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914 The Other Yuan Zhou

 Yuan Zhou wasn't exactly a germophobe, but the food cooked by chefs were meant to be eaten. He could not be "clean enough" or "just nice" when dealing with the cleanliness of food. Therefore, even after the system's automated cleaning, he would still manually clean his kitchen.

The system did not have anything to say about this. In fact, the system approved of this behavior. Therefore, the reply Yuan Zhou gave the middle-aged man was truly what he had in mind.

But from the middle-aged man's point of view... Dirty... Dirty? Where? He must be pretending.

The middle-aged man was completely speechless.

"The staircase is somewhat narrow. Be careful when going up."

Yuan Zhou promptly said while pointing at the stairs when he saw that Carpenter Lian was on the verge of giving his disciples another lecture.

Yuan Zhou had been to Carpenter Lian's store two times. He was well aware of how fierce Carpenter Lian was when he was scolding someone. Moreover, he would even spend a lot of time on it.

More importantly, Yuan Zhou was somewhat embarrassed to be used as a positive example when others were being scolded.

"You can always do that behind my back. I honestly don't mind being used as a role model," Yuan Zhou muttered inwardly.

"Don't worry. The staircase is sloped decently. It is decently designed," said Carpenter Lian. He was knowledgeable in the aspects of carpentry and knew even about staircase designs.

The three did not take long to climb the stairs. When they reached upstairs, Yuan Zhou brought them to his room. His room was naturally as clean as ever.

"I am planning to place the cabinet under the window, right there," Yuan Zhou said as he pointed at the empty space of about 1.2 meters tall below the window.

"Are you storing books or something else in this cabinet?" Carpenter Lian asked while he surveyed the spot.

And when Carpenter Lian asked that, Yuan Zhou recalled the boxing gloves. With a mild tone, he spoke, "I'm storing some valuable items. I hope to have a cabinet I can properly preserve those items."

"How big do you need the cabinet to be?" Carpenter Lian asked.

"As big as possible. I am hoping to use it as a storage in the future," Yuan Zhou said.

"No problem. Give me the ruler," said Carpenter Lian after nodding his head. Clearly, he was preparing to take some measurements for the cabinet.

In truth, Yuan Zhou was planning to use this cabinet to store the items gifted to him by his customers. For example, the protective talisman the granny gave him. It did not seem proper to leave those gifts on the shelf. After all, those were items they had given him out of kindness.

While Carpenter Lian started measuring, Yuan Zhou watched on seriously, waiting to see if there was anything he could help.

"90 centimeters wide, note that down," said Carpenter Lian as he measured.

In truth, the way Carpenter Lian measured was quite interesting. His ruler had barely been placed when he would say the measurements already. At the speed he was doing it, a normal person wouldn't have the chance to see the measurements yet.

But since Carpenter Lian was already voicing the measurements, it was clear that he already had an estimation of the measurements just by eyeballing it. The ruler was only there to confirm that he was right.

In less than five minutes, Carpenter Lian was done.

During the five minutes, not only had he measured the size of the cabinet space and the room, he had even taken the measurements of the cupboard by the side and the bed. He was probably trying to build a cabinet at a size that would harmonize with the entire room.

"I'm done. I will deliver you the cabinet in half a month," said Carpenter Lian.

"Ok. Thank you," Yuan Zhou nodded.

"Alright. Don't bother saying any polite words. We will be leaving now," said Carpenter Lian after passing his tools over to the middle-aged man and started heading downstairs.

"Please stay for lunch," Yuan Zhou offered.

"It's fine. We still have something else to do," said Carpenter Lian with a wave of his hand.

"Alright. Remember to stay for a meal next time," Yuan Zhou offered instead.

"I will definitely grab a meal here when I deliver the cabinet," Carpenter Lian nodded.

"Travel safe," Yuan Zhou said.

"Ok. You don't have to send us off. Your customers are already waiting in line," Carpenter Lian said as he pointed at Wu Hai.

"Um, thank you," Yuan Zhou nodded and stood at the door as he watched them leave.

"Master," after some distance away, the middle-aged man called out at his master.

"In a month, make a pseudo-classical eight people table with mortise and tenon joints, the eight chairs included as well. That will be your practice," said Carpenter Lian.

"Yes, master," the middle-aged man agreed with a bitter expression. He did not dare to say anything else and nodded repeatedly.

He started regretting his words and actions earlier due to his dissatisfaction. A set of pseudo-classical eight people table with mortise and tenon joints in a month would probably cost him a sleepless month.

But he did not dare to say anything. Carpenter Lian had obviously seen through what he was doing earlier. This was his form of punishment.

"Compass, did you make something delicious earlier?" Wu Hai eyed Yuan Zhou suspiciously before looking at the two leaving carpenters.

"Huh?" Yuan Zhou could not understand Wu Hai's logic.

Why would Wu Hai automatically assume anyone walking out of the restaurant to be people who had just eaten in it?

Sniff. Sniff.

Wu Hai stepped forward and sniffed Yuan Zhou's body before speaking.

"No smell of food. Are they here for a renovation? Compass, you're renovating your place?" Wu Hai asked in astonishment.

"How did you even reach that conclusion?" Yuan Zhou could not even be bothered to explain. He was more curious about Wu Hai's thought process.

"The two are dressed in simple clothings that are durable yet dirty. One of them is holding a wooden chest. They both have rough hands, and it is clear they do heavy jobs for a living. They are also wearing sneakers that are convenient to move around with. It is obvious they are working in the renovation industry," Wu Hai explained while rubbing his mustache.

Yuan Zhou was rendered speechless by how confident Wu Hai seemed.

"They are actually carpenters. Have you been reading too many mystery novels recently?" Yuan Zhou asked.

"No way. I'm reading Gu Long's books. Recently, people are telling me I look like Lu Xiaofeng," said Wu Hai smugly.

"Hoho," Yuan Zhou turned and returned to the restaurant. He wanted to ask Wu Hai if he could, with a good conscience, claim that he truly looked like Lu Xiaofeng.

Yuan Zhou decided to leave as he was scared that if he stayed, he would have the urge to split Wu Hai's skull to see what his brain was made of.

"Do you think I look like him, Compass?" Wu Hai asked shamelessly.

Yuan Zhou thought that the topic would end if he ignored Wu Hai. Normal people would indeed stop there, but Wu Hai had continued it instead.

"He is not this shameless," Yuan Zhou said seriously.

"I am merely being honest. Whenever I eat, I am a person of honor," Wu Hai said seriously.

Not even Yuan Zhou could say anything to this. He started focusing on cleaning his kitchen and preparing for lunchtime.

"Since Compass is busy cooking, I should ask the others in the chat group instead," Wu Hai muttered as he took out his phone and started bothering others. When there were no outsiders, Wu Hai would call Yuan Zhou Compass, but when there were outsiders around, he would address him as Boss Yuan instead. In a way, he was rather respectful of Yuan Zhou.

Meanwhile, an incident happened at the opening ceremony attended by Shaquille O'Neal, causing all the reporters in Chengdu to be on a hunt for him.