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873 Losing Weight By Being In Love

 Of course, those weren't enough to make Jiang Changxi so astonished. What really astonished her was that Feng Dan looked twice as slimmer than before. It was not an exaggeration, she lost at least 10 kilograms. Having slimmed down, she became much more beautiful. No wonder it was rumored that fat people had great potential.

Feng Dan could simply go and make a weight-loss advertisement now.

"Um, it's me. Jiang Changxi, you came too." Feng Dan didn't sound cold, but a little dispirited.

"What's the matter with you?" Jiang Changxi signaled Feng Dan's figure.

"Nothing. I just became thin," said Feng Dan.

"It seems that you didn't spend money on your fitness instructor in vain," said Jiang Changxi.

"Not really. I become thin by myself." Speaking of that, Feng Dan was slightly proud.

"That's really impressive," Jiang Changxi said with a sincere tone.

"Indeed. Even I never expected that I could slim down so much." Feng Dan nodded her head.

"Here's your dinner. Please take your time and enjoy the meal." Just when they exchanged of conventional greetings, Zhou Jia carried the second dish ordered by Feng Dan to her.

"All right. You eat first." Jiang Changxi was a successful businesswoman. She knew what to do at an appropriate time. Seeing the dishes served to Feng Dan, she immediately concluded the talk.

"Okay. Let's talk after the meal," Feng Dan also nodded her head and said.

Feng Dan ate very quickly this time, too. After she ate it up, however, she ordered some more dishes, a serving of Jinling Prawn and Egg Fried Rice.

"Careful! If you order them, you must eat them up. The rules of Compass don't change." Jiang Changxi reminded her.

"Don't worry. I can eat them up. I haven't eaten my fill in a long time," Feng Dan waved her hand, indicating it was no problem, and then said in a lonely tone.

"What happened?" Jiang Changxi asked.

"I went on a diet for a long time and only lived on apples when I tried to lose weight before. I'm a little hungry," Feng Dan said.

"You don't need to go to extremes like that. Just take your time and lose weight moderately. It's slow, but it's healthier." Without saying more, Jiang Changxi only suggested in that way.

"No. Because my ex-boyfriend didn't like fat girls, I was thinking of losing weight rapidly," Feng Dan shook her head and then said.

"Being in love is the best method to lose weight," Jiang Changxi hadn't even answered her when Feng Dan continued saying.

"What?" Jiang Changxi felt she hadn't heard Feng Dan clearly and thus asked in surprise.

"I said being in love could help lose weight," Feng Dan shrugged and said.

"Why?" Even with Jiang Changxi's intelligence of being a successful businesswoman, she couldn't understand the meaning of Feng Dan's word.

After all, Jiang Changxi had only heard others put on weight when they were in love rather than lose weight. Of course, she had heard others lose weight because of breaking up with the other party.

However, Feng Dan didn't seem to be losing weight by eating one serving after another like that. Contrarily, it seemed that she wanted to put on weight.

"Is it a long-distance relationship between you two?" Suddenly, an idea flashed through Jiang Changxi's mind. She thought of this conclusion.

"No. My ex-boyfriend didn't like fat girls, so I made up my mind to lose weight." Feng Dan said lightly yet with a tone difficult to be understood.

"Oh yeah. You said so just now. I thought I misheard you." Only then did Jiang Changxi remember Feng Dan had actually said the same thing just now.

"No, you didn't," Feng Dan said positively.

"If he didn't like you being fat, why did he choose to be with you?" This question of Jiang Changxi was fairly to the point.

"I don't know." Feng Dan paused for a little while and then said.

That's right. Feng Dan also became stupefied by Jiang Changxi's question. She thought for a while and found she indeed didn't know the reason.

"Then what about you?" When Jiang Changxi asked about Feng Dan, her tone was much milder.

"I loved him very much at that time. He once told me that I needed to be present in some formal occasions with him and it didn't look good to be fat. Thinking of his worries, I began to lose weight. Actually, I didn't think too much at that time." Speaking of her own reason, Feng Dan sounded to be quite affirmative.

"Here are your dishes. Please enjoy." Just when Feng Dan finished talking and stared blankly, Zhou Jia carried her dishes to her.

"Let me eat something first." Feng Dan straightforwardly took up the chopsticks and began to eat the dishes even before Jiang Changxi had time to answer her.

