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906 You Are Not Interested In Carpentry, Right?

 The soybeans were salty, and before they were removed from their pods, they were first boiled with water before adding some salt. With that, it obtained the salty flavor and was a good snack to go along with liquor.

In comparison to the peas, the soybeans were deeper in color and were extremely glossy and plump.

"It looks good. The outer skin remains undamaged," Zhou Shijie nodded.

When he ate the red beans, Zhou Shijie had not praised them for having undamaged skin. But he did that for the soybeans. That was because when soaking in saltwater, the skin of the soybeans could be easily damaged. It was not easy to keep them undamaged.

This was why Zhou Shijie gave his praise when he noticed it.

"Keeping the product whole is a must," remarked Carpenter Lian while chewing on the red beans.

"What do you know about cooking?" Zhou Shijie grumbled.

"Scamming Zhou, keep lying," Carpenter Lian could not offer any substantive argument when it came to his cooking skills. After all, he was a carpenter and not a chef.

Zhou Shijie ignored Carpenter Lian and scooped up some soybeans and stuffed them into his mouth.

The moment the soybeans entered his mouth, a salty taste spread in his mouth. Even so, that taste wasn't too intense to the point of being excessive. It was just nice, sufficient to add some flavor to the beans.

Along with the salty taste was the natural flavor of the soybeans that spread out after the outer layer of the beans broke.

The soybeans were soft and mushy, yet they were different than the mushy and sweet red beans. The soybean's mushiness had a sort of tenderness to it.

"That is probably the feeling of the skin," Zhou Shijie was pleasantly surprised when he noticed that.

After swallowing the beans in his mouth, Zhou Shijie scooped up another spoonful of beans and continued eating. He had a feeling the soybeans tasted too simple.

"Wu, something seems different," Zhou Shijie said as he focused on his taste buds.

That's right. The second time he sent the soybeans into his mouth, the taste had changed slightly.

Yet he could not figure out what the change was.

"I suddenly feel like drinking some liquor," Zhou Shijie muttered.

"Same here," Carpenter Lian nodded.

"Got it! These soybeans are liquor snacks?" Zhou Shijie immediately realized after he heard Carpenter Lian.

"I see, so these soybeans are liquor snacks," Carpenter Lian realized as well.

"Yes, these soybeans can be eaten while drinking," Yuan Zhou nodded.

Carpenter Lian looked at Yuan Zhou, finally convinced. Not only had Yuan Zhou completed the Three Fragrance to the Ocean dish, the dish he completed was also very tasty as well.

"Not bad, young man," praised Carpenter Lian after eating some more.

"Thank you," Yuan Zhou nodded while maintaining a calm expression.

"Not bad, even after restoring a lost dish, he did not get hot-headed. He would be a good successor," evaluated Carpenter Lian inwardly.

"You said it, Old Man Lian. As the judge, I hereby announce that there are no problems with this dish," Zhou Shijie said.

"Yes, it's a pass," Carpenter Lian answered.

"So when will you start working on the promised cabinet? Our Little Yuan has restored a lost dish for you," Zhou Shijie said proudly.

"You don't need to worry about that. When have I ever run from my promises?" Carpenter Lian said, resentful that Zhou Shijie was being such a show-off.

"There is still half a month before the first of May. You should have enough time to complete the cabinet," Zhou Shijie started setting a deadline.

Since this was a gamble made by Yuan Zhou of the cooking field, he naturally needed to help ensure the prize would be delivered.

The young man might be embarrassed to talk about it, but that was not the case for Zhou Shijie. As he grew older, he was getting brazen as well.

"Young Yuan, I will go to your restaurant tomorrow to get the measurements," Carpenter Lian said after throwing Zhou Shijie a resentful glare.

"Ok. Thank you, Master Lian," Yuan Zhou replied politely.

"You're welcome. That is what you deserve," Carpenter Lian nodded.

"Of course he deserves it. This is a lost dish. Not everyone can make it," Zhou Shijie started speaking smugly again. "You are trying to restore the long lost Youdie Cupboard recently right? From your looks, you have most likely failed."

"You speak too much. Little Yuan is a chef, not our disciple or son. What are you being so smug for?" Carpenter Lian felt like his biggest mistake today was inviting Zhou Shijie here to be the judge.

He already felt like throwing up from the amount of smugness Zhou Shijie was radiating.

"Although he is not my disciple, but as the chairman of the Chefs' Alliance, I am still gratified to see such an outstanding young man in our ranks. As a master carpenter with so many disciples under you, you should understand this feeling," Zhou Shijie said with a wide smile while stroking his beard.

"Piss off," Carpenter Lian was infuriated.

"Don't get too agitated. We still need your help with the cabinet," Zhou Shijie said.

Carpenter Lian was even angrier when he heard those words. He directly turned and ignored Zhou Shijie.

Although the two bickered back and forth, their main topic of conversation was still Yuan Zhou. As such, Yuan Zhou felt like it wouldn't be proper for him to interfere. He washed his hands before turning and picking up the sleeve pouch that had been placed to the side earlier.

Yuan Zhou was wearing the Han attire today as well. As such, his cash and mobile phone were all in the sleeve pouch. When cooking, he would remove the pouch and place them aside.

The pouch was embroidered with lush bamboo markings, giving off a lively feeling. From within the pouch, he took out a stack of cash.

"This will be the payment for the timber. Thank you," said Yuan Zhou as he passed the cash with both hands to Carpenter Lian.

"What is this?" Carpenter Lian was stunned.

"You said that the cabinet is free. So I'm paying for the timber instead. We have to account for everything," Yuan Zhou said seriously.

"Young man, since I already say it's free, there won't be any timber charges. Take your money back," Carpenter Lian was speechless.

"Yes! Don't pay him. This old man a lot of timber anyway. Don't pay him," Zhou Shijie said.

"But..." Yuan Zhou wanted to say something as he was aware the moment a master carpenter like Carpenter Lian made something, he would use the best timber.

And in carpentry, timber was always the most costly part. He was too embarrassed to receive such a favor. He was already happy enough to avoid paying for the craftsmanship, since a master carpenter was costly to hire as well.

"Enough. Take your money and leave. It's getting late," said Carpenter Lian as he waved his hand unhappily.

"Yes, it's getting late. Little Yuan, you still need to open your restaurant later. Let me give you a ride back," Zhou Shijie said after checking the time.

"Thank you, Carpenter Lian. Thank you, chairman," Yuan Zhou said seriously after putting the cash away.

"Alright. We'll talk again tomorrow. Go," Carpenter Lian waved his hand.

"Old carpenter, Little Yuan is still not gathering his stuff," Zhou Shijie grumbled.

"Fine. Leave this plate behind. You may take back everything else. Old man, I'll go check up on those monkeys," Carpenter Lian said and turned. He could no longer stand staying in the room.

After seeing how sensible, well-mannered, and outstanding Yuan Zhou was without being hot-headed or too prideful, Carpenter Lian compared him with his disciples and was immediately enraged.

And thus, he immediately headed towards his disciples so he could scold, no, teach them.

The moment Carpenter Lian left, Zhou Shijie stepped forward and while looking at Yuan Zhou who was putting his things away seriously, he spoke, "Little Yuan, you are not interested in carpentry, right?"