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913 Not Able to Clean Up In Time

 "You're too polite. I'm merely fulfilling the agreement. We have just arrived anyway," said Carpenter Lian with a wave of his hand.

"Since when was his temper so mild? We have already arrived for about three minutes," muttered the middle-aged man behind Carpenter Lian at a voice only he could hear. He naturally would not dare let Carpenter Lian hear his mumblings.

The middle-aged man looked to be about 40 years old. He was muttering because he was truly curious about Carpenter Lian's behavior. He had been learning from Carpenter Lian for about seven years, and he knew very well that Carpenter Lian had a bad temper. Let alone a wait of three minutes, Carpenter Lian would be raging if someone was late for even one second.

The middle-aged man had witnessed Carpenter Lian's temper far too many times. Since when was he so agreeable? And thus, he couldn't help himself but to instinctively voiced that Yuan Zhou was late.

The middle-aged man still remembered clearly that when Yuan Zhou went over to Carpenter Lian's place previously, Carpenter Lian had personally welcomed him into the rear court. Subsequently, he started comparing his disciples with Yuan Zhou, scolding them that they were not as good as Yuan Zhou. One ought to know that since this middle-aged man was able to remain under Carpenter Lian for about 10 years, he was already one of the disciples Carpenter Lian was more satisfied with.

Indeed, he had remained under Carpenter Lian for 10 years and had only learned under him for seven years. The first three years were spent doing odd jobs instead of learning. Most of the people wishing to become a disciple couldn't even survive the first three years of doing odd jobs.

Although the middle-aged man spent the majority of his time with Carpenter Lian, he also had his own business. He was the boss of a furniture factory, and he was a disciple with a comparatively higher IQ and EQ. That was how he had lasted 10 years.

As the disciple Carpenter Lian was most satisfied with, he was very curious as to how amazing this chef called Yuan Zhou was to the point Carpenter Lian rained praise on him, telling people like him that were much older than Yuan Zhou to learn from Yuan Zhou's attitude.

And the moment the middle-aged man voiced that Yuan Zhou was late, he successfully gained the attention of Carpenter Lian. Unfortunately, the result of this attention was not what he had expected. Rather, Carpenter Lian pointed at Yuan Zhou's cart and spoke.

"Go help Little Yuan with his stuff," said Carpenter Lian impatiently.

"Huh? Ok," the middle-aged man nodded in agreement after a slight stun.

"It's fine. I can carry it myself," Yuan Zhou said.

"Don't worry about him. He has plenty of energy and no place to use it. Let him carry some stuff to let off some of his excess energy," Carpenter Lian said.

"Yes, master is right. Brother, let me help you," said the middle-aged man.

"It's fine. These are just some ingredients I bought. I will be leaving it here," Yuan Zhou said as he opened the sergestes wall landscape and placed the sugar in the courtyard.

Naturally, he did not let anyone help him while he was offloading the sugar from his cart. After all, this was his job and he would not feel good letting others help with it.

"You should learn from Little Yuan. For a chef, ingredients are the same as woods for us carpenters. You have to personally handle them with care," Carpenter Lian lectured the middle-aged man. "Don't keep thinking about goofing off."

"This wall is quite exquisite," said Carpenter Lian as he looked at the wall and the craftsmanship of the wall.

"Yeah, I hired someone to make it for me," Yuan Zhou said.

"Not bad. It is obvious that the person has used all his heart when making it," said Carpenter Lian.

Seeing how interested Carpenter Lian was on the wall, Yuan Zhou gave a short introduction. After a short chat, Carpenter Lian proposed to go upstairs.

"Little Yuan, bring me to the spot you want the cabinet so I can decide on the design of the cabinet," said Carpenter Lian. When he spoke to Yuan Zhou, he used a gentle tone.

"Ok. This way, please," said Yuan Zhou as he lifted the foldable counter and stepped aside.

"Little Yuan, the wood used for your furniture here are all of good quality," said Carpenter Lian as he checked out the curved long table. When the foldable counter was lifted, he saw the vein lines and ascertained that these furniture were made of good material.

"Yes," Yuan Zhou nodded and did not say much.

"Well, they are provided by the system. Of course they are good," Yuan Zhou muttered inwardly. In truth, Yuan Zhou was quite similar to the system. They both had incredible integrity. The things provided by the system was similar to Yuan Zhou's cooking skills - without a flaw.

In short, one could say that the system was a reflection of the host.

When Carpenter Lian and the middle-aged man saw Yuan Zhou inviting them into the kitchen, they realized that the stairs heading to the second floor were located in the kitchen. This was quite a smart design as from outside, no signs of the stairs could be seen.

Inwardly, the middle-aged man was thinking about something else.

Normally, the kitchen was a place no outsiders would be allowed to enter, especially small restaurants like this. After all, things that outsiders should not see might be in the kitchen. As the middle-aged man was somewhat dissatisfied with his master's praise over Yuan Zhou, he was trying to look for the flaws of this young man.

And thus, the moment the middle-aged man entered the kitchen, he started discreetly looking everywhere, trying to find some flaws.

The kitchen was a short walk away from the foldable counter. It was a modern and minimalistic kitchen, and the usage of space was very smart. In fact, the space usage of this kitchen was like something he had once seen in a show where a room of eight square meters was renovated to the point it became a suitable living space for a family of three.

Yuan Zhou's kitchen was the same. From the outside, it looked bright with good lighting, and everything was arranged neatly. And after one entered, one would find that the design within was even more elaborate.

There were three countertops within the kitchen, each of them were extremely clean. A row of pots hung on the wall, with numerous knives arranged in the frame attached to the wall. All the knives looked bright and shiny, appearing incredibly sharp.

The kitchen was also filled with many cabinets, each with a different tag on it. As for the floor, it was made of ceramic tiles that were so shiny it looked like a mirror. It was not slippery to walk on yet it was extremely clean as well.

Usually, the space below the countertop would be where dirt accumulated. When the middle-aged man bent down and pretended to pick something up, he sneaked a look at the bottom of the countertop only to find that the place was extremely clean as well.

"This guy is probably a germaphobe. Even the space under the cabinets are so clean," berated the middle-aged man. Not even the kitchen of a three-star Michelin restaurant could be this clean.

"Why is it completely dry under the sink?" muttered the middle-aged man as he looked all around while he was crouched on the floor. He could not find a single dirty spot.

Perhaps Yuan Zhou had cleaned the kitchen in advance since they were coming?

"What are you doing crouching there? Get up," Carpenter Lian grumbled.

The middle-aged man quickly stood up and gave a frantic explanation, "Oh, I was picking something up."

"You have always been clumsy and forgetful. Just look at his kitchen. Only by keeping things neat will you be able to quickly locate what you are looking for. This is how you should handle your wooden chest as well," said Carpenter Lian.

"Yes, master," the middle-aged man was somewhat speechless.

He still couldn't resist but to ask, "Boss Yuan, the kitchen today... you..."

Yuan Zhou, "Yes, I was too busy so I wasn't able to clean up in time before you arrive. It might be slightly dirty."