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899 Prospect Of The Website

 As a matter of fact, Jiang Changxi, Ling Hong and, even Wu Hai were all elites in their professional fields. In Yuan Zhou's restaurant, however, they relaxed in their own way and hence exposed part of their inner self. Nevertheless, they were actually really good in their own industry.

Take Ling Hong for example. In Yuan Zhou's restaurant, he always appeared to be a playboy, never ate discounted food, and had nothing to do every day. But frankly speaking, Ling Hong was also a president that managed a listed company.

The three of them started a gourmet website with their joint efforts, but Yuan Zhou was still a little puzzled when he heard Ling Hong's description.

\"Right.\" Jiang Changxi answered to show her agreement, \"It will appear more professional if Boss Yuan acts as our ambassador.\"

\"After all, our queuing committee is quite professional,\" Ling Hong said earnestly.

Yuan Zhou raised a question, \"So what exactly is this gourmet website used for?\"

On hearing Yuan Zhou asking so, Jiang Changxi started to explain to him. This website came into being in order to display the professionalism of the queuing committee of Yuan Zhou's restaurant and to get some work for the committee members.

According to Yu Chu's habit, he assessed all the restaurants in Chengdu with \"Yuan Zhou\" as a unit and \"One Yuan Zhou\" being a full score. He had tasted lots of delicacies and often visited various gourmet forums. Some time later, he even planned to ask the customers of Yuan Zhou's restaurant for their real opinions.

He further planned to construct a most authoritative gourmet review website. As Yuan Zhou's restaurant was the template and \"One Yuan Zhou\" was the unit, the website was to be named as \"Yuan Zhou's Gourmet Review Website\" and the producer must be from the queuing committee.

\"I believe that one day, Yuan Zhou's Review will surpass the Michelin's Review in influence and the website will become one that everybody trust and every restaurant attach importance to,\" Ling Hong asked, \"What do you think, Boss Yuan? Are you excited about that?\"

\"Yes, sure, I feel excited.\" What Yuan Zhou felt most in his heart was these people had probably lost their mind.

As it was known to all, managing and constructing a website required a lot of manpower, material resources, and financial resources. Just in order to prove the existence of the queuing committee to others, they planned to construct such a website and gave no consideration to making money. There was really nobody but them who could do this kind of things.

Speaking of which, however, was there any other restaurant that could bring so many professionals together to start a website apart from Yuan Zhou's restaurant?

\"Since you've agreed, we are going to get it started officially tomorrow.\" Seeing Yuan Zhou agree, Jiang Changxi decided the time when everybody was still enthusiastic.

Actually, none of them had expected that the fanciful idea of Ling Hong would become true several years later. Along with Yuan Zhou's restaurant successfully conquering Europe and America, becoming the number-one restaurant, Yuan Zhou's Review Website also became the most authoritative gourmet review website.

Of course, this website even had Yuan Zhou as its ambassador. Nobody else could replace him in this position.

After Jiang Changxi said to get started on it the next day, they all became excited and Wu Hai said first.

\"No problem. I'm going to draw a homepage for the website,\" said Wu Hai.

\"I'm going to work out a scheme for the publicity,\" said Ling Hong excitedly.

\"Just come to me if I can be of some help,\" Yuan Zhou considered for quite a while and then said.

\"Don't worry. I will let a photographer take a photo of you and upload it on the website.\" Jiang Changxi summarized.

\"Please take the picture from the side,\" Yuan Zhou immediately looked in the mirror on the desk from all directions and then said when he heard he would be photographed.

\"No problem. Whatever.\" Jiang Changxi made the final decision.

\"It's getting late. Let's stop here today,\" Ling Hong proposed first.

\"Okay.\" Yuan Zhou answered and then hung up the phone.

The phone was placed on the table and the screen became dim.

\"These guys are so troublesome.\" Yuan Zhou heaved a sigh and didn't know what to say. But meanwhile, he was also expectant and a little bit touched.

