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898 Ambassador

 \"The chairman is too kind. But it has been quite an inconvenience for Zhong Lili to have to wait that long,\" Yuan Zhou muttered when he returned to the restaurant and picked up the case again.

The case had a pretty reddish-brown color, and from the glossy surface of the case, it was obvious it was made using the best timber.

\"It even has a fragrance,\" Yuan Zhou said as he noticed the smell the case was emanating.

On the case was a copper buckle. Clack! Yuan Zhou unfastened the buckle and opened the case.

Yuan Zhou carefully opened the case, revealing the yellow papers within.

\"It's really something from a long time ago,\" Yuan Zhou said as he studied the words on the front page.

Facing an ancient text, Yuan Zhou did not pick it up immediately. Rather, he closed the case again and carefully set the case down on the table. He then turned and went to the kitchen to wash his hands.

He planned to only start looking at the ancient text after washing his hands and putting on a pair of gloves. This was a type of protection for the ancient text. Although Yuan Zhou was unaware of the worth of this ancient text, it still belonged to Chairman Zhou. He should return it in the exact shape he had gotten it.

Swosh! Swosh! Swosh! The water gushed down as Yuan Zhou seriously washed his hands.

Yuan Zhou washed his hands in a manner that was different than how a regular person would do it. He was very serious and meticulous when doing it. Germaphobes would definitely approve of the way he washed his hands. While he was washing his hands, the phone in his pocket started ringing.

\"Is it the chairman?\" Yuan Zhou paused slightly before wiping his hands dry and taking his phone out.

But the moment he took the phone out, he was stunned, \"Jiang Changxi?\"

The name appearing on his phone caused Yuan Zhou to hesitate.

After all, ever since Jiang Changxi had gotten Yuan Zhou's number, she had called him multiple times teasing him.

She would randomly offer to visit his bed, offer to go have a massage together, asking Yuan Zhou over late at night to repair her bedroom's door, and so on.

There was one time when Jiang Changxi claimed to have gotten drunk and got Yuan Zhou to send her off. Yuan Zhou had seriously called Master Huang, the driver she frequented.

At that time, Jiang Changxi told Yuan Zhou to send her to her home as she forgot her purse and would not be able to pay for the ride. Yuan Zhou replied saying he did not know where her house was and she could pay the driver the next day and directly left.

\"She's delusional if she thinks she can scam my money to pay for her ride. It's common knowledge she has an arrangement where she pays a monthly fee for her rides.\"

One should not blame Yuan Zhou for doing something that seemed to be the reason he would be without a girlfriend. In truth, he was clear that even if he had some other motives, nobody would be able to take advantage of Jiang Changxi.

Queen Jiang was still a queen even when drunk.

Simply put, due to Jiang Changxi's bad track record, when she called at night, Yuan Zhou hesitated to answer. He needed to focus on researching the Three Fragrance to the Ocean. It was too tiring to deal with Queen Jiang.

\"It's already quite late. I will just pretend I didn't notice her call. It should be believable. She won't come looking for trouble tomorrow, right?\" Yuan Zhou considered.

He did not answer, and the phone continued ringing.

\"Forget it. I'll answer,\" Yuan Zhou answered after the ringtone played two times.

After answering, he remained silent, waiting for Jiang Changxi to speak.

\"Compass, what are you doing? Reading and practicing cooking again?\" Jiang Changxi's voice rang out.

\"Um,\" Yuan Zhou gave a cautious reply.

\"You should loosen up every now and then. Take care of your neck and back. Since you spend long hours standing daily, it is easy for you to hurt your legs. You are still young. Let your older sister give you a massage...\" Jiang Changxi started offering him advice.

Yuan Zhou concluded that Jiang Changxi was calling to tease him again. After all, she would be giving him advice before she started her teasing.

And thus, Yuan Zhou listened on silently and gave no reply.

\"Forget it. I will stop nagging you. I need to talk to you about something. I, Ling Hong, and Wu Hai are planning to make a website,\" Jiang Changxi did not mind Yuan Zhou's silence. After speaking a long string of words, she shifted the topic.

\"Oh?\" Yuan Zhou blanked out as the shift was too sudden.

\"It's a website about delicacies. We are planning to have a conference call right now,\" Jiang Changxi explained.

\"Ok,\" Yuan Zhou replayed Jiang Changxi's words in his mind before agreeing.

\"Good. I will connect the call. We can have a discussion,\" Jiang Changxi said.

\"Ok,\" Yuan Zhou replied.

Although Yuan Zhou had no idea how did that website relate to him, he still agreed. After all, since it was related to delicacies, his interest was piqued.

\"I'll end the call first before making a conference call to you. Remember to answer the call,\" Jiang Changxi said and ended the call.

Jiang Changxi was still very efficient when there was proper business to attend to. Of course, teasing Yuan Zhou was not considered proper business.

Since Yuan Zhou had agreed to Jiang Changxi's request, he did not continue on with the ancient text. He carried the case upstairs and right after he sat down before his desk, his phone rang again. This time, Yuan Zhou immediately answered it.

\"Hello? Hello? Is it connected?\" Wu Hai's voice came out the moment he answered.

\"Yes,\" Yuan Zhou answered.

\"Compass is here. Where's No Discount Ling?\" Wu Hai asked.

\"You are too noisy. Look at how quiet Boss Yuan is,\" Ling Hong's voice sounded.

\"Alright, get down to business,\" Jiang Changxi suppressed them without giving them a chance to start bickering.

\"Yes. I agree. After thinking about it, I will be able to take charge of the art design of the website. Feel free to let me know your requirements and requests in terms of the art design,\" Wu Hai issued himself a task.

\"Give an explanation first,\" Ling Hong said. \"Compass must be totally lost.\"

\"I'll give a summary then,\" Jiang Changxi said.

\"Um,\" Yuan Zhou gave his signature short reply.

\"See, we are trying to start a website. For now, we are planning to have Compass as our image spokesperson, while I will be in charge of the daily operations. Yu Chu will be in charge of data, and there are a few unnamed youngsters in charge of auditing the data as well,\" Jiang Changxi explained.

\"And?\" Yuan Zhou was focusing on the explanation.

\"Wu Zhou will be in charge of coding the website. That is something he has been wanting to do for a while. Ling Hong will be in charge of marketing, and as Wu Hai said, he will be in charge of art,\" Jiang Changxi first voiced everyone's thoughts.

\"The website is my idea. It's not bad, right?\" Ling Hong claimed his credit.

\"Hoho,\" Wu Hai showed his disdain.

\"Shameless Wu,\" Ling Hong rebuked.

\"No bickering,\" Jiang Changxi said. Ling Hong and Wu Hai instantly stopped.

Jiang Changxi was probably the only person capable of stopping them with a single sentence.

\"What do you think, Yuan Zhou?\" Jiang Changxi asked after they regained silence.

\"What will I be in charge of?\" Yuan Zhou asked.

\"You are the master chef. So you will be our ambassador,\" said Ling Hong seriously. \"That will give more legitimacy to the website.\"

Yuan Zhou frowned. To give more legitimacy? Was there something illegitimate about the website?