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895 A Study On Magic

 Grandpa Jia and Grandfather Ling didn't talk in a loud voice, thus they wouldn't affect other customers. Actually, Grandpa Jia's voice was originally very loud and he always spoke loudly subconsciously. When he first came to Yuan Zhou's restaurant, he wasn't quite used to the quiet atmosphere. But luckily, he had got out of the habit after he came for a few times.

Just because of their low voice, Grandfather Ling dared to ask the three successive questions in public.

As for Ling Hong who had just entered the restaurant, he wittily got seated away from them in silence at that moment. He didn't even dare to say hi to them.

And meanwhile, the original purpose of Grandfather Ling coming to Yuan Zhou's restaurant was directly forgotten due to Grandpa Jia.

Therefore, the dinnertime passed smoothly. After dinner, Ling Hong watched his grandpa take Grandpa Jia's rickshaw to go back home unhurriedly.

\"Shen Min, I have to go out now. You attend to the restaurant,\" said Yuan Zhou immediately once the customers left.

\"Okay. Are you going out at this hour?\" Shen Min first nodded her head habitually. She only asked after she realized what Yuan Zhou had said.

\"I have something to do.\" With a nod, Yuan Zhou directly washed his hands in the hand sink and walked out of the kitchen.

\"Stay safe, Boss Yuan.\" Shen Min and Zhou Jia instructed him with one accord, \"Um. Be careful on the road, please!\"

Yuan Zhou nodded his head and answered Zhou Jia. Before she had time to say anything, he turned to Shen Min and said, \"Okay. Call me for anything you can't handle.\"

After that, Yuan Zhou turned around and walked out of the restaurant in quick steps.

Looking at Yuan Zhou's back, Shen Min was a little stupefied. It was the first time that she had seen Yuan Zhou go out so hurriedly.

However hurried he had been before, Yuan Zhou usually went upstairs and changed his clothes before he left. After all, there would inevitably be some flavor of oil and smoke after working for the whole evening.

\"There's definitely an emergency. Boss Yuan looks so hurried today,\" Shen Min said to Zhou Jia.

Zhou Jia nodded her head, \"The drinkers haven't arrived yet.\"

\"I don't know. Is it something troublesome?\" Shen Min was a little worried. She was thinking that she could help him if he was in trouble.

\"Judging from our boss's expression, he is fine. It should be alright,\" said Zhou Jia. Even she didn't know if she was comforting Shen Min or herself.

\"I'm going to prepare the liquor for the pub now,\" said Shen Min after she nodded her head.

\"Okay. I'll stay here at the counter and wait for them,\" Zhou Jia said proactively.

\"Okay,\" Shen Min answered without the need to be courteous. After all, one of them needed to stay there to attend to the restaurant.

In normal times, Yuan Zhou would stay at the counter and she would go to get things ready for the pub. And now, Zhou Jia would stay there in place of Yuan Zhou.

As Yuan Zhou wasn't here today, Zhou Jia directly stayed at the door and waited for the arrival of the customers.

Therefore, she began to greet the drinkers as soon as they arrived.

\"Hi, Mr. Wei. Hi, Brother Chen. Come on in, please.\" Looking at the two people approaching, Zhou Jia greeted them.

\"Um.\" Mr. Wei, namely Wei Wei's father, nodded his head slightly to Zhou Jia and then walked into the door of the sergestes wall landscape.

\"Why are you here today?\" Chen Wei nevertheless looked around at the restaurant.

\"My boss is out. I'm staying here to help to keep the business. And the liquor is still available in the pub.\" Zhou Jia knew Chen Wei very well. Once she began to speak, she brought out something that Chen Wei wanted to know best.

\"I'm not worrying about the liquor. Instead, what I worry about most is the living conditions of the single man,\" Chen Wei first nodded his head smilingly and then said with a straight face.

Chen Wei absolutely didn't dare to say that in the face of Boss Yuan. He only dared to say that for jokes when Yuan Zhou wasn't there.

\"You are speaking as if you have a girlfriend,\" while muttering, Zhou Jia said, \"Got it. Go ahead.\"

\"You mischievous young girl,\" after Chen Wei said that, he also went into the pub.

Those who arrived afterward were the drinkers who didn't often come to drink. Zhou Jia greeted each of them earnestly and then led them into the door.