\"It seems that I can't read books now.\" Yuan Zhou checked the time and prepared to go downstairs.

The business time of the pub would end soon. And Yuan Zhou had to put show his face.

Yuan Zhou had just gone downstairs and opened the door when the drinkers happened to walk out of the door of the sergestes wall landscape.

\"You are back, Boss Yuan?\" Chen Wei greeted him first.

\"Um. See you,\" Yuan Zhou said with a nod.

\"See you.\"

\"See you next time.\"

\"Come to drink liquor again next time.\"

\"Stay safe.\" Yuan Zhou straightforwardly stood at the door and saw the customers off.

\"Take care.\" Shen Min also stood at the side and saw them off.

There weren't many drinkers today, so all of them left in a little while.

\"Are you okay, Boss Yuan?\" As soon as the drinkers left, Shen Min turned her head and asked cautiously.

\"Yes,\" Yuan Zhou said positively.

\"By the way, Sister Zhong came to look for you. I told her that you had gone out, but she said she would wait for you. Did you see her?\" Shen Min suddenly turned to look at the direction at the table and then said.

\"Yeah, I saw her.\" Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

\"That's good. Sister Zhong came when you had just left,\" said Shen Min.

\"Um, I know. You are going to miss the bus.\" Yuan Zhou reminded her.

\"Ah... Yeah, yes. I'm leaving, Boss Yuan. Goodbye. See you tomorrow.\" On hearing that, Shen Min immediately had no time for her usual carefulness. She rushed out of the door quickly and went towards the bus stop.

Yuan Zhou took a step forward and when he found Shen Min got on the bus quickly and hurriedly, he returned to the restaurant again.

\"Now I can go upstairs and read books.\" Yuan Zhou prepared to shut the door.

\"Boss Yuan.\" Just at that time, a shadow appeared suddenly near the red lanterns and said abruptly.

\"Holy sh*t. A ghost?\" Yuan Zhou was startled in his heart. He forcibly stopped his footsteps backward and the astonished expression before looking up.

\"Zhao Xin, what's the matter?\" After he recognized the person in the shadow clearly, Yuan Zhou let out a sigh of relief without a trace and asked.

\"Sorry, Boss Yuan.\" Zhao Xin walked out of the shadow and stood in front of Yuan Zhou. Without any explanation, he bowed to Yuan Zhou.

\"Oh, never mind,\" said Yuan Zhou lightly.

\"You didn't get scared, did you?\" Zhao Xin asked him, not knowing whether intentionally or out of concern.

\"Scared of what?\" Yuan Zhou said lightly.

\"Nothing. I come to apologize for my inappropriate words that day.\" Zhao Xin shook his head and then bowed to him again.

\"Oh.\" Yuan Zhou nodded his head to show he got it.

Yuan Zhou didn't want to know if he came back to apologize after Master Cheng beat him or Cao Zhishu ordered him to do so. After all, he had never been angry about that from the very beginning.

Zhao Xin bowed for a while and then straightened himself, standing in front of Yuan Zhou when he found Yuan Zhou didn't have any special reaction.

For an instant, neither of the two people said anything.

That's not strange. They were really not acquainted with each other. Zhao Xin didn't want to say anything because he was jealous of Yuan Zhou and Yuan Zhou really had nothing to say.

\"It's getting late. Bye.\" Yuan Zhou prepared to continue shutting the door.

\"My master, Head Chef Cao, told me to send a message to you,\" said Zhao Xin suddenly.

\"Head Chef Cao?\" Yuan Zhou was a little puzzled.

In Yuan Zhou's eyes, Cao Zhishu was quite a well-mannered person. If he wanted to send him a message, he would surely come personally. How come he let his apprentice pass the message?

\"My master said the dishes prepared for the election of the Exemplary Restaurant can't be too spicy and too numb. The former three winners all got the championship that way,\" said Zhao Xin.

\"Okay. I got it.\" Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

After Zhao Xin passed the message and apologized twice to Yuan Zhou, he finally left and then Yuan Zhou shut the door.