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891 Conquering the Tri-Color Beans

 Zhou Shijie cherished Yuan Zhou like his own disciple and was hoping Yuan Zhou could suffer some hardships in his path of cooking so as to temper his mental state, making his future progress easier.

But on the other hand, Zhou Shijie also wished that Yuan Zhou could continue his smooth sailing. He was extremely conflicted inwardly.

And thus, when Zhou Shijie heard that the carpenter was testing Yuan Zhou with a dish that had been extinct for several centuries, worry welled within his heart.

When Zhou Shijie called, Yuan Zhou had just arrived at the entrance of Jinfa Wholesale Market, preparing to call a taxi and leave.

Since he had already agreed to the carpenter's request, he would naturally not waste his time strolling around. He planned to immediately start researching the Tri-Color Beans. First, he would buy some peas, red beans, and soybeans, while making sure that the beans were similar in size.

While Yuan Zhou was completely lost and was about to ask the system, Zhou Shijie called.

\"Chairman?\" Yuan Zhou answered.

\"Little Yuan, how have you been doing?\" Zhou Shijie asked amicably.

\"I'm doing well. Nothing changed,\" Yuan Zhou said.

\"Good to hear. How about your work recently?\" Zhou Shijie asked.

\"I train daily,\" Yuan Zhou said.

\"Good. Knife skills are the foundation of a chef.\" Zhou Shijie shifted the topic, \"My youngest son has just finished studying abroad and is about to return. I am thinking of bringing him to have a meal at your restaurant, to show him the beauty of Chinese Cuisine.\"

Yuan Zhou agreed. In truth, Zhou Shijie had his own plans for this. His youngest son was about 20 years old. Most families would spoil their youngest child, and likewise, Zhou Shijie loved this youngest son of his very much. From childhood, this child had been allowed to follow his aunt to study abroad.

Although Zhou Shijie had never forced his youngest son to inherit his cooking skills, he still wished his youngest son could maintain a healthy respect towards Chinese Cuisine. He felt that since Yuan Zhou was of similar age as his youngest son, Yuan Zhou would be able to teach his son some of that respect.

Zhou Shijie changed the topic again, \"Are you looking for a carpenter?\"

\"Yes. I'm planning to have a cabinet made to store some things,\" Yuan Zhou was not surprised to Zhou Shijie finding out about this. Nowadays, everything was a phone call or a text message away.

\"The Tri-Color Beans requested by that old man are originally known as Three Fragrance to the Ocean, discovered from an ancient text written by Song Zazu from late Ming Dynasty,\" Zhou Shijie did not ask anything and started talking about the origin of Tri-Color Beans.

\"To research his woodworking skills, that carpenter often comb through ancient texts, and discovered the existence of this dish. In the ancient text, only a simple description was given for this dish.\" Zhou Shijie continued, \"Something like 'Goodness, three beans rich in fragrance, akin to the ocean'. I don't really know much.\"

\"Thank you, chairman,\" Yuan Zhou said as he started contemplating on the meaning of 'akin to ocean'.

\"Don't worry about it. I'm not finished. I tried making this dish before, but failed. I can't say for sure if this dish existed for real, but the difficulty in restoring it is definitely high,\" Zhou Shijie said.

\"I will try my best,\" Yuan Zhou said seriously.

\"I know you will. But it doesn't matter if you end up failing. It's not hard to get a cabinet. If it comes to it, I can make for you,\" Zhou Shijie said with a smile.

\"I thought you are a chef? You know how to make furniture as well?\" Yuan Zhou asked in astonishment.

\"You got it wrong. What I meant was I will visit the old man with my knife, requesting him to make a cabinet,\" Zhou Shijie said.

\"Oh, oh. Don't worry about it. Thank you, chairman,\" Yuan Zhou said as he helplessly rejected the offer.

\"Ok. If you do manage to make this dish, remember to give me a call,\" Zhou Shijie reminded.

\"Will do,\" Yuan Zhou agreed.

\"Alright. I will get Lili to deliver some books of Song Zazu to over to you,\" Zhou Shijie said.

\"Many thanks, chairman,\" Yuan Zhou thanked seriously.

Yuan Zhou was naturally touched for Zhou Shijie's willingness to lend him a late Ming Dynasty ancient text without hesitation.

\"Yeah, yeah. Don't mention it. If you do manage to restore the dish, it will be a great milestone for us in the cooking field. What's an ancient text compared to that?\" Zhou Shijie said heroically.

\"I will definitely be successful,\" Yuan Zhou promised.

\"Ok. I'll be waiting to see that old man's shocked face,\" Zhou Shijie said with a wide smile.

\"Um,\" Yuan Zhou nodded.

\"Ok, I won't say more. Continue your research,\" Zhou Shijie said.

