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911 Buying Mulberries

 Grandpa Jia parked his rickshaw at the parking lot. This was a nice spot as Grandfather Ling was able to see him the moment he walked out of the building. At the same time, it would not get in the way of the vehicles leaving the parking lot.

"Ok. Be careful on your way back." The person talking to Grandfather Ling was someone from the Health Bureau. After he heard Grandfather Ling's words, he immediately changed the topic and bid his goodbyes.

"Um, you don't go back too late as well," Grandfather Ling nodded and started heading towards the parking lot.

"You can wait here. A car will come shortly," said the person from the Health Bureau. He was quite new here, and when he saw Grandfather Ling heading towards the parking lot, he suggested.

"Don't worry. My car is not here. It's right there instead," Grandfather Ling pointed at Grandpa Jia's red rickshaw.

"That?" The Health Bureau guy opened his eyes wide as he looked at the rickshaw before shifting his gaze at Grandfather Ling in disbelief.

"Yes," Grandfather Ling nodded and walked off in direction of Grandpa Jia.

When Grandfather Ling arrived, he greeted Grandpa Jia with a warm smile on his face. After they exchanged some pleasantries, he opened the door himself and got on the rickshaw.

The Health Bureau guy was thoroughly stunned. What was going on? He was still curious as to why there was a rickshaw at the parking lot here. It was not like it was against the law, but it seemed improper to loiter around governmental buildings.

He felt like the rickshaw driver even seemed quite aloof, needing Grandfather Ling to be the first to extend his greeting. And after their pleasantries, Grandfather Ling had actually opened the door himself?

"Are my eyes getting worse?" He took off his glasses and started wiping it.

Even after doing that, he still watched, wide-eyed, as the rickshaw leisurely left.

This scene shocked everyone there. Everyone was silently waiting for their respective vehicles to arrive, but now, everyone was staring at the red rickshaw in stupefaction.

"Did you see that?" The Health Bureau guy grabbed a random guy beside him and asked.

"Yes, I saw that. Grandfather Ling got onto a red rickshaw and he even opened the door himself. Looks like they know each other," said that person blankly.

"Yeah, I saw the same thing as well. So the fight against corruption and advocate probity campaign the government is running has reached this level?" said the other person. He was also wearing a suit and looked to be about 40 years old. His brows were tightly furrowed.

"Since even Grandfather Ling is being so down to earth, should we change how we travel around as well?" asked someone else.

"Maybe we should switch up our meals as well? It wouldn't do if there are any clashes happening with the change of practice," suggested someone with a nod.

It was understandable that these people were being so cautious and astonished. After all, Grandfather Ling was a veteran soldier and back then at the battlefield, he had relied on himself to become the political commissar of the army and slowly, he was able to get into politics despite his high school education level.

After he joined politics, his rise proved that he was far more gifted in politics than matters of war. And thus, he started climbing in ranks. As for the children he had before the war, all of them were outstanding individuals as well. Some entered politics while some entered the business world. And thus, his family grew more and more powerful. Because of that, even after retirement, he still held a sinecure position in the government and was only required to attend some of the meetings and give a speech occasionally.

He enjoyed great prestige among the other officials. After all, his family still held great power. And thus, his every action would affect everyone else.

For example, right this moment, everyone was of the opinion that the time had arrived to fight corruption and advocate probity. They should start saving costs in any way they could. After all, even Grandfather Ling had started using rickshaws as his form of transportation.

Naturally, some of them thought differently. For example, someone from the Land Planning Bureau whispered, "Is it because the Ling Family is in a bad shape financially?"

While he whispered, he looked at those from the Tax Bureau and

Industry and Commerce Bureau.

"I never heard anything of that," they exchanged glances before replying.

"Stop making blind guesses. Don't overstep your boundaries and there won't be any problems. Everyone, watch your steps," said the person from the Municipal Committee who was also in charge of hosting this meeting.

"Yes, we are all honest and uncorrupted. There won't be any problems with us," many people voiced their agreement, praising the virtues of being honest and uncorrupted.

"I don't think anything has happened to Grandfather Ling's family. Is this the first round of crackdowns?" muttered the person from the Municipal Committee inwardly despite the calmness he was depicting.

All these were unknown to Grandfather Ling and Grandpa Jia. The two were busy chatting.

Normally, Grandfather Ling would be very sharp for things that would have political inclination like this. But since this involved Grandpa Jia, he did not put much thought into it. He would do what he could do to help.

"Class Monitor Jia, have you eaten? Come, get some food at my house," offered Grandfather Ling with a smile from the passenger seat.

"I came after eating Egg Fried Rice. You, on the other hand, should go back and eat something light," Grandpa Jia said smugly.

"You went to Boss Yuan's place again? Why didn't you wait for me?" complained Grandfather Ling.

"Hah, the dishes would be cold by the time you are ready," Grandpa Jia replied while driving.

"Someone needs to be doing the job. I can still go after doing my job. But you are really showing very little care for an old man like me," complained Grandfather Ling.

"Ling Little Six, oh Ling Little Six, do you think you're still young? Even your grandchildren are already adults," Grandpa Jia rolled his eyes.

"Since I look older than you, you need to take care of me, Class Monitor Jia," said Grandfather Ling righteously.

For some reason, when Grandfather Ling was acting shameless, he resembled Wu Hai.

"I'm here picking you up, right?" Grandpa Jia said.

"That won't do. I will be free in two days. I will treat you to a meal at Boss Yuan's place. Don't refuse me," Grandfather Ling shook his head and said.

"Sure. Since I paid last time, you will pay this time," Grandpa Jia said seriously.

"Sure, then I'll take that as an agreement," Grandfather Ling quickly confirmed it.

He was scared that Grandpa Jia would stubbornly refuse and had to quickly confirm the agreement.

Grandpa Jia was naturally aware of Grandfather Ling's kind intention. He did not bother bickering about it and agreed directly.

After all, they would each pay for a meal and nobody would suffer losses.

While the two old men chatted happily and riding on the slow rickshaw, Yuan Zhou had just finished his business for the day. The pub had just been opened.

The sky was already pitch black. Yuan Zhou opened the back door wide. The temperature for the past few days had been rather abnormal. As such, with his door opened, Broth wouldn't feel too cold while waiting for food.

Below the lamp was a bright and glossy figure. That was naturally Broth.

"Woof, woof!" Broth suddenly barked.

"Your broth will be ready soon. Are you getting hungry?" Yuan Zhou asked as he turned around.

Broth wouldn't normally bark for food like this.

The moment Yuan Zhou turned, he saw an old man with a carrying pole hiding in the shadows while gazing at Broth in fear. His hair was completely white while he was wearing an army green long-sleeved shirt, a pair of dark brown trousers, and a pair of green shoes.

When Yuan Zhou saw him, an embarrassed expression covered the old man's face. But he still took the initiative to speak first, "Sorry for disturbing. I'm only passing by."

"Oh, don't worry about it," Yuan Zhou paused slightly before replying.

After hearing Yuan Zhou's reply, that person seemed to have relaxed somewhat and even his back seemed to have straightened up.

"Don't worry. He's not being aggressive. He's just reminding me that someone is here. He will do the same every time someone is here. He won't bite," Yuan Zhou said. He gazed at Broth with a frown and immediately, Broth retreated and sat back down and gazed at the old man seriously.

A relieved look surfaced on the old man's face. When Yuan Zhou saw the old man preparing to leave, he said with a smile, "I reckon he's getting hungry seeing you carrying food. So are you selling the mulberries you're carrying?"