

"Ding Ling Ling, Ding Ling Ling" A ringtone rang before Wu Hai could say anything.

"What's that? Boss Yuan's phone?" Ling Hong looked at Wu Hai before scanning the room as he asked.

One ought to know that presently, Ling Hong was within Wu Hai's studio. Why would Yuan Zhou's ringtone be heard here?

"It's my phone. I like this ringtone as it's very loud," Wu Hai said with a deadpan face while taking his phone out.

"You have a trash taste," Ling Hong judged.