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916 Surprise And Acciden

 "You are demanding too much," Jiang Changxi knitted her brows and said earnestly.

"I have prepared it for so long, but now it's gone." Ling Hong was so indignant that he ate quite a few mouthfuls of the Drunkard's Spiced Peanut to vent his anger.

"Stop it. Don't vent your anger by eating even if you are unhappy," Wu Hai covered the dishes on the table and said angrily.

"Are you a friend of mine? Can't I eat some dishes to vent my anger?" Ling Hong managed to grab a piece of deep-fried chili and then chewed it indignantly, gulping it down in the end.

"Of course not. I originally intended to drink beer while listening to your sorrowful happenings," Wu Hai said deservedly, "I can eat another two bowls of rice when I hear that you are unhappy."

"Ho Ho. Stop dreaming." Ling Hong stared at Wu Hai.

"Indeed. Almost nothing could make you so sad. It's really a waste of my beer," Wu Hai nodded his head and said approvingly.

"F*ck off." Ling Hong waved his hand angrily.

"If you really want it, I can give you my signature. Anyhow, I'm also a celebrity," Looking at Ling Hong's manner, Wu Hai suddenly said.

Of course, Wu Hai still covered the dishes on the table with his hands when he said that.

"Screw you. I don't want your damn signature." Ling Hong gave a look at Wu Hai contemptuously.

"My signature is worth a lot of money," Wu Hai said seriously.

"That's true." Jiang Changxi agreed with Wu Hai once in a blue moon. She still remembered that some wimpy kids surrounded Wu Hai to ask for red packets during the Spring Festival last year.

Wu Hai had never brought money with him before. So he gave each of the wimpy kids his signature. And Jiang Changxi helped those kids to sell the signatures when she happened to pass by.

Then, she got a huge amount of money and split it fifty-fifty.

Queen Jiang was way too idle.

"I don't want it," Ling Hong waved his hand and said discontentedly.

"Don't try to grab my dishes when you wave your hand." Wu Hai revealed a manner of "I see through you" and stared at Ling Hong fixedly.

"I have also treated you to beer many times before. Why are you so stingy?" Ling Hong asked.

"Yeah, those were your treats. But this time, it's my treat. So according to my rules, you must drink more beer and eat fewer dishes," Wu Hai said primly.

"..." Ling Hong was made completely speechless.

"Haha." Jiang Changxi sipped a little Bamboo Liquor and burst into laughter.

Others were quite accustomed to the cat-and-dog scene among the three people, but Mr. Wei seated beside them couldn't help sighing with emotion.

"It's so good to be young," Mr. Wei swallowed a big mouthful of beer and said.

His utterance attracted the attention of Chen Wei, who was drinking at the other side.

"You are not old, either," said Chen Wei.

"I'm getting old. My daughter has grown up," Mr. Wei shook his head and said.

"I still haven't got a girlfriend," said Chen Wei discontentedly.

"I'm not saying you are old. I just feel that I'm getting old and am becoming a middle-aged man." Mr. Wei explained.

"You were married at my age. But now, I haven't even got a girlfriend. How dare you say you are old," said Chen Wei.

Just like Chen Wei said, Mr. Wei had indeed been married when he was at Chen Wei's current age. After all, he wasn't older than Chen Wei by that many years and that was why Chen Wei said he wasn't old at all.

"Just because I got married and have a kid, I feel like I'm getting old." Mr. Wei said lightly.

"Lucky that I got married but then divorced," Jiang Changxi said politely on the side.

"Haha. Yeah, I forgot about you," said Chen Wei.

"Anyway, I'm still young." Wu Hai shrugged.

The matter about age could always strike a chord. Following this same subject, other drinkers at the other two tables also began to discuss about age. For an instant, Ling Hong didn't feel so upset anymore.

Ever since the beer was provided in Yuan Zhou's pub, the atmosphere became more heated when they gathered to drink, as they could now clink glasses.

Such a heated atmosphere continued until the closing time of the pub. At that time, the customers basically said goodbye while walking out.

"I'm leaving." Wu Hai waved his hand and headed for his apartment upstairs.

"Need me to drive you back?" Ling Hong looked at Jiang Changxi and asked.

"No need. Somebody is coming to pick me up." Jiang Changxi shook her head.

"Alright. Let me accompany you to the street corner," Ling Hong nodded his head and said.

"The driver you hired hasn't arrived?" Jiang Changxi didn't refuse his kindness. She tilted her head and asked.

"No, not yet. I will make the call and hire one when I get to the parking lot," said Ling Hong. "

"Do you need me to send you back?" Jiang Changxi revealed a smile and then said softly.

