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923 Investigating The Enemy

 After the greeting, the atmosphere between Zhou Shijie and Zhang Yan cooled down. After all, they could not embarrass themselves in front of outsiders.

"Fellow teachers, sorry. We're late," said the leader of the filming crew. That was the crew-cut guy that had been flirting with Little Guo earlier. He smoothed his hair in an awkward manner while he spoke.

"Don't worry. The timing is just right," Chief Editor Hu Yue gave them a way out of the awkwardness.

"Since everyone is here, we can start," Zhou Shijie said.

"Has the filming started?" Lee Yanyi asked.

"Just start. We still need to go get the two advisors, right?" Zhang Yan said impatiently.

"Yes. Teachers, we will start filming soon. And when the filming starts, you can start discussing about the restaurant we are visiting today, and which two advisors to bring along," said the crew-cut guy after the masters all had their say.

"Sure. Start," Zhou Shijie said.

"Ok. Fellow teachers, we are going to start recording now," said the crew-cut guy as he nodded repeatedly. Then, he waved at the crew members behind him to enter with the recording equipment.

Swoosh. Swish. In about three minutes, they were done setting up the cameras. With their speed, it was obvious they were professionals.

When Zhou Shijie saw them done, he cleared his throat and spoke, "Since we are all here, let us discuss on which restaurant to visit today."

"I think we can go to the Chengdu Cuisine Restaurant. As a leading figure among the young in the cooking industry, it is fitting for us to visit the chef there first," said Zhang Yan, emphasizing on the 'leading figure' part.

"It is still premature to call him a leading figure. But sure, it's fine to go visit him first," Lee Yanyi countered.

"That's right. But since Comrade Zhang Yan is so confident in that restaurant, we shall visit it. Chief Editor Hu, what do you think?" asked Zhou Shijie with the same kind and warm smile on his face.

"I don't mind. I heard the head chef of Chengdu Cuisine Restaurant is a very creative young man," said Hu Yue with a nod.

"So a 36 years old man is also a young man?" Lee Yanyi remarked in a straightforward manner.

"In comparison to us," Hu Yue joked.

"We have someone younger," Lee Yanyi said.

They only exchanged some mild blows and did not speak too much.

"Since the restaurant has been decided, we have to decide on the advisors now. Do you have a suggestion, Mr Lee?" asked Zhou Shijie politely.

"Shu Restaurant is good in traditional Sichuan Cuisine, and the sous-chef from Palace Cuisine is not bad as well," Lee Yanyi recommended two people without bothering to hold back.

The people he suggested were those focused on traditional Sichuan Cuisine. In his opinion, since they were trying to innovate Sichuan Cuisine, they had to first conquer those of the traditional Sichuan Cuisine to validate their innovation.

After all, Lee Yanyi was known as Popular Mouth Lee.

"I agree," Zhou Shijie nodded.

"No problem," Zhang Yan agreed. It was rare to see him coming to an agreement with Zhou Shijie. He had a simple reason for agreeing.

He wanted to show those of the traditional Sichuan Cuisine what innovation was. A cuisine would always require innovation. And to promote a cuisine, a surprising innovation was the best promotion.

After everyone agreed, Zhou Shijie told everyone to set off.

Whoosh. The three stood up, and next, Zhou Shijie also followed them out of the room.

The four got on a large seven-seater SUV, and as for the two empty seats, those were reserved for the two advisors from the different restaurants.

The vehicle was prepared by the organizers as well. Within the vehicle, cameras were set up. As for the crew-cut guy and the others, they took a different vehicle that followed behind. Of course, they did not forget to send some footage to the office so the others could work on them before posting them on the official website later.

That's right. In a way, this event would be similar to a live stream. With slight editing, the footage would be posted, and they would only be about an hour behind real time.

As mentioned previously, most restaurants sent their disciples or sous-chef as the advisors. It was quite a responsibility as if they could pick out some mistakes from the competing restaurants, they would be able to eliminate some opponents for their respective restaurants.

They would be able to reach the restaurant to have a late lunch, and by the time they arrived, the footage would have been uploaded on the official website.

At present, it was lunchtime at Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"It's out. It's out," Tang Xi blanked out slightly before she brandished her phone and said in excitement.

"What's out?" Master Cheng asked.

"The video is out?" Wu Hai asked. It was rare to see him reply so quickly.

"Yes, the video of that competition. I knew something will happen today. The closing date for the preparation process was yesterday. See, the video is out today," Tang Xi said smugly with her phone raised high.

That's right. Through Wu Hai, everyone knew what was happening. After all, although Wu Hai was not one to gossip, he was definitely one to show off.

Since he could help Yuan Zhou with something, he naturally had to brag about it. And through his bragging, everyone else found out.

Thus, with Tang Xi's shout, the other customers came over and surrounded her to watch the video.

"Where are they going today?" Wu Hai glanced at Yu Chu and Yu Chu asked.

"From the discussion in the video, they are going to for the Chengdu Cuisine Restaurant?" Tang Xi said while watching the video.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! A loud sound of someone eating rang out. Everyone turned to find that it was Wu Hai eating, or to be precise, Wu Hai pouring the food into his mouth. This was quite a top-tier method of eating.

At high speed, Wu Hai poured the food into his mouth and quickly finished everything before him.

"Let's go," Wu Hai said as he pulled Yu Chu away after eating. He would rarely not brag after showcasing his prowess in eating like that.

It was worth nothing that since yesterday, Wu Hai stopped walking around in his sleeping clothes. He was wearing normal clothes, a long-sleeved T-shirt and a pair of casual pants.

Yu Chu played along and followed Wu Hai out. Of course, he had also cleared all the food on his table before that.

"What's going on with Wu Hai?" Tang Xi asked blankly.

"He's probably going over to join in on the fun," Ling Hong said.

"Oh, yes, that's very probable," Tang Xi agreed after thinking about it.

"Let's watch the video. Who are the judges and when will they come to our place," Jiang Changxi was more interested in the video.

Hearing this, even Yuan Zhou could not resist turning and looking at the video.

Yuan Zhou expressed that he was only curious about the judges. After all, he only knew that Zhou Shijie would be one of them.

The people in the restaurant were busy watching the video while Wu Hai left quickly with Yu Chu in tow.

"Your car is here, right?" Wu Hai asked.

"Yes, let's go," Yu Chu nodded.

That's right. The two had agreed beforehand that they would go join in on the fun the moment the competition started. Of course, Wu Hai called it "investigating the enemy".

As for Yu Chu, his intention was naturally to gather information.

Ta. Ta. Ta. The two walked quickly into the parking lot. Then, they drove off in the direction of the Chengdu Cuisine Restaurant.

Unfortunately, the video was a delayed video. By the time the two reached, nobody was left. Let alone the judges, there weren't even many customers around.

They were already done with the first restaurant.

"How is their eating speed faster than me? Are they pigs?" Wu Hai stroked his mustache and said as he looked everywhere.

Yu Chu smiled when he heard that. Wu Hai was underestimating himself as not even pigs could eat as fast as him. Looking at the restaurant, he thought of something, "I think the video is delayed by about an hour or two."

Wasn't this supposed to be a live stream? It's not good to do that.

"No way. Since we're already here, I need to go take a stroll at the kitchen and try gathering some information I can exchange for more mulberry jams," Wu Hai muttered to himself.