However, she ate more quickly this time.

"Slow down. I haven't even eaten up one serving. No hurry." This time, however, Jiang Changxi didn't let Feng Dan eat so quickly anymore. She uttered and stopped her.

"Um?" Feng Dan still had a mouthful of Egg Fried Rice stuffed in her mouth.

"Your stomach won't feel good if you eat so quickly," Jiang Changxi said earnestly.

Actually, Yuan Zhou had also noticed Feng Dan's problem. Therefore, this serving of dishes had been delayed for ten minutes before it was served up.

After all, her normal capacity for eating wasn't really so big. She would feel stuffed if she ate that serving up.

If the dishes were served later, she could first digest it in the stomach. However, few people noticed that. Only Master Cheng, who had followed this matter with interest all along, noticed that.

"Master Yuan is really a good chef. He observes the customers at every moment and bears their taste preference in memory." Master Cheng couldn't help sighing with emotion in the heart. Besides that, he took notes in his notebook and prepared to learn seriously.

"Never mind. I feel like I can eat more." Feng Dan shook her head.

"Why don't you listen to me say something else?" Jiang Changxi changed a subject.

"What?" Feng Dan asked subconsciously.

"Something about my ex-husband," Jiang Changxi blinked at Feng Dan and said with a slight mischievous tone.

"What is it?" As expected, Feng Dan became interested.

As was known to all, gossiping was a natural instinct of women while curiosity to know others' secrets was the general character of mankind. Coincidentally, Feng Dan happened to be curious about others' secrets.

Moreover, Feng Dan had also asked her about this matter before, but Jiang Changxi always said something casually or some dirty jokes to evade talking about her ex-husband.

"My ex-husband was very skilled at ducks." Jiang Changxi always startled people with astonishing words. Once she opened her mouth and said something, Feng Dan was stunned.

"Ahem ahem ahem. Sister Jiang, what did you say?" Feng Dan's face turned very red because of the cough. Then, she stared at Jiang Changxi in surprise.

Having heard that at the side, even Yuan Zhou couldn't help sweating and almost choked to death on his own saliva.

This woman! Yuan Zhou thought inwardly. The more beautiful a woman was, the more capable of talking nonsense she was.

"I wasn't joking. I'm talking about the ducks he cooked, like Beer Braised Duck. He was good at cooking." Jiang Changxi explained with an innocent expression.

"I see." Feng Dan's face became redder now. She nodded her head casually. After all, it would be more embarrassing if she behaved as if she had really misunderstood her and thought of something else.

It was such a sharp turn that people couldn't even react immediately.

"He also cooked delicious foods. At that time, I could eat different dishes for each of my meals. Of course, he still couldn't cook as well as Boss Yuan does." Jiang Changxi spoke quite normally at the beginning, but when it came to the last sentence, she began to guarantee that to Yuan Zhou in a seductive tone.

Yuan Zhou decisively pretended that he hadn't heard them and just cooked seriously.

"Sister Jiang." Feng Dan stopped Jiang Changxi helplessly.

"The dishes he cooked were delicious and I could eat various different dishes every day. As a result, I put on a lot of weight at that time," Jiang Changxi turned back and continued saying that primly.

"Put on weight?" Feng Dan looked at Jiang Changxi's figure very carefully.

Jiang Changxi was usually dressed very formally and today was no exception. She was wearing a silky lace shirt and a gray-blue business suit on her upper body, ultra-wide-leg pantsuit for her lower body, going with her medium-length chestnut-brown curled hair. On the whole, she appeared capable and experienced as well as spirited.

Of course, Jiang Changxi always had a smile on her face. Moreover, she had a charming face and well-balanced figure, Therefore, she never looked fat.

"Yeah, I put on weight at that time. But after we divorced, I turned slim, again. You know, no one is supporting this poor woman now." Jiang Changxi supported her head with her palm and blinked at Feng Dan while tilting her head.

"Er." Feng Dan really didn't know what to say.

She always felt Jiang Changxi was showing off to her that she could slim down as quickly as she liked, which made Feng Dan, who had suffered from losing weight, feel angry but couldn't say anything. Duck() has three different meanings in Chinese. First, the living animal. Second, the meat of the animal. Third, gigolo. So, one should be careful with the third meaning as it always causes misunderstandings