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894 Getting Dumber With Age

 \"Eh, good, good, good!\" Grandpa Jia answered the greeting.

Ling Hong played his part and smiled. So now that he had a new grandfather, how about his old grandfather? Of course, he kept this thought to himself and did not dare to voice it. After all, it would be too embarrassing if he got beaten by his grandfather in front of the restaurant.

\"I'll be accepting this then, haha,\" said Grandpa Jia with a happy laugh.

After all, Grandpa Jia did not have any children of his own. Likewise, quite a few of the veteran soldiers from the war back then were disabled and had no children to take care of them. Grandpa Jia felt like he was already very fortunate to have the grandson of his old comrade-in-arms to call him grandfather. To suddenly get a grandson, he was very happy.

\"I am serious. Back then, without you, I wouldn't even have lived until today,\" repeated Grandfather Ling solemnly.

\"Yeah, yeah, stop repeating the past. You're talking so much it's like you're a radio or something,\" Grandpa Jia said with a wave of his hand.

When Ling Hong saw that Grandpa Jia seemed to not care about the past while Grandfather Ling was about to repeat the same words again, he spoke.

\"Grandfather Jia, what's with the Chives Scrambled Eggs joke?\" Ling Hong asked.

Ling Hong naturally had his reasons to interrupt the conversation. After all, the two were already quite old. It would be bad for them to get overly excited and emotional.

\"He will definitely not tell you about it. That is something very funny,\" said Grandpa Jia teasingly.

\"Yes. Grandfather has never told us. But anytime he gets excited, he will be saying Chives Scrambled Eggs. The only thing I know is that the people at Yangzhou have a habit of saying Chives Scrambled Onions, which is a slang term for 'Oh my god! Amazing!' to them,\" Ling Hong said with a shrug.

\"Yes, that's the origin of your grandfather's Chives Scrambled Eggs,\" said Grandpa Jia with a nod.

\"But Chives Scrambled Eggs are different from Chives Scrambled Onions,\" Ling Hong asked.

\"Stop being a busybody. Focus on the line so we can get to eat later,\" Grandfather Ling immediately interrupted, trying to prevent Grandpa Jia from telling the joke on his expense.

\"It's not that big of a secret. I need to enlighten your grandson about that. You are quite a glutton yourself, haha,\" said Grandpa Jia as he pointed at Grandfather Ling.

\"Class Monitor Jia, let's change the topic,\" said Grandfather Ling helplessly.

\"But I was looking forward to that,\" muttered Grandpa Jia. Then, he spoke loudly to Ling Hong, \"Back then, one of the soldiers in our army was from Yangzhou. He would always repeat the 'Chives Scrambled Onions' saying, but your grandfather had taken the liberty to switch the onions with eggs because he disliked onions.\"

\"Ah?\" Ling Hong stared at his grandfather, speechless.

\"We were in a bad situation and were fighting a war abroad. The chefs would never have easily spoiled produces like chives. Most of the time, we will only have potatoes or cabbages and no spices. And thus, your grandfather started saying 'Chives Scrambled Eggs' every single day,\" Grandpa Jia said.

\"As if you weren't one of us who badly wanted to have a meal of Chives Scrambled Eggs as well back then,\" grumbled Grandfather Ling.

\"Of course I also wanted to eat it badly, but you are the only one to keep repeating it back then,\" said Grandpa Jia.

The two old men and Ling Hong continued their conversation and nobody disturbed them. All the customers around them were listening on silently.

\"Dinnertime is starting soon. Please line up to get your numbers,\" Zhou Jia's voice sounded.

\"Grandfather, Grandfather Jia, so are we still eating here?\" Ling Hong asked.

\"Of course. Let your grandfather try Boss Yuan's Chives Scrambled Eggs,\" said Grandpa Jia.

\"But there's no such dish on Boss Yuan's menu,\" Ling Hong said helplessly.

\"I think so. Looks like you won't get to eat Chives Scrambled Eggs today, Ling Little Six,\" said Grandpa Jia when he recalled that this dish was indeed not on Yuan Zhou's menu.

\"It hasn't been my favorite dish for a very long time. You're the only one to keep repeating it,\" said Grandfather Ling.

\"Yes, yes, you don't like the dish. You only like talking about it,\" said Grandpa Jia with a smile.

