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868 Sharpening Knife

 Generally, men try not to cry easily. That was not to say that they were scared of being seen crying. They simply couldn't accept themselves crying. Ling Hong was a person who cared greatly for his dignity. Therefore, when he cried, both Wu Hai and Yuan Zhou were stunned.

They had all expected that Ling Hong might be in a bad mood upon his return, but they had never expected it to be at this level. Both were shocked.

Yuan Zhou was at a loss, not knowing how to console him. As for Wu Hai, he immediately ran out of the restaurant. He entered the public toilet built by the Queuing Committee and closed the door before taking his jacket and shirt off and wore them backward. It looked weird wearing a long-sleeved shirt backward, but Wu Hai did not mind as he never cared for his image.

Only after he was done that he returned to Yuan Zhou's restaurant. He did everything in a smooth sequence, taking only five minutes in total.

For some reason, Ling Hong was crying in a very miserable manner. Strictly speaking, apart from during his childhood when he found out his sister had an inborn heart disease, he had never teared up much.

Even Ling Hong himself did not know why he was crying. Perhaps it was because what he said was eight years late, giving him an immense sense of guilt? Perhaps it was because he saw the unique and beautiful woman that only had a different man in her eyes? Perhaps he was regretting what he did when he was studying? Perhaps it was some other reason? Or all the reasons combined?

Ling Hong was not scared of being embarrassed. Toward the end, his voice became hoarse from the crying.

At the side, Yuan Zhou opened his mouth again, but he could not find a chance to comfort Ling Hong. The only thing he could do was to close the doors so nobody could see it.

"Just let him cry. All men would want a chance to cry like this once, but most never had the chance to," Wu Hai said.

"True," Yuan Zhou muttered. He then asked, "So you are one of them?"

Wu Hai shook his head, "Not me. When I feel like crying, I will directly cry at home. I don't care about shame."

Yuan Zhou suddenly felt like it would be good to be shameless. When everyone cared so much about shame, the shameless person would have much greater freedom than others.

He accepted Wu Hai's suggestion and did not interrupt Ling Hong. Ultimately, Ling Hong stayed an entire evening at Yuan Zhou's restaurant. Of course, Wu Hai stayed that long as well. Without saying anything, he merely silently sat beside Ling Hong.

As for Yuan Zhou, he started preparing his ingredients when the time to do it arrived. At times, a person's mere presence was sufficient.

At night, Sister Wan arrived. When she saw Ling Hong's reddened eyes, she understood what happened. She did not say much, only saying that they should get something to drink tonight.

That was quite a good plan, but unfortunately, later in the night, they discovered that Ling Hong, Sister Wan, and Wu Hai had all failed to draw a slot. People like Chen Wei and Jiang Changxi who they knew well weren't around either. They knew the customers drinking tonight, but they did not know them well.

And thus, after the pub was closed, Yuan Zhou accompanied Wu Hai, Sister Wan, and Ling Hong to Fang Heng's pub to drink.

It was rare to see Yuan Zhou indulge himself like that. He drank with them and only left when everyone was getting tipsy.

Yuan Zhou had a good night's sleep after drinking and woke up early the next morning.

After breakfast time, Yuan Zhou did not start sculpting immediately. Rather, he started checking the kitchen utensils.

"I think it's time I sharpen these knives," Yuan Zhou muttered as he checked the knives one by one.

Of the knives provided by the system, apart from the kitchen knife that required no sharpening, all other knives still needed sharpening.

Naturally, the system had provided the whetstones as well. in total, eight whetstones had been provided.

Yuan Zhou started carrying all the knives and whetstones outside. From the looks of it, he was about to sharpen his knives.

"By the way, System, do you know about Mo Sandao during the founding of the republic?" Yuan Zhou suddenly asked.

The system displayed, "Based on the records, this person only needed to grind the knife three times to complete the sharpening process, regardless of the knife."

"Yes, it's him. Do you have his sharpening technique?" Yuan Zhou nodded and asked.

The system displayed, "Yes."

"Good, I knew you were capable, System," Yuan Zhou first praised the system.

He then continued, "How about showing me his sharpening technique?"

The system displayed, "As the host has yet to complete the required mission, the technique is unavailable."

"Mission? What mission do I have to do to get it as a reward?" Yuan Zhou pressed on.

The system displayed, "The host's level is insufficient to access this information."

"Is it a main mission, a side mission, or a hidden mission?" Yuan Zhou continued asking, not discouraged at all.

The system displayed, "The host will know when the mission is triggered."

"Triggered? So it's a hidden mission, then," Yuan Zhou immediately understood.

The system remained silent and gave no confirmation.

"Well, since I don't have the technique of Mo Sandao, I should seriously sharpen the knives the normal way," Yuan Zhou was already used to the system disappearing as it wished. He shifted his focus and prepared to start the sharpening process.

Before Yuan Zhou obtained the system, when he was learning and working at the three-star hotel, he already knew how to sharpen knives. However, he had never been provided with this many whetstones before.

One could say that all Chinese food chefs would know how to sharpen their knives. Most of them wouldn't sharpen their knives after their cooking skills improved though.

When learning to cook, Yuan Zhou needed to learn how to sharpen knives. He was unsure of the level of his present sharpening skills.

He sat on the chair, and after some thought, he took out his phone and made a call.

Shortly after, the call was answered.

"Good afternoon, Master Yuan," Master Cheng answered with his honest-sounding voice.

"Um. I will be sharpening knives in the evening," Yuan Zhou said.

"Ok, I will come immediately," Master Cheng said in excitement.

"Bring your knife as well," Yuan Zhou said.

"Ok. Will do. I'll come right away," Master Cheng said.

"Ok, that's all," Yuan Zhou ended the call.

Master Cheng put his phone away after Yuan Zhou ended the call.

"Hehe, looks like Master Yuan is treating me as a disciple. That is awesome," Master Cheng waved his fist in excitement. Then, he stepped on the pedal and rushed back home to get his knife.

That's right. Master Cheng was driving earlier. When his phone rang, he stopped his car at an emergency lane before answering it.

After all, Yuan Zhou hated people who did not abide by traffic laws. Master Cheng was well aware of this.

And thus, Master Cheng had learned to follow all traffic laws.

Since Master Cheng had made a firm resolution to treat himself as Yuan Zhou's disciple, he would definitely do everything in accordance with Yuan Zhou's rules. This was what he thought necessary.

Yuan Zhou was unaware of all that. But after he ended the call, he did not start sharpening. Rather, he started studying the lines on the knives, the back of the knives, and also the edge of the knives.