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887 Go Back Home And Ea

 "Compass, what are you blanking out for?" Sun Ming asked curiously.

"Nothing," Yuan Zhou replied as he recovered from his thoughts.

"I don't see a heater around. Should I get one for you?" Sun Ming suggested.

"It is spring and summer is not far away," Yuan Zhou said.

"I'll get you a hot and cold air conditioner then," Sun Ming suggested without hesitation.

"You think it's cold here?" Yuan Zhou questioned.

"Not really. That's kind of weird, by the way. But when it gets hot during the summer, you can put the air conditioner to use," Sun Ming said after shaking his head.

"Don't worry. It's not hot during summer. My place is warm during winter and cool during the summer." Yuan Zhou emphasized, "In any case, I don't have any space for an air conditioner in my room."

"No. I need to be able to report back to my parents." Sun Ming said, "Just choose something for me."

"I'll tell you when I think of something," Yuan Zhou gave a smart reply.

"Are you sure?" Sun Ming looked at Yuan Zhou doubtfully.

In his opinion, Yuan Zhou would never ask for something from someone. Thus, he was doubtful of Yuan Zhou's words.

"Um, I won't lie," Yuan Zhou nodded.

"True. You are a man of your words," Sun Ming said with some hesitation.

That's right. Although Yuan Zhou was not one to ask for something from others, he was indeed a man of his words and had never lied.

"Ok, let's go back down," Yuan Zhou said.

"Sure. There's no beauty or secret to be unfolded here anyway. It's not a good place to loiter around," Sun Ming said with a smile.

"Leave quickly then," Yuan Zhou grumbled.

"Yeah, yeah, leaving now," Sun Ming said as he started heading downstairs.

When walking by the door of the room next door, Sun Ming glanced over at the doorknob and the door itself. Both were extremely clean, obviously a room that was still frequently entered.

Sun Ming knew that this was definitely the room of Yuan Zhou's parents. Even though he had never came upstairs, he knew just by guessing. Of course, he kept his mouth shut and did not say anything.

"Let's go," Yuan Zhou shut the door and started going down the stairs.

"Ok. I won't bother returning to the restaurant as well. I still need to go back and open my store for business," Sun Ming said when they reached the back door.

"You are probably in a rush to see your goddess," Yuan Zhou spoke candidly.

"It's good that you know. See you. I'll come for a meal next time and it's your treat, of course," Sun Ming said as he walked away while waving his hand.

"That will depend on my mood. See you," Yuan Zhou said.

Sun Ming ignored Yuan Zhou's refusal. After waving his hand, he walked out of the alley. Yuan Zhou stayed there until he could no longer see Sun Ming before returning to the restaurant.

Standing at the brightly lit kitchen and looking at the cabinets all around, Yuan Zhou suddenly thought of something, "I think I need to get another cabinet."

"A cabinet to store these articles," Yuan Zhou repeated.

Yuan Zhou was naturally referring to the articles such as the boxer gloves and the invitation cards. It did not feel right putting them on the shelf.

"I'll go to visit Furniture City tomorrow. The new cabinet will be placed right under the window. There's still an empty space there," Yuan Zhou made his plan.

"Looking at the time, I should start preparing dinner ingredients," Yuan Zhou said after checking the time and started busying himself again.

When night arrived, Zhou Jia arrived as usual and waited at the back door, waiting for it to be opened. As for the other customers, they were all lining up accordingly.

The hawkers were hawking their wares without stop and the entire street was bustling. Due to the crowd, the business of the stores in the area had improved as well.

At the same time, a group of people were heading towards the restaurant. They were all girls, each of them had delicate makeup and were dressed fashionably. Every one of them was holding a selfie stick.

"Come, come, that is the Yuan Zhou's restaurant, also known as the Master Chef Restaurant," said a cheerful girl as she started taking pictures with her selfie stick.

Naturally, the background of her pictures were the crowd in the queue and the restaurant without a signboard.

"This is the restaurant of the great ice sculptor. Look, there are so many people here. Let's go take some selfies."

"So do you know that cooked wheaten food master that is very popular online? Here, this is his restaurant, the restaurant of an Internet celebrity."

"Come, come, let's take some selfies."

"This is the restaurant my idol once filmed a show at. Let's take a selfie."

"Hey, I want to get in the picture as well. When posting the picture, tag me as well."

With the people from the Queuing Committee around, these people all behaved themselves. These were the people that would come take pictures after Yuan Zhou got popular online for various reasons recently.

The number of these people was quite large. Fortunately, there were people from the Queuing Committee keeping order. Although these people were all excited, they still followed the rules and thus had caused no disturbance.

"Hu, lucky me. I think I can still get a number," while they were busy taking pictures, Ling Hong ran into the line.

It was less than 20 minutes away from dinner time.

Time passed in the blink of an eye.

Whoosh! Yuan Zhou opened the door, indicating that the restaurant would be open for business soon.

"Line up over here and get your numbers. Thank you," Zhou Jia's voice sounded.

Lining up to get a number wasn't too big of trouble. Before long, the customers got their numbers. As for those behind the queue who did not manage to get a number, they went to rest under the tents. Ling Hong was among them.

"Ling Hong? Why are you here?" asked Jiang Changxi.

"Here to eat something," Ling Hong said while waving his hair in a confident and carefree manner.

"I thought you were having dinner at home?" Jiang Changxi asked suspiciously.

"This is a before-dinner meal," Ling Hong replied.

"You are acting weirdly. I reckon you are planning something bad," Jiang Changxi got straight to the point.

"No way. I'm being totally kind," Ling Hong said as a wide and bright smile unfolded on his face, showing off his extremely white teeth.

"I won't believe you," Jiang Changxi said.

"I'm telling the truth," Ling Hong nodded.

The friendly exchange between Yuan Zhou and Cao Zhishu ended today, but not many people were aware of the entire thing. After all, Yuan Zhou was not one to do excessive promotion for a friendly exchange.

He had always regarded himself as a low profiled person.

And thus, the customers remained calm today, none of them asked anything about the exchange.

Ling Hong was the last batch of customers to get a number. After about an hour of waiting, it was their turn to eat. And when they entered, they found that someone was missing today.

"I feel like something is missing today," Ling Hong said while looking around after sitting down.

"Yes, Master Cheng is not here today," Zhou Jia said.

"Oh, no wonder I feel like something is missing from the background," Ling Hong would frequently bicker with Master Cheng.

"What are you eating today, Brother Hong?" Zhou Jia asked.

"One Herbal Tea Egg. That's all," Ling Hong said.

"Anything else?" Zhou Jia asked.

After all, Ling Hong ordinarily ate a lot. A single serving of Herbal Tea Eggs was definitely not enough for him.

"It's ok. Just one Herbal Tea Eggs. But tell Compass to add some tea in the Herbal Tea Eggs," Ling Hong said seriously.

"Ok," Zhou Jia agreed after glancing at Ling Hong.

"The money is already transferred," Ling Hong said as he showed his phone.

Zhou Jia nodded and went passing the order to Yuan Zhou. When Yuan Zhou saw the order, he spoke, "Ling Hong, why do you want to add extra tea?"

"Because I need to eat at home today," Ling Hong spoke in a mysterious manner.