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917 A Person Invited Thrice

 It was a starless moonlit night. Ling Hong and Grandpa Jia stood at the street corner, talking and laughing.

"Grandfather Jia, I drank some liquor just now. So I will have to trouble you to drive me back home," Ling Hong said proactively.

"No problem," Grandpa Jia agreed directly.

"But now that I call you Grandfather Jia, I won't be paying you," Ling Hong said smilingly while getting seated on the passenger seat nimbly.

"Haha. What a coincidence! I never charge my grandson." Grandpa Jia laughed straightforwardly.

"That's perfect. I can save some money." Ling Hong got seated steadily.

"Where are you going?" Grandpa Jia got on the tricycle and asked.

"Purplevine Garden." Ling Hong reported the location where he lived.

That's right. Ling Hong didn't live together with his grandpa, which Grandpa Jia also knew. After all, he and Ling Little Six had maintained contact frequently recently.

"Alright. Let's go." Grandpa Jia powered on the tricycle and started to move.

Neither of them mentioned Ling Hong's car in the parking lot. They just headed for Ling Hong's dwelling while talking enthusiastically.

"Grandfather Jia, I will treat you to dinner some other day. After all, I haven't shown you any filial respect after I recognized you as my grandfather." Ling Hong took advantage of the heated atmosphere and invited him conveniently.

"No problem. Ling Little Six owes me a meal and so do you now. I don't need to spend my own money in Boss Yuan's restaurant this month." Grandpa Jia answered with a big smile.

"Did my grandfather also owe you a meal? He's quite stingy and has never even invited me to any meal." Ling Hong complained. Though his grandfather was in a high position, his old habit of thriftiness has never changed.

"Exactly. The other day, he also told me he would treat me to dinner," Grandpa Jia said, "But till now, I still don't know when this day will arrive."

"Alright. Let me treat you first. I'm more generous than my grandfather," Ling Hong patted on his chest and said.

"You are definitely generous." Grandpa Jia nodded his head approvingly. As the famous No Discount Ling in Yuan Zhou's restaurant, he was known by everybody.

Ling Hong suddenly asked, "Speaking of which I still don't know when is your birthday."

"It's on July 6th, lunar calendar," said Grandpa Jia.

Ling Hong then asked with puzzlement, "As far as I can remember, my grandfather once mentioned that your birthday is in November."

Grandpa Jia said, "It was once in November. But I was bored of the date, so I change to another one to celebrate."

Though he said that casually, Ling Hong could feel the date of July 6th seemed to be a little special to him. He decided to go to ask his grandfather.

Just like that, they talked and moved at full speed on the streets of Chengdu.

Time passed quickly at night. The competition for the Exemplary Restaurant was to start three days later. The organizer had already confirmed the activity scheme as well. Now, there was only one problem left.

The chief planner of the entire activity had participated in this activity three times. In other words, he was responsible for this activity from the very beginning. The man surnamed Gu and in his forties. A man with experience, abilities, and ideas.

Director Gu was sitting in his own office and leafing through the overall process of the activity when there was a knock on the door.

"Kou Kou"

"Come on in," Director Gu said loudly.

It was his assistant Little Guo, who had a pretty face and had her wavy long hair tied neatly behind, appearing energetic. As soon as she saw Director Gu, she said straightforwardly.

"Director Gu, we have confirmed with Mr. Bai. Do you need to make the final confirmation or else?" The assistant Little Guo asked.

"What did Popular Mouth Lee say?" Director Gu knitted his brows and then asked.

"We didn't invite Mr. Lee Yanyi this time. He has refused to attend the activity three times and told us that he didn't like this kind of official activity," said Little Guo.

"Go and ask him first. If he can come, the appraisal will be more worthwhile this time," said Director Gu.

"Then what about Mr. Bai?" Little Guo asked tentatively.

"Don't confirm with him first. Go ask Popular Mouth Lee today and if he still refuses, you can then go to find Mr. Bai," Director Gu directly instructed her.

"Okay, director." Little Guo nodded her head and then shut the door, leaving the room.

Once she went out, Little Guo was surrounded by his colleagues.

"What did our director say? Did he agree to invite Mr. Bai?" A male colleague with a crew cut said hurriedly.

"Yeah. We don't need to find that Old Man Lee this time, do we?" Somebody immediately interrupted.

"Is our director satisfied with the plan this time?"

Little Guo shrugged helplessly, "Our director said we must go to confirm again with Mr. Lee Yanyi first and then go to find Mr. Bai."

"Sigh. Again, again, and again." The person who had interrupted just now immediately heaved a sigh.

"Exactly. Mr. Bai is undoubtedly really excellent. He has even appeared on the cover interview of that magazine, Food Discovery Dog, recently." The man with a crew cut knitted his brows.

"We have nothing to do with that. After all, Mr. Lee has the title of 'Popular Mouth' and enjoys high popularity and acceptance in the gourmet circle, not to mention he isn't good in only just eating," said Little Guo.

"To be more accurate, he has a sharp tongue. I've never heard him say good words," the man with a crew cut muttered.

"Just because of that, the appraisal will be more interesting," said Little Guo.

"Are you going to look for him now?" the man with a crew cut asked. He didn't answer Little Guo because even if he disliked Lee Yanyi a lot, he had to admit that Lee Yanyi's mouth was really impressive.

So, what made one excellent was when even your rivals admitted that you were awesome.

Little Guo nodded her head, "The activity is to start very soon. It's considered to be the most important activity for Sichuan Cuisine. I really can't bear the responsibility if I make any mistake and cause problems."

"Good luck! But I don't think he will agree and we probably will have to find Mr. Bai in the end," the man with a crew cut said craftily.

Little Guo whipped her hair and shrugged without saying anything. Then, she walked out of the office and went out.

That's right. the reason why the man with a crew cut cared about Mr. Bai so much was that he was an emerging famous young food critic in the circle and secondly, the man with a crew cut had been contacting him all along.

And if he did all the necessary work but he wasn't invited in the end, the work he had done previously would all be in vain.

Little Guo went downstairs and went straight to the garage to get her car. She prepared to drive to Lee Yanyi's college to find him.

After all, Lee Yanyi was a professor and he could most probably be found in the college. Little Guo was quite experienced in looking for people.

The college where Lee Yanyi worked wasn't really far from Little Guo's office building. It took her only twenty minutes to arrive there.

As it was a college, it was quite convenient to pass in and out. Little Guo parked the car and headed straight for Lee Yanyi's office.

"It's 10:30 a.m. now. He's supposed to be in the office." Little Guo's high-heeled shoes emitted clear and melodious sounds upon knocking on the ground while she walked forward quickly.

Lee Yanyi's office was on the third floor. Little Guo straightforwardly walked to the first floor and then stood there and looked around.

"Yan Jia doesn't seem to be here. I hope Mr. Lee is here." Little Guo let out a sigh of relief to calm down. Then, she walked upstairs.

She naturally didn't hope Yan Jia would be here. Otherwise, she probably couldn't see Lee Yanyi all day long. Once she found he wasn't here, she felt quite lucky.