\"In truth, grandfather enjoys eating Chives Scrambled Eggs at home,\" Ling Hong countered his grandfather. It was unknown where he had mustered the courage to do so as he had not been drinking.

\"See, I'm not the one saying that. Even your grandson know you love that dish,\" teased Grandpa Jia with a smile.

\"This kid never does any proper business and only spend his time talking drivel,\" grumbled Grandfather Ling.

They continued chatting and before long, they got their numbers. Grandpa Jia was the one guiding Grandfather Ling on how to get a number.

Yuan Zhou was unaware of what was happening outside the restaurant. When dinner time was getting near, he started getting ready for the orders of the customers.

\"Dinnertime ends at eight, so I will be able to reach the Auspicious Alley by eight-thirty. I can even watch some shows there before asking if there are any magic shows,\" Yuan Zhou planned.

That's right. Yuan Zhou planned to head toward that place right after dinner time. By doing that, he would be able to find out if there were any magicians there today.

No matter how one looked at it, completing a lost dish in three days was an extremely difficult task. Yuan Zhou had to make full use of his time.

Ling Hong arrived quite early with Grandfather Ling. Therefore, they were the last of the first batch to get their numbers. However, when getting their numbers, Grandfather Ling had pushed his grandson away, and had gotten the numbers with Grandpa Jia instead.

And thus, among the first batch to enter the restaurant were regulars like Wu Hai and the two old men. Ling Hong had been pushed to the second batch instead.

\"Is he really my grandfather?\" Ling Hong lamented outside.

By the side, Zhou Jia couldn't help but laugh before entering the restaurant when she heard his words.

Grandfather Ling had never been here. When he entered, he found that the restaurant was very small and had no idea where he should sit. Two young men who entered before them moved to the seats at the far side of the restaurant and emptied the two seats nearer to the door for the two old men.

Grandpa Jia said happily, \"Thank you, young men.\"

The two young men smiled and did not say anything.

Then, Grandpa Jia pulled Grandfather Ling along and sat down. He did not forget to greet Yuan Zhou, \"Boss Yuan, I brought a new customer today. This is my comrade-in-arms.\"

\"Hello,\" Yuan Zhou turned and greeted them seriously.

\"This is my comrade-in-arms, Ling Little Six. This is Boss Yuan, very good in cooking,\" introduced Grandpa Jia happily.

How would Grandfather Ling not know Yuan Zhou's name? He still remembered the Keemun Black Tea incident. But since he was in a good mood, he did not feel like mentioning that. Thus, he nodded in greeting.

Boss Yuan was indeed a lucky person. Without even knowing it, he dodged a calamity.

\"Grandpa Jia and the other grandpa, what do you want to eat today?\" Yuan Zhou asked.

\"Look at the menu and see what you want. I will buy you an Egg Fried Rice,\" said Grandpa Jia as he pushed the menu to Grandfather Ling in excitement.

The moment Grandfather Ling saw the prices on the menu, he frowned. Grandpa Jia teased, \"We won't get to eat any Chives Scrambled Eggs today, but we can settle with eggs.\"

\"Why are you still talking about that?\" replied Grandfather Ling helplessly.

\"Two Egg Fried Rice. I don't want the set meal,\" Grandpa Jia said.

\"Ok, please be seated,\" Yuan Zhou nodded and went to the kitchen.

The moment Yuan Zhou left, Grandfather Ling glared at Grandpa Jia with his eyes red.

\"Class Monitor Jia, why are you eating only Egg Fried Rice? It's lacking in nutrition,\" said Grandfather Ling. He took a deep breath and continued, \"And why are you not taking the Egg Fried Rice set meal?\"

\"The set meal is pricier. I only need to spend about two or three thousand per month here since I will only come three times per month. In any case, the only additional dishes in the set meal are some carrots and seaweed soup,\" said Grandpa Jia with a wave of his hand.

Grandfather Ling could no longer hold his emotions when he heard the two or three thousand per month and three times per month. He said, \"No matter what, you are still a war hero. You can't even afford a set meal?\"

\"Where is the country?\"

\"Where's the pension from the country?\" asked Grandfather Ling as he stood up in agitation.

\"I'm not crippled. Why do I need the country to feed me?\" asked Grandpa Jia.

Grandfather Ling replied, \"That pension is something you deserve!\"

\"Are you getting dumber with age? Since I can feed myself, why do I need the pension?\" said Grandpa Jia as he rolled his eyes.