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874 Strong Poin

 "So, I want to tell you that whoever asks you to lose weight just for a good figure doesn't really love you, unless your obesity has really affected your health," Jiang Changxi appeared quite earnest or even a little solemn when she said that.

Feng Dan wanted to say something, but she didn't say it in the end while looking at Jiang Changxi who was talking to her earnestly.

"Think. When you were first with him, you were weighed like that, but later, he asked you to lose weight. The reason was only because he felt you were not good-looking enough or he had no feelings for you anymore. No matter how he loved you before, he definitely doesn't love you now, said Jiang Changxi decisively and affirmatively.

"But..." Feng Dan subconsciously wanted to say something, but she hadn't finished her words when Jiang Changxi interrupted her.

"There are no buts. Usually, men are very proud of being able to make his girlfriend put on weight, which could prove that he's capable," Jiang Changxi continued, "We girls eat more food when we are with the people we love. If I grow fat one day, I must have found a man that loves me and that I love."

With Yuan Zhou's sharp ears, he could easily hear them. With regards to Jiang Changxi's words, he agreed with half. There was a statement popular on the Internet before, saying that those who really love you care about if you feel cold or not while those who only like you only care about if you are dressed beautifully.

When he first read this, Yuan Zhou had some doubts. Why couldn't she wear more clothes and still be good-looking? In his final analysis, he guessed she was stingy and didn't want to spend money.

Therefore, he didn't agree with the other half. However, he was fully confident that he could let his to-be girlfriend eat well and stay fit at the same time.

That was totally a strong point. Thinking of that, Yuan Zhou revealed a smile on his face.

"Even if he can't let you grow fat, he will never dislike you being fat, because what he loves is only you rather than the flesh on your body." Jiang Changxi shrugged.

"He definitely loved me at that time," Feng Dan said persistently and earnestly.

"That's for sure. Otherwise, why was he with you at that time?" Jiang Changxi nodded her head and approved Feng Dan's statement.

Having been approved of by others, Feng Dan let out a slight sigh of relief. Then, they were lost in silence for a while, only leaving the dishes on the table still emitting a little heat.

The fragrance of the food rushed into Feng Dan's nose bit by bit, giving her a sense of satisfaction and relief. She hesitated for quite a while before she said something again.

"Maybe, he just didn't love me anymore later."

"That's very common. You'll also not love him in future," said Jiang Changxi affirmatively. In her eyes, there were only two reasons for being unable to forget the former lover. One was that the time wasn't long enough while the other was the new lover wasn't excellent enough.

"But will a man think of letting his girlfriend grow fat if he loves her? Won't he mind her figure?" Feng Dan had always cared about this question.

"I think so. If you don't believe me, why don't you ask our Boss Yuan who cooks so well?" Jiang Changxi revealed a seemingly mild smile and then kicked the ball to Yuan Zhou.

Jiang Changxi was a person who always behaved appropriately. Even if she was telling a joke, she would not affect others. For example, Yuan Zhou happened to be standing at the long curved table and serving up dishes to the customers now.

Yuan Zhou sometimes communicated with the customers at this time and that was the reason why Jiang Changxi said so.

"Boss Yuan, is that true?" Reminded by Jiang Changxi, Feng Dan subconsciously turned to ask Yuan Zhou directly.

"I can... No, I don't know what you are talking about. Jiang Changxi, what did you call me for?" As soon as Yuan Zhou answered her, he wanted to express his own opinion. However, he suddenly paused for an instant and then continued said.

That's right. Yuan Zhou found a serious problem. Didn't that mean he had been listening to them gossip all along if he brought out his own opinions? That would absolutely affect his personal image of being a prince charming.

Therefore, Yuan Zhou immediately modified his previous remark tactfully.

"Here's the thing..." Feng Dan suddenly reacted and told him about the main points of Jiang Changxi's words and then asked him again.

"So, will you mind your to-be girlfriend being fat in the future, Boss Yuan? After all, the dishes you cook are way too delicious and your girlfriend is unlikely to be slim." Feng Dan asked with an earnest look.

The question from Feng Dan straightforwardly attracted the attention of the customers at the side, especially those young girls.

As it was the first time that Yuan Zhou had revealed his own standards of spouse selection, it was necessary for them to listen to him. Therefore, everybody strained their ears and prepared to listen to him carefully.

"No, I won't. It will be very enjoyable to see her eat my food," Yuan Zhou said affirmatively. That was actually true.

"What if she grows fat and doesn't look beautiful anymore?" Feng Dan continued asking, not reconciled to his answer.

"Never mind," Yuan Zhou said lightly. Based on his strong points, such a situation would never happen.

"What if she isn't happy herself?" Feng Dan continued asking.

"I can accompany her to exercise," Yuan Zhou said concisely and directly, "And if she grows fat, no one will compete against me."

Then, Feng Dan had nothing to say. She sat on her seat dumbly and just stared blankly.

Contrarily, those girls who heard Yuan Zhou say so at the side began to discuss heatedly.

"Wow! As expected, Boss Yuan deserves to be my prince charming. He really knows a lot about our feelings." Tang Xi first expressed her support for Yuan Zhou.

"Exactly. I love these kinds of boyfriends who doesn't mind my chubbiness," a chubby and very cute girl held her chin with her hands and said happily.

"Boss Yuan is so nice." A slightly older woman praised smilingly with reservedness.

As for those male customers, they all gave a thumbs-up gesture to Yuan Zhou with their expression basically reading, "We have never expected that you are so good at coaxing girls. Awesome!"

Having been praised by them, Yuan Zhou felt a little embarrassed. Judging from his meaningful glance, however, he still appeared calm and composed. Then, he straightforwardly turned around and went back to the kitchen.

He originally thought he had been thick-faced enough, but he still felt a little embarrassed about others' praise.

"Luckily, I'm wearing the face mask." Yuan Zhou believed that he must practice more so that he could be more thick-faced. His goal wasn't unreachable. One-tenth of Wu Hai's thick-faced extent was good for him.

"Don't think too much. I'm going to treat you to beer tonight. Boss Yuan's beer is awfully tasty recently. Why not have a mug?" Seeing Feng Dan stare blankly, Jiang Changxi said readily at the side.

"No, how can I accept your generous invitation?" Feng Dan reacted and immediately waved her hand with embarrassment.

That's right. Jiang Changxi and Feng Dan got to know each other in a meal and they didn't have any personal contacts. Naturally, they were not intimate enough to drink beer together.

Feng Dan naturally felt a little embarrassed, but she knew Jiang Changxi said so for her own good. Because of that, Feng Dan didn't refuse her directly.

Of course, Yuan Zhou's beer was also a very important reason. She had long been expecting to taste it, but never got a chance before.

"It's nothing special. I often treat others to liquor. It feels better to drink together with people. Let's drink together today," Jiang Changxi said lightly.

"Okay. Let me treat next time." Seeing Jiang Changxi appear so earnest, Feng Dan no longer evaded the invitation. She nodded her head to show consent.

When they finally made the appointment, dinnertime also came to an end. Fortunately, the food and dishes on the table were still warm.

The two of them continued talking and smiling until they fished the meal. At that time, those drunkards also arrived.