Luckily, there weren't too many drinkers today, only five people. After all of them entered the restaurant, Zhou Jia slightly pulled down shutter door and then walked to the small courtyard and looked up. She wanted to see if Shen Min needed her help.

But when she looked up, she could only see the green bamboo leaves that emitted the sound in the wind.

\"There is not enough time left. It should be fine.\" Zhou Jia checked the time on her phone and decided to leave first.

She had to go to night classes in the evening. The time of staying over here just now had occupied her own dinnertime. If she went upstairs again, Zhou Jia feared that she wouldn't arrive for class on time.

\"Hua La.\" Zhou Jia shut down the door from outside and then ran towards the bus stop quickly. She didn't even have time to buy something to eat.

\"Hooo. Luckily, there is a bus now and I don't need to wait.\" Zhou Jia patted her chest and felt very lucky.

At the other side, Yuan Zhou got off the car at the corner of Tianxiang Street.

There was no other reason. It was because Tianxiang Street was an antiqued cultural street, which was quite narrow. Many people came for fun and there were even buses passing on the street. As a result, it was crowded with people and vehicles all year long. Therefore, no drivers wanted to drive inside. And naturally, Yuan Zhou also chose to get off the car outside the street as walking inside was faster than driving.

\"Ta Ta Ta\". Wearing a cyan, narrow-sleeved, straight robe, Yuan Zhou strode forward quickly and steadily in the street full of antiqued buildings with roofs curved upward. While walking forward, the dark fringes of lotus flowers embroidered along the lower hem slightly shimmered and looked quite beautiful.

Therefore, everybody that passed by him couldn't help turning to look at Yuan Zhou. However, Yuan Zhou behaved as if he had noticed nothing and just continued walking towards the teahouse, of which the address had been confirmed by him.

\"Teahouse.\" Yuan Zhou arrived at a teahouse, which was just called Teahouse.

Alike to the neighboring buildings, the teahouse was also an antiqued building. It had two floors and in the middle part, there was a wooden board hanging there, which showed the name Teahouse. Two waiters, who were dressed in a long gown and Chinese cap, were standing at both sides of the door. As soon as they saw Yuan Zhou heading for the teahouse, the taller one immediately went up to him.

\"How many? Drinking tea or listening to storytelling?\" The taller waiter asked neatly.

\"The latter one,\" said Yuan Zhou.

The taller waiter nodded his head and then led Yuan Zhou into the teahouse.

\"Attention! One for listening to storytelling. Prepare a big bowl of tea and serve it up.\" Once they stepped into the door, the taller waiter shouted.

\"This way, please.\" Immediately, another waiter came out and showed Yuan Zhou the seat. \"

At this time, the show was still going on in the main hall. It was a unique technique of carrying a water vat on one's head. An able-bodied man, who was dressed in a short Chinese-style unlined garment and looked to be in his fifties or sixties, was carrying a water vat, which was wider than a washbowl and as deep as an adult man's arm, on his head.

\"The show is still on.\" Yuan Zhou felt relieved inwardly.

\"Good! Great! Wonderful!\" Yuan Zhou had just got seated when the man on the stage rotated the water vat on his head twice. Then, there came a round of applause from the audience.

\"Really good.\" Yuan Zhou couldn't help heaving a sigh.

Such a performance required not only physical strength, but also precision and a long time of hard training.

Yuan Zhou watched the show while the waiter served the tea up to him quietly at the side.

\"Do you have the magic show today?\" During the gap of the show, Yuan Zhou stopped a waiter and asked.

\"What a coincidence! The next program is one,\" the waiter nodded his head and said smilingly.

\"What is the performance about today?\" Yuan Zhou felt delighted in his heart, but on the surface, he still asked lightly.

\"A magic show of manipulation. It's very interesting and attractive. Here's the list of the performances. Please have a look,\" while saying that, the waiter handed him a sheet of paper.

\"Okay, thank you.\" Yuan Zhou nodded his head and then directly found the details of the magic.

The magic tricks consisted of three types: manipulations, rubbing with the hands, carrying and hiding. And the performance later today was the magic of manipulations, Chinese Ring Puzzle.

\"Manipulations of the Chinese Ring Puzzle? It should be the hand technique.\" Yuan Zhou became more excited in his heart.

After all, he might have to study it carefully in preparation for dividing the different beans of the Tri-Color Beans.