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886 The Precious Gloves

 "So this is the alley behind the restaurant? Although it is the back alley, it is quite clean," Sun Ming observed. Usually, the back alley of a restaurant would be very dirty, but Yuan Zhou's restaurant was an exception.

"We are only a wall away from there," Yuan Zhou pointed at the skyscrapers not far away.

This gave off a feeling of separation between the rich and the poor. On the other side of the wall were numerous luxurious office buildings while at this side, the tallest buildings were the two-floor buildings. By comparison, this area did look poor.

Of course, the poor was only true before Yuan Zhou's restaurant was opened.

"Yeah, it's indeed near. Eh, isn't this Broth? So this is where you stay during day time?" Sun Ming greeted passionately the moment he saw Broth.

"Woof," Broth barked, seemingly greeting him.

"Haha, Broth is a good boy. I'll bring you some ham sausages next time," Sun Ming said happily.

Yuan Zhou glanced at Broth and Sun Ming before berating inwardly, "This fellow never offers me any greetings but is greeting Sun Ming instead. I have been feeding him for nothing."

"Let's go," Yuan Zhou said as he stopped looking and walked inside.

"Hoho, this is my first time here in your kitchen," Sun Ming said as he looked around. Of course, he kept his hands to himself and wasn't touching anything."

"Of course," Yuan Zhou said.

"This way," Yuan Zhou said as he pointed at the staircase. The kitchen was still very bright since he had not switched off the light earlier.

"If you can show this place to a girl, she will definitely be very excited. Unfortunately, you only have a coarse man like me to show around," Sun Ming lamented.

"Piss off," Yuan Zhou said.

"Then again, your bedroom must be the same as your person, completely devoid of anything," Sun Ming said while climbing the stairs.

It was a short climb and the two took a short time to reach upstairs. Although Sun Ming never stopped talking, he had been behaving himself and hadn't touched anything. He had remained behind Yuan Zhou all the time.

"This is my room. I don't lack anything," Yuan Zhou said seriously after he opened the door of his bedroom.

"I can't disobey my mom's orders. I will take a look for myself," Sun Ming shrugged and rubbed his chubby belly.

"By the way, I thought you were riding a bicycle nowadays?" Yuan Zhou suddenly recalled that Sun Ming had been learning to ride a bicycle a few months ago.

At that time, Sun Ming stubbornly insisted to start riding a bicycle in order to court his goddess. He even planned to sell his store away and stake it all in bicycle riding. But without Sun Ming telling, Yuan Zhou was already aware that there must have been a huge argument in Sun Ming's home due to this.

But it would seem like they were no longer arguing.

"Cough, cough," Sun Ming pretended to cough to avoid answering.

"You must have given up again," Yuan Zhou said.

"If you are a brother, don't ask. We should never look in the past," Sun Ming said as he urged Yuan Zhou to enter.

Yuan Zhou immediately understood. There were times when being stubborn might not make something happen. Sun Ming was much lacking in patience than he had expected.

"Come in," Yuan Zhou opened the door. Sun Ming immediately glanced inside.

Yuan Zhou's room was different than his. Within it was a single bed. The bed was very clean and neat. Beside the bed was a cabinet with a row of books. One of the books was left open to the side. There was also a brand new computer on it, with a chair beside the cabinet. It would seem like this was both a working space and a reading room.

Opposite the bed was a wardrobe with its wood-colored door was tightly shut. Beside the wardrobe was a long shelf where another row of books laid. There were other things on the shelf as well, with a case at the middle of the shelf being rather conspicuous as it looked like there was something valuable within.

The window directly facing the door was opened, with a cool breeze blowing inside the room. The air within the room was fresh yet not cold. The curtains were cyan in color, giving off a fresh and cool feeling.

The entire room looked simple yet neat, much cleaner than before the restaurant opened. This was Yuan Zhou's room.

"Not bad, my man. You are keeping your room neat all by yourself," Sun Ming remarked as he entered. "As the saying goes, if a bedroom is neat and without any smell, there are only two possibilities."

Yuan Zhou remained in silence, as if he hadn't heard anything. Sun Ming felt odd as usually, people would further question when he said something like that.

"Are you not curious as to what I'm talking about?" Sun Ming asked.

"No, and I don't want to know," Yuan Zhou rejected, causing Sun Ming to choke on his own words.

After being snubbed, Sun Ming started sizing up the room in an attempt to shift the topic. Ultimately, the atmosphere in the room turned awkward, forcing Sun Ming to return to his task at hand.

"Your room doesn't feel cold or lacking anything. You might as well tell me directly what you need," Sun Ming asked with a frown after he toured the room.

"It's fine. Thank your mother for me," Yuan Zhou said after a pause.

"If you don't tell me anything, my mom will think I'm lying and only pretended I was here," Sun Ming grumbled.

"I really don't need anything," Yuan Zhou replied after thinking about it. He really needed nothing.

"What is this?" Sun Ming asked curiously after his gaze landed on the case again.

After all, the case was too conspicuous in this tiny room.

"A case with a pair of boxing gloves within," Yuan Zhou slapped Sun Ming's hand that was reaching for the case before explaining.

"Boxing gloves? You're boxing as well?" Sun Ming asked curiously.

"No," Yuan Zhou replied.

"Why did you bought such an expensive pair of gloves then? For collecting? Which popular boxer's gloves is this?" Sun Ming asked.

"I didn't buy it," Yuan Zhou said.

"There are no signatures on it. I wonder which boxer it belonged to. It is not cheap, a couple hundred dollars in USD," Sun Ming said after looking at the symbol on the case. It was unknown how he knew so much.

"Yes. It is very expensive and it belonged to a very good boxer," Yuan Zhou nodded.

While he spoke, Yuan Zhou recalled the boxer who always came to the restaurant badly bruised. Each time he came, he would tell Yuan Zhou the result of his fight.

Subsequently, the boxer stopped coming. Yuan Zhou still remembered that this pair of gloves was bought by the boxer the day before he came to the restaurant.

This pair of gloves was the one he used for the match that night. Of course, when he arrived, he was bruised all over as usual. As usual, Yuan Zhou gave him a towel to wipe himself clean. On that day, the boxer was in a very good mood, with a smile covering his bruised face.

"Wipe yourself, don't drip any blood in my bowl," Yuan Zhou said.

"Heh heh, Boss Yuan, I won," said the boxer with a smile as he took the towel.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"Look at this pair of gloves. Isn't it pretty," the boxer showed off as he waved the gloves before Yuan Zhou.

"Not bad, it's new," Yuan Zhou nodded.

"Of course. I bought it after saving for two months. It's very good, something I got someone to buy for me overseas. You can't even find it here," said the boxer.

"Yo, the gloves look nice," said Ling Hong as he stretched his neck to have a look.

"Of course, it's very expensive," the boxer nodded.

"Boss Yuan, can I wipe it with the towel," asked the boxer in hesitation. He was not wiping his blood with it.

"Sure." Yuan Zhou nodded.

"Thank you," the boxer thanked and started seriously wiping his gloves with a solemn expression.

Since then, each time the boxer came, he would first wipe his gloves before taking care of his wounds. For him, this pair of gloves was extremely important.

It was his tool of making a living. Now, Yuan Zhou had the gloves for safekeeping, waiting for the boxer to come and retrieve it.

Fortunately, Yuan Zhou had researched on the Internet on the proper method of taking care of boxing gloves. He had also asked others about it. Therefore, if one opened the case, one would be able to see a perfectly new pair of gloves.