"No, no, no. I can go back by myself." Ling Hong waved his hand hurriedly.

Alright." Jiang Changxi nodded her head and then left in the taxi that had just arrived.

"She really deserves the name of Queen Jiang." Having been teased by Jiang Changxi, Ling Hong also sobered up from the drunken state. He took out his phone and prepared to ordered a driver for hire to get his car and himself back home.

He had barely taken his phone out when he found there was a vehicle in the shadow at the street corner.

It was a red electrically operated tricycle and most importantly, it was running toward Ling Hong. Presumably, he was coming to seek business.

"Zi". The tricycle parked in front of Ling Hong quickly. And even before he could refuse to take the tricycle, he was astonished by the driver in the tricycle.

"Grandfather Jia?" Ling Hong looked at Grandfather Jia sitting on the backseat in surprise.

"Little Ling, finished drinking and came out?" Grandpa Jia nodded his head and then opened the door, preparing to come out.

"Yeah, I just finished." Ling Hong nodded his head.

Ling Hong was no longer embarrassed now when he talked with Grandpa Jia. After all, they had spoken about their common interests last time, basketball.

Therefore, Ling Hong felt quite relaxed when he answered.

Grandpa Jia nodded his head and said nothing more. For an instant, neither of them knew what to say.

Not until the breeze blew gently and brought about a little coolness did Ling Hong begin to say, "Grandpa Jia, why are you here since it's so late?"

Ling Hong had reason to ask so. People who came to drink liquor at night basically had people pick them up or ordered a driver for hire and almost nobody would take such kind of tricycle.

Besides, Grandpa Jia had never waited here for any business before.

"Well, yeah. Take this." Having been asked, Grandpa Jia immediately took out a canvas bag and handed it directly to Ling Hong.

It was the kind of merchandise bag with a logo Brownie printed on the surface. It sounded to be the name of a cake shop.

"What's this?" Ling Hong received it subconsciously and asked with puzzlement.

It felt like a notebook or something similar inside and should be valuable. Otherwise, it wouldn't be specially packed in the canvas bag. However, Ling Hong didn't open the bag and see what it was immediately. He was slightly muddled now.

"Take it out and have a look. You will definitely love it." Grandpa Jia pointed at the thing inside the little canvas bag confidently.

"Okay, let me have a look." Ling Hong was also very curious. He untied the canvas bag quickly and directly poured out a notebook with a black cover.

The notebook wasn't big. It was approximately as big as an adult man's palm and as thick as a little finger. On the black cover were several Chinese characters that read Notebook. Judging from the outward appearance, it was a decent notebook.

The market price was around 30RMB. Of course, it wasn't so expensive as the 96-year-old Filofax loose-leaf notebook produced in the UK, which Ling Hong had bought before.

"A notebook?" Ling Hong looked at Grandpa Jia with puzzlement.

"Open it and have a look," Grandpa Jia said smilingly, "The notebook isn't the point."

"Hua La". Ling Hong opened the notebook and found a line of crooked Chinese characters, which seemed to be written by grade-one pupils, on the blank space of the head page of the notebook.

It read like this, [Ling Hong: May you drink less liquor and take care of his health.]. The signature at the bottom of the page couldn't be more familiar to him. It was the English name of Shaquille O'Neal.

Ling Hong stared at the page. The English letters of curlicue and crooked Chinese characters formed a sharp contrast. It was no exaggeration to say even kids in kindergartens could write Chinese characters better than that. However, they looked fairly harmonious together. Even if one of the characters was even split up, they also looked good.

O'Neil's signature!

Ling Hong looked at the smile on Grandpa Jia's face. The sentence of [Ling Hong: May you drink less liquor and take care of his health.] was obviously a grammatically wrong sentence. He could totally imagine that O'Neil didn't know what his own writing meant at all. As a big fan of O'Neil, Ling Hong also knew that O'Neil could neither write Chinese characters nor understand any.

He really couldn't imagine how this Grandpa Jia in front of him made it.

Ling Hong suddenly smelled the sweetness and fragrance of chocolates leftover on the notebook from the Brownie bag.

"My sense of smell is really sensitive. Why have I never felt that the cakes from the Brownie Cake Shop are so fragrant? I must find an opportunity to taste it." Ling Hong muttered inwardly. The notebook in his hand felt much heavier than when he first got it.

Ling Hong couldn't help asking, "Grandfather Jia, how did you get it?"

"At any sake, I was your grandpa's class monitor. This Grandpa Jia always has some capabilities," Grandpa Jia burst into laughter while saying that.

The cheerful laughter also made Ling Hong laugh.