\"Ok. Bye, chairman,\" Yuan Zhou prepared to end the call.

\"By the way, take it easy when flipping through the ancient text,\" Zhou Shijie said.

\"Got it. Don't worry,\" Yuan Zhou felt like laughing, but he held himself back and promised.

He originally thought that Zhou Shijie was so heroic he cared little for even a late Ming Dynasty ancient text. But now, it would seem like he still loved those ancient texts dearly.

But because of that realization, Yuan Zhou was even more touched.

After ending the call, Yuan Zhou left on a taxi.

Since he was lacking in time, the moment he got on the taxi, he shut his eyes and started questioning the system.

When the driver saw Yuan Zhou had his eyes shut silently, he remained silent and drove toward the destination.

This was how the taxi drivers of Chengdu would behave. They were capable of both having a lively discussion with their customers and giving their customers a peaceful and smooth trip.

The moment Yuan Zhou shut his eyes, he asked inwardly, \"System, I have something about cooking to ask you.\"

The system displayed, \"Say it.\"

\"Tsk, tsk. Look at how cold you are,\" Yuan Zhou berated.

The system displayed, \"Please say it, host, little comrade.\"

\"Cough, cough. I prefer it when you remain cold,\" Yuan Zhou replied. He had to resist from coughing out loud.

\"System, do you have any information about Tri-Color Beans?\" Yuan Zhou asked directly to prevent the system from saying something shocking again.

\"The Tri-Color Beans is also known as Three Fragrance to the Ocean, a dish written in the ancient text of Song Zazu during the late Ming Dynasty,\" Yuan Zhou added.

The system displayed, \"Yes.\"

\"Excellent. Can I have a look?\" Yuan Zhou asked.

The system displayed, \"No.\"

\"Why?\" Yuan Zhou asked.

The system displayed, \"This dish is considered as a lost dish. It is not part of any rewards, thus, the information can't be shared.\"

\"Heh, what's the point of your existence, system?\" Yuan Zhou replied.

The system displayed, \"I am confident in your ability to independently restore this dish.\"

\"Weird system. Fine, go back to your rest,\" Yuan Zhou no longer felt like talking to the system, especially since the system was calling him little comrade.

\"Since the system does not allow me to see the information there, I will have to reply on the ancient text. But Chairman Zhou mentioned that only a short description was given. If so, I will have very little point of reference,\" Yuan Zhou analyzed.

\"Sir, where can I watch magic shows?\" Yuan Zhou suddenly opened his eyes and asked.

\"Oh? You want to watch a magic show?\" asked the driver who was stunned by the question.

\"Yes. Where can I watch one?\" Yuan Zhou asked.

\"I recall you can watch face-changing performance in Chengdu, but I don't know about any magic shows,\" said the driver as he shook his head.

\"Face-changing?\" Yuan Zhou mumbled.

\"Yes, face-changing. It was available in the teahouse at the Auspicious Alley the other day. It's a very interesting show,\" lamented the driver in admiration.

\"Is it still available?\" Yuan Zhou asked.

\"Definitely not now. It will only start at seven in the evening. But the performance there changes daily. So you might get to watch a magic show after all,\" said the driver.

\"How long does a performance usually takes?\" Yuan Zhou asked.

\"About nine minutes,\" replied the driver.

\"Looks like I need to get a magician to ask about bean magic tricks,\" Yuan Zhou contemplated. He remembered watching some amazing bean magic tricks on the TV.

\"We're here, young man,\" said the driver as he stopped the car.

\"Thank you,\" Yuan Zhou paid the fee.

\"Young man, you look familiar,\" said the driver while Yuan Zhou was paying.

\"I resemble that handsome, smart, and fashionable celebrity chef, Yuan Zhou. Am I right?\" Yuan Zhou said unhurriedly.

\"Yes, you do resemble him,\" the driver nodded repeatedly. Then, he added, \"I don't think he's that handsome, and I don't know if he's smart, but I know he has a great background. Even the number one person of Sichuan is a frequent customer of his. How can that be if that Yuan Zhou is without a great background?\"

Yuan Zhou asked instinctively, \"Why do I not know about that?\"

Number one person? What was going on?

\"Of course you don't know. Let me tell you.\" The taxi driver had a 'let me educate you' look on his face as he spoke, \"Think about it. Behind Taoxi Road is a commercial complex. In that area, old buildings are being demolished for development purposes, but only Taoxi Road is untouched. Will that be possible without a great background?\"

Yuan Zhou gave it a thought and found that it was logical. He could not counter that at all.

\"Therefore, this is a world where one will not be able to survive without any connections,\" concluded the driver who then proceeded to lament of how he was a person with talent yet lacked opportunity.

Eventually, when a horn sounded behind the taxi, the driver realized he was blocking the way. After accepting the money, the driver said a bit more with a smile before leaving.