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920 Eating Atmosphere

 Then again, Yuan Zhou was like a mascot who knew nothing of the website. Thus, he was naturally unaware of the negative comments.

After all, he did not go online much and he usually only went online to check out the comments that praised him. Therefore, he did not even notice the existence of those negative comments.

"Praise is how a person can improve." These were Yuan Zhou's own words.

Thus, every now and then, Yuan Zhou would stealthily go online and read the comments of people praising his cooking skills so as to further improve himself.

Presently, Yuan Zhou was seriously preparing ingredients as the customers waiting outside were already starting to get their numbers.

That signified that lunchtime was arriving soon.

"The first 12 numbers, please enter," Zhou Jia's voice rang out loud and clear.

It was worth noting that Zhou Jia was getting better and better at her job.

When she first started, she couldn't do it with ease like she was doing it now. She would always be cautious and careful all the time. After all, the customers at Yuan Zhou's restaurant were generally from the upper class of society.

Ling Hong was not the sole rich young master here. There were, in fact, a few of them here. There were also children of officials here and even a famous painter like Wu Hai was a customer here. There was also Queen Jiang, the role model of all women.

Women were generally more sensitive about the value of some things.

For example, there was a person who always came wearing a full suit of Armani. Zhou Jia was able to recognize the suit with a single look at the logo.

Thus, when she first started here, she would always be filled with nervousness even when talking, scared that she would make a mistake and spoil the restaurant's reputation. After all, the boss was quite nice to them.

There were also quite a lot of women with branded purses that ate here. It was understandable that Zhou Jia was having a hard time when she was new here.

One could say that one needed to learn from Yuan Zhou. Yuan Zhou had never felt nervousness from facing the rich and powerful like Zhou Jia did. In fact, he knew nothing of the brands and could recognize only one type of them. The only brands he could recognize were knives. And since he knew nothing, he had no fear.

There were no uniforms at Yuan Zhou's restaurant. As such, both Zhou Jia and Shen Min wore their own clothes while working here. And what they wore were quite different than what the customers wore.

After about half a year of working here, Zhou Jia no longer felt the same. That was because the rich customers were quite polite and merely had some eccentric habits. Furthermore, everyone here shared the same identity: customer.

They were customers here for Yuan Zhou's cooking skills.

For example, the young woman that had just entered the restaurant was entering while wiping off the bright lipstick on her lips.

There was a woman in the legends that could eat a big meal without ruining their lipstick. Well, that kind of woman did not exist in Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

Perhaps the women would do so - eating without removing lipstick - at other restaurants, but that was not the case here. At Yuan Zhou's restaurant, their identity as a foodie took priority over everything else. Before eating Boss Yuan's food, one had to wipe the lipstick off.

There was another young woman who was even more straightforward. The moment she entered the restaurant, she took her seat and tossed the LV purse down beside her feet before quickly checking the menu to start ordering.

"Jia Jia, come, I'm having Sautéed Vermicelli with Spicy Minced Pork today. I'm so hungry," said the young woman dressed in fine attire.

In a well-practiced manner, Zhou Jia answered her call and accepted her payment.

When eating, that woman seemed to have completely forgotten about her LV purse. And if the meal happened to satisfy her greatly, she might even give her purse a kick or two. And only after the meal was finished would her howl in grief at the fate of her purse, lamenting how she had spent about half her monthly salary to buy this purse.

If even the women were behaving like that, the men were naturally no better than them. When at work, all of them were dressed like the elites of the society in their fancy suits and neat hair.

Of course, the moment they arrived at Yuan Zhou's restaurant, they were still elites. But they became food snatching elites instead. There was a saying that the head could be severed but the hair must remain neat, and blood could flow but the leather shoes must remain polished. But here in Yuan Zhou's restaurant, it turned into the hair could be messy, but the mouth must never stop eating, the leather shoes could be unpolished, but one must always be in the queue.

This might have something to do with the overall atmosphere in Yuan Zhou's restaurant. If everyone at a place observed etiquette greatly, newcomers would follow along. And when everyone at a place focused on the food, the newcomers would do the same as well.

It was understandable why previously, there was a guy who had tastebuds that couldn't taste any flavors yet still enjoyed eating at Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

He was here to enjoy the atmosphere.

"Boss Yuan is truly great," Zhou Jia was filled with admiration toward Yuan Zhou.

Only through many life experiences would one gain more wisdom. Zhou Jia greatly appreciated this opportunity to work at Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

The wisdom and experience she gained through working here would be helpful in whatever she did in the future even if she stopped working here.

Meanwhile, while Yuan Zhou carried a newly prepared dish out, he looked around to see if Yu Chu was here.

Halfway through lunchtime, Yu Chu finally appeared.

"Yu Chu, after the meal, can you stay back for a bit," Yuan Zhou said politely.

"Ok," Yu Chu loosened his necktie and nodded.

The lack of questions from Yu Chu was surprising yet expected.

Yu Chu had always been a person with few words. But when eating, he could be a savage, and when working, he was very serious. He rarely came at the same time as Jiang Changxi.

"Thank you." Yuan Zhou nodded and thanked.

"What are you eating today?" Yuan Zhou asked.

"I'll have something simple today. One Watermelon Juice, one Translucent Beef Slices, one Phoenix-Tailed Prawns, and one Steamed Tofu with Minced Pork," Yu Chu ordered.

"Ok. You will have to pay first," Yuan Zhou said.

"Done," Yu Chu showed Yuan Zhou the fund transfer interface on his phone.

"Um. Please be seated," Yuan Zhou nodded and returned to the kitchen.

Yu Chu was not curious as to why Yuan Zhou was looking for him, but someone else was curious.

"Yu Chu, are you not asking why Boss Yuan is looking for you?" Ling Hong asked curiously.

"There is no need," Yu Chu answered.

"Why?" Ling Hong asked.

"It won't be anything bad," Yu Chu said confidently.

"No Discount Ling, if you treat me to an All-Fish Banquet, I will tell you why," Wu Hai joined the conversation. He had just finished his food.

"You know?" Ling Hong asked doubtfully.

"Of course. I was the reason for that to happen, after all," Wu Hai said as he rubbed his mustache smugly.

"Yu Chu, if you want to know, I don't mind telling you in exchange for an All-Fish Banquet as well," Wu Hai said.

"No thanks. I'm not curious," Yu Chu rejected.

After falling for Wu Hai's trick one time, Yu Chu would not repeat the same mistake.

"Fine. How about you, No Discount Ling?" Wu Hai asked.

"No. I have decided to stay behind later to see what's going on," Ling Hong said with a smile.

"Fine," Wu Hai turned and ignored them.

Wu Hai was never one to say much when no food was involved. After all, talking was quite an exhausting activity. Since he had finished his meal, if he wasted too much energy and ended up hungry before dinner time, he would have nothing to eat.

"Although I have four bottles of mulberry jam, I need to save them for an emergency," Wu Hai was already treating Zheng Jiawei's portion as his.