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875 Mortal Enemy

 After the pub's business hours ended, Shen Min was in charge of closing up. Yuan Zhou found some idle time and, carrying the broth he prepared, he headed towards the back alley.

Time to feed Broth.

"Being in a relationship helps losing weight? I wonder if it also helps to build abdominal muscles. Unfortunately, I am like you, single," Yuan Zhou mumbled to Broth who was drinking the broth.

"Woof," Broth raised his head and looked at Yuan Zhou doubtfully before continued drinking the broth.

As usual, when about half the bowl was left, Broth barked two times. Then, the yellow dog came to drink the broth.

Yuan Zhou sank into a short contemplation when he saw this, "Damn, I forget you already have a companion. Good."

"Very good, you damned dog. Bye, damned dog," Yuan Zhou said and returned to his restaurant.

"Double damage," Yuan Zhou muttered and went upstairs, preparing to start reading.

That's right. He was making his preparations as tomorrow would be the day he goes to the Shu Restaurant.

The document Yuan Zhou received had an introduction on Cao Zhishu's signature dishes and his contact details.

The contact details were naturally to confirm the date and time. It was very rare for Yuan Zhou to call someone on his phone. He decided to visit the Shu Restaurant at 3:00 pm tomorrow.

Visiting at such an hour would naturally not hinder the business of both restaurants. Yuan Zhou had thought it out before setting the time.

"I wonder how many of Cao Zhishu's signature dishes will I get to eat tomorrow," a sense of expectation welled within Yuan Zhou's heart.

Yuan Zhou continued reading and relaxing until Shen Min was done closing up and left on a bus before he started washing up and going to bed.

As usual, Yuan Zhou had a good night's sleep. Early in the morning, he woke up, exercised, and opened the restaurant. He did everything as usual and nobody could see that he had an appointment today.

When lunchtime ended, Master Cheng asked him about it.

"Master Yuan, are you visiting the Shu Restaurant today?" Master Cheng asked, a conflicted emotion on his face.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"Do you need me to go with you?" Master Cheng asked seriously.

Yuan Zhou did not answer immediately. He turned and gazed at Master Cheng with a doubtful look.

Yes, he was suspicious because usually, Master Cheng would look for an excuse to go together instead of asking if he could go together.

Yuan Zhou could see the hesitation on Master Cheng's face so he did not say much. He directly answered, "No."

"Ok. I will send you there instead, then. I know the way," Master Cheng heaved a sigh of relief and offered.

Master Cheng was indeed unwilling to go to the Shu Restaurant.

"I'll be taking a taxi," Yuan Zhou said.

"No, it is only proper for me to drive you there," Master Cheng said joyfully.

"There's no need for that. You're not my disciple," Yuan Zhou repeated.

"I know. I am merely feeling bad for learning your skills for free and want to do something for you. Don't stop me," Master Cheng was already used to Yuan Zhou's denial. He still offered seriously.

"Fine," Yuan Zhou agreed.

In his view, Master Cheng was right. Master Cheng had indeed learned his skills even if he hadn't be given any proper lessons.

This was why Yuan Zhou would often call Master Cheng over to watch him as he cooked.

"Good. Go get changed. I will wait here," Master Cheng said.

"Um," Yuan Zhou nodded and went upstairs to wash up. After he took his own chopsticks and spoon, he went downstairs.

"Let's go," Yuan Zhou walked in front and the two headed towards the intersection of the street.

It was worth noting that since Yuan Zhou's restaurant got popular, the economic situation of this street had been rejuvenated, followed by a rejuvenation of the entire district.

The clearest indication of this was exactly opposite of Taoxi Road, a huge parking lot had appeared. The business of this parking lot was very good. Like the parking lots at the commercial districts, it would be filled with vehicles everyday.

Master Cheng, Ling Hong, and Wu Hai's manager Zheng Jiawei had all obtained a parking spot here. Of course, they had all relied on Ling Hong's connections to get it.

With this, they could easily park whenever they came eating at Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

Presently, Yuan Zhou and Master Cheng were heading towards the parking lot as Master Cheng's car was parked there.

"Master Yuan, I'll go get my car. Please wait a moment," Master Cheng said after looking at the road.

"Ok, be careful," Yuan Zhou said.

"Don't worry. I'm a careful driver," Master Cheng nodded and said.

Yuan Zhou gave no reply. He nodded and Master Cheng left.

After Master Cheng left, Yuan Zhou muttered doubtfully, "I wonder what's the matter with Master Cheng today. He looks unwilling to visit Shu Restaurant."

That's right. Master Cheng was being very obvious. Although Yuan Zhou did not ask about it, he was still curious.

After all, in the past, Master Cheng would think of everything just so he could follow Yuan Zhou even if Yuan Zhou was going somewhere he did not want to go. Of course, he would do all that with the condition of not disturbing Yuan Zhou.

This was the first time Yuan Zhou had seen Master Cheng so unwilling to go somewhere. In fact, Master Cheng and the Shu Restaurant felt like Broth and his natural enemy, a cat.

That's right. Broth's natural enemy was a certain stray cat. An orange-colored, nimble, and healthy cat that was extremely fierce.

Yuan Zhou had personally witnessed the fight between Broth and the cat.

Just as Yuan Zhou was guessing in his mind, Master Cheng stopped in front of Yuan Zhou with his car.

"Get on, Master Yuan," Master Cheng quickly get off the car and opened the door for Yuan Zhou.

"I can open the door myself next time," Yuan Zhou said.

"Sure, sure. I'll let you open the door next time," Master Cheng said with a wide smile. Of course, he was fully intending to continue opening the door for Yuan Zhou next time.

Yuan Zhou said nothing and sat down inside the car.

Yuan Zhou's restaurant and the Shu Restaurant were at different districts. Shu Restaurant was located at Kehua Road, and to reach there, they had to go through two bridges. Although Master Cheng wasn't speeding, it did not take them long to reach.

The car stopped in front of a certain high-rise building.

"Master Yuan, Shu Restaurant is behind this building. It is a three-floor building and the restaurant has a traditional design so it's easy to spot," Master Cheng said.

"Um," Yuan Zhou nodded and opened the door.

"Master Yuan..." Master Cheng opened his mouth, but he started hesitating again. But before he could finish his sentence, he was interrupted by Yuan Zhou.

"Be careful on your way back," Yuan Zhou said and closed the door.

Yuan Zhou knew what Master Cheng wanted to say. He merely felt embarrassed to not be by his master's side. But since Yuan Zhou had already said that Master Cheng was not his disciple, that no longer mattered.

"Bye, Master Yuan. Give me a call after you're done. I will come and get you," Master Cheng got off the car and said.

"There's no need for that. Just go back," Yuan Zhou waved his hand and rejected.

Master Cheng watched on as Yuan Zhou turned a corner before he drove away.

He would probably be issued a ticket if he continued parking here.

In front of the building was a public square while the parking lot was located underground on the right side of the building. Therefore, it was naturally improper for someone to park in the public square.

Yuan Zhou walked across the public square. At the side was a rather hidden bamboo forest path. Spring had just arrived, but the bamboos here were already very lush.