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921 Selection Starts

 Yuan Zhou was having trouble deciding on his representatives, but this was not a problem shared by others.

The other restaurants had their representatives decided long ago, and of them, one of the representatives from Shu Restaurant was Yuan Zhou's old acquaintance, Zhao Xin.

It was worth noting that even though Cao Zhishu found out that Zhao Xin had never learned from Yuan Zhou and had even been chased over eight streets by Master Cheng due to his offense toward Yuan Zhou, Cao Zhishu was still the one to select Zhao Xin as the representative.

In the past, the two representatives of Shu Restaurant would be the sous-chef and one of Cao Zhishu's disciples. That way, he could show that he was taking the competition seriously.

But as Cao Zhishu's disciple, one would naturally hope to have the chance to stay beside him as much as possible before the apprenticeship ended. That would allow one to learn more from the master.

Thus, the disciples of Cao Zhishu weren't particularly interested in being a representative. Therefore, after Zhao Xin tried asking around for anyone else that was interested in the position, it ultimately landed on him.

"Looks like that kid is still unwilling to give up. So he won't stop trying no matter what? Unfortunately, he does not have the skills to back him up," Cao Zhishu shook his head and remarked after seeing Zhao Xin's name on the list submitted to him.

With a single glance, Cao Zhishu was able to see the reason Zhao Xin had done that. But since he had too many disciples, he could not care about that much.

Thus, Cao Zhishu did not look too much into it and approved the names before submitting them to the organizers.

Meanwhile, the busy lunchtime had just ended at Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

Since Yu Chu was the fourth batch of customers to enter, after he finished eating, he did not need to wait long for all the other customers to leave.

Since this was lunchtime, the speed in which the customers left were faster as they still needed to rush back to work.

And after the customers left, Yuan Zhou came to Yu Chu.

There was also Ling Hong and Wu Hai lingering around. Yuan Zhou nodded as a way of greeting before speaking.

"Yu Chu, I'm looking for you because..." Yuan Zhou repeated the same words he told Wu Hai earlier.

After the explanation, Yu Chu agreed without thinking about it.

As for taking leave for work, Yu Chu replied, "I still have my annual leaves. I can take them and use the time off work to gather more information on food."

Yu Chu replied seriously while Yuan Zhou thanked him seriously. To the side, Wu Hai was smugly stroking his mustache.

As this person was recommended by him, he was feeling smug after seeing it done.

Time passed quickly. In the blink of an eye, three days passed. Today, all the preparations by the evaluation committee were completed and Yuan Zhou had also completed his preparations as well.

Early in the morning, right after Yuan Zhou, the system appeared.

The system displayed, "Sichuan Cuisine Exemplary Restaurant selection will start today. Host, please work hard to become the Exemplary Restaurant."

"Um? It's starting today?" Yuan Zhou asked doubtfully.

In truth, on the official website, only the date of the end of the preliminary selection was given. The start date was not given, and this was done to ensure they could catch the chefs off guard.

The system displayed, "Yes, host. It begins today."

"When will it be my turn?" Yuan Zhou asked curiously.

The system displayed, "No written schedule of this event had been leaked. I am incapable of calculating people's thoughts."

"So that means you don't know?" Yuan Zhou rolled his eyes.

The system displayed, "Yes."

"You don't even know that? What's the point of having you around?" Yuan Zhou berated.

The system displayed, "This system's existence is for the purpose of helping you learn both Chinese and Western Cuisines, helping you become the number one master chef in the world."

"Cough, cough. Fine, you win," Yuan Zhou raised his thumb to show his admiration.

"Forget it. If you don't know, then you don't know. In any case, my Master Chef Restaurant has no fear," Yuan Zhou said as he stared at the mirror, suddenly feeling like he looked even more handsome today.

Then, he left for a run.

Meanwhile, the organizers started their operations.

Two sets of schedules were prepared for the election process, with the participating restaurants and the evaluation committee each receiving different schedules. And thus, the evaluation committee was aware that today would be the start of the selection.

As to which restaurant to visit and which representative to bring, they would decide later after meeting up.

"Little Guo, has the camera team departed?" Director Gu asked as he opened the office door.

"Director, the camera team will depart in five minutes," Little Guo stood up, checked the schedule, and answered.

"Pack your stuff. We will be tailing them today," said Director Gu.

"Ok," Little Guo nodded and started packing.

Although Little Guo was seriously and quickly packing up, she was still curious inside. After all, during the past three competitions, although the director still took the competition seriously, he had never tailed the evaluation committee. After all, he had many other events going on at the same time.

He was a busy man and would not be able to personally handle everything. But now, he had decided to tail the evaluation committee. It was obvious he was taking this competition very seriously, sparkling Little Guo's curiosity.

"Let's go," Director Gu said after one minute of standing.

"So who will be the driver? Little Wang or me?" Little Guo asked while walking.

"Little Wang will drive. You will be taking records," Director Gu said as he walked quickly.

Little Guo nodded while still following Director Gu. She shifted the documents to her other hand and took out her phone to give Little Wang a call so as to notify him that he would be driving.

They arrived at their car just as the camera team was about to leave.

"Follow the car in front," Director Gu said before taking his seat.

"Ok, director," Little Wang nodded and drove off.

The car slowly followed behind the far in front. Then, Director Gu turned and looked at Little Guo.

"Call the camera team, I have something to say," Director Gu said.

"Ok," Little Guo took out her phone and made the call.

The moment the call connected, she passed the phone to Director Gu.

"Beauty Little Guo, how may I help you?" a rather flippant voice rang out from the other side of the phone.

When Little Guo heard that, her face flushed red from anger.

"Cough," Director Gu coughed.

"Cough, cough, Director Gu, how may I help you?" Director Gu's cough was a fake one, while the other person had truly choked on his own words.

"Someone from the marketing team of the Municipal Committee will be present today. All of you, take note," Director Gu said.

"Noted. But they will be present every time, right?" asked the person on the phone.

"They informed me that people from a different province will be present as well," Director Gu said.

"Ok, understood. I will make sure the camera-work today is perfect," said the head of the camera team. He immediately understood Director Gu's meaning.

Little Guo had also understood his meaning. It was no wonder Director Gu had personally tagged along this time. Since people from a different province was here as well, he had to take this even more seriously.

They would have to protect the glory of their province facing people from other provinces.

"Little Guo, good job inviting Lee Yanyi this time," Director Gu said after glancing over at Little Guo.

The car continued on, while Little Guo nodded but did not dare to say much. After all, she was still feeling awkward from the incident earlier.

The biggest evaluation process of the cooking industry in Sichuan thus began.