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910 Inappropriateness of the Interne

 When Ling Hong saw how confident Grandpa Jia was, he recalled that Grandpa Jia was indeed a good rickshaw rider. Thus, he nodded and did not say anything else.

Shortly after, Grandpa Jia finished his fried rice. He raised his head and heaved a long sigh in satisfaction, "Hu-, it is an enjoyment to eat fried rice here."

"Ok, Little Ling, I'm leaving now," Grandpa Jia stood up and took his leave.

"Goodbye, Grandfather Jia," Ling Hong waved his hand and went back to his meal.

Grandpa Jia had arrived very early today. After he was done eating, there was still a long queue outside. All of them were waiting for their turn.

With the Queuing Committee around, nobody cut in line or something like that. Everyone was busy chatting with each other.

"Have you seen the Queuing Committee's website?" asked a tall slender person. The people from the Queuing Committee maintaining order today were a tall slender man and a fatty.

After the previous year's "night attack" incident and the four were assigned to maintain order at Yuan Zhou's restaurant as punishment, they had never left.

Even after the period of their punishment had ended, they remained. Now, they were already veterans of the Queuing Committee. And like Tang Xi, they had transformed into faithful fans of Yuan Zhou. Of course, that was thanks to Jiang Changxi's effort in brainwashing them.

"Yeah, I like that unit of measurement. It is understandable as none of those people are as good as Boss Yuan. It is already praise if they can get a rating of 0.1 Yuan," said the fatty.

"I still find the banner of the website to be quite embarrassing," said the tall slender man. He still cared about his sense of shame.

That was because right after the website was put up, a huge banner was placed there, with these words: This website is released by the Queuing Committee of Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"It's not that bad, right? We need to claim it. That way, we can further improve our cohesiveness," said the fatty. "We are the only Queuing Committee around anyway."

"Let's not talk about that. Do you think Queen Jiang and the others will change the unit of measurement used? I thought a lot of people are criticizing that unit of measurement as an insult?" asked the tall slender man. "This is simply an act of attracting hatred to Boss Yuan."

"I disagree. I personally think that it is a perfectly acceptable unit of measurement," said the fatty as he shook his head. "They should realize it themselves when their skills are worse than Boss Yuan's."

"You are twisting it," the tall slender man was speechless. "I can already see other restaurants joining up to challenge Boss Yuan happening."

The fatty was not convinced, "Don't be so pessimistic. Many restaurants are still graceful enough to accept defeat."

"Forget it. I can't be bothered to keep arguing with you," said the tall slender man when he realized that the fatty was completely missing the point. True, many restaurants were graceful enough to accept defeat. Many of them could, in fact. But even the small number of them that could not accept defeat were already sufficient to cause big troubles.

Grandpa Jia happened to overhear them. But he did not say anything and treated it as some gossip.

Grandpa Jia had always enjoyed being a listener.

Grandpa Jia's rickshaw was an enclosed rickshaw. With that, riding the rickshaw would not be cold and it was also safer than a naked rickshaw.

He spent about 10,000 RMB to buy this rickshaw. That was the money he had saved up previously. If it wasn't for the fact that his legs did not allow him to use some manual rickshaw, he would probably buy a cheaper one.

Since the model he bought was an older version, there was no air conditioning within. To the left of the driver seat was a tiny electric fan. Naturally, this was the fan that could be used to alleviate the heat during summer.

Grandpa Jia parked his rickshaw at a concealed spot. That way, he could avoid paying to park in the parking lot. After all, the parking fee here wasn't cheap.

And naturally, a spot that was concealed and free was rather far from the restaurant. Therefore, Grandpa Jia only reached his rickshaw after over 10 minutes of walking.

"Sharp at seven-thirty. Just nice," Grandpa Jia checked the time and muttered.

Vroom. Vroom. The rickshaw moved as Grandpa Jia drove along steadily.

"The officials nowadays sure are bad at choosing the time for their meetings. Don't they need to eat? That is completely unhealthy," Grandpa Jia berated.

Indeed, the meeting was held from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm. That was truly an odd timing. Grandfather Ling had explained to him that since 5:00 pm was the cutoff time for office hours. Holding the meeting at that time would not intrude upon the official business hours.

In Grandpa Jia's opinion, they should start the meeting before or after the meal. After all, nobody would be able to contribute anything productive in a meeting with empty stomachs.

The meeting this time was held in the meeting room at the city hall. This was not a major meeting, and thus, such a timing had been selected to hold it.

And even if it was just a minor meeting, those that should be present had all attended.

Slowly and leisurely, Grandpa Jia arrived at the parking lot beside the city hall. After deciding on a spot, Grandpa Jia waited there silently.

At first, nobody bothered him. But after 10 minutes, the security guard of the parking lot approached him.

Knock. Knock. The security guard had thick eyebrows and big eyes, looking quite spirited in his uniform. He knocked on the window.

"Young man, I'm stopping for a short while waiting for someone. The moment he arrives, I'll be leaving," said Grandpa Jia politely.

"Grandpa, who are you waiting for here? Everyone here are government officials. Nobody will use your rickshaw. You won't get any customers here. You can go to the commercial district up ahead. You stand more chance getting customers there," the security guard said politely when he saw that the driver was an old man.

The city hall building was five floors high, and it looked not too ancient or too modern, giving off a solemn and respectful feeling. This wasn't a particularly busy area with no stores at the surroundings. That was why the security guard had suggested Grandpa Jia to go to the commercial district.

"There's no helping it. I promised to meet that person here. Can you allow me to wait here for a bit?" asked Grandpa Jia with a smile.

"Sure. But don't wander around and don't stay too long as well. Otherwise, it will be hard for me to answer my superiors," said the security guard after thinking about it.

"Sure thing. Thank you, young man," said Grandpa Jia as he thanked with a nod.

Then, the security guard moved on and continued his patrol.

Of course, this was not a location where parking was prohibited. But nobody dared to park here anyway. The security guard had merely reminded out of kindness since he believed nobody here would be taking a rickshaw.

Of course, that was no longer the case now since Grandfather Ling would be taking the rickshaw.

When Grandpa Jia reached, it was already eight. About five minutes after the security guard left, people started coming out of the city hall building.

They were all dressed in suits and as they walked, they chatted with each other. After about 10 people came out, Grandfather Ling appeared as well. He was also wearing a suit. The suit was deep blue in color, giving him a spirited look.

"Old Ling, do you have any other ideas on the environmental governance?" asked the person beside Grandfather Ling.

Before Grandfather Ling could reply, he saw the rickshaw waiting at the parking lot.

"We'll talk about this next time. I need to leave now," said Grandfather Ling as he headed towards Grandpa Jia.