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867 F*ck Your Happiness

 Yuan Zhou raised his head and shouted at the second floor, "Wu Hai, come downstairs."

His voice wasn't loud, but there suddenly appeared a head of somebody at the window of the second floor. He first looked down and then closed the window. After that, Wu Hai ran downstairs straightforwardly.

"What do you call me for?" Wu Hai stroked his own mustaches and walked to Yuan Zhou in cotton slippers, "Treating me to dinner?"

"Ling Hong is here." Yuan Zhou said straightforwardly.

"Oh?" On hearing that, Wu Hai raised his head and then returned upstairs with lightning speed. He put on the long-sleeved shirt that he had worn at noon again and then walked into the restaurant along with Yuan Zhou.

They walked into the restaurant. Yuan Zhou went straight to the kitchen and then stood in front of Ling Hong. Wu Hai got seated beside Ling Hong.

Ever since Ling Hong entered the restaurant, he hadn't said anything till now. Not until now did he raise his head and say, "As long as you live better than me and as long as you are happy. Which son of b*tch said that? F*ck your happiness!"

Wu Hai and Yuan Zhou were startled by the abrupt shout of Ling Hong. They both looked at Ling Hong in surprise.

"I feel bitterness in the heart. I want to drink liquor." Ling Hong heaved a sigh and revealed unspeakable frustration from his eyes.

"The drinks are only provided within the business time." With the expression on his face unchanged, Yuan Zhou carried a cup of hot water out for him.

"That's really hard luck. I don't have wine, either," Wu Hai stroked his own mustaches and shook his head, saying that.

"Sigh..." Ling Hong looked at the two of them and heaved a sigh again.

Ling Hong naturally showed his weakness for a while again. Having cried once, however, he wasn't so sad anymore.

"Did you get beaten up?" Wu Hai couldn't help asking.

"Nope. The bride is quite beautiful." Ling Hong shook his head.

"Then you must have suffered from a heavy blow," Yuan Zhou said affirmatively.

"Yes. Because the groom is very plain-looking. He isn't so handsome as I am. He isn't as wealthy as I am. And he isn't as tall as I am," Ling Hong gnashed his teeth in fury and then said, "He isn't as excellent as I am in any respect."

"Even so, you are not the groom." Yuan Zhou got to the point. It was the first heavy blow.

"That means, he treats the bride well," Wu Hai got to the point, too. It was the second heavy blow.

After the two heavy blows, Ling Hong didn't know what to say for an instant. How tiring it was!

"Boss Yuan, can you at least pretend to be sad for me for the sake of my sadness. My ex-girlfriend married another person and I'm not the groom." Ling Hong was quite heartbroken.

"Let's put it another way. You are better than the groom; you are taller than him and you are wealthier than him, but you don't look pleasing to the eyes like him. So the bride didn't choose you as her husband." Wu Hai comforted.

But was it really the comfort? Ling Hong really wanted to know now how did Wu Hai grow to this age? Leaving others aside, it was really a miracle that he hadn't been beaten to death by Wu Lin.

"Can't you just comfort me earnestly?" Ling Hong couldn't help rolling his eyes.

"Judging from your rosy cheeks and oily face, you must have eaten very well. So you don't need our comfort," Yuan Zhou looked at Ling Hong and said seriously.

"No wonder you are a chef. You really care about different things." Ling Hong was quite helpless.

"You have both money and time and you even flirt with girls every day. You don't need our comfort," Wu Hai got to the point.

"So what did you guys come here for?" Ling Hong gnashed his teeth in fury and finally asked.

"We want to listen to your story," Yuan Zhou paused for a little while and then said honestly, "We don't have wine, but we can listen."

Wu Hai measured Ling Hong's legs with the eyes and said seriously, "I brought a band-aid for you. If your legs are broken, I can paste it for you."

"Ho Ho." Ling Hong was furious and exasperated. He took up the cup and drank a big mouthful of hot water so that he could calm down.

"You seem to have calmed down. Now tell us about your sad story so that we can be happy." Wu Hai made fun of him.

Standing opposite to him, Yuan Zhou also looked at Ling Hong seriously when he heard Wu Hai say that. Apparently, he was also waiting for Ling Hong to tell his sad story.

"PLEASE F*CK OFF." Ling Hong waved his hand to Wu Hai impatiently.

"Hey, say it. If you don't say it out, you won't feel well." Wu Hai said quite earnestly this time, more earnestly than just now.

"You'll feel good after you say it out." Yuan Zhou chimed in with Wu Hai concisely.

Then, Ling Hong kept silent without saying anything.

Yuan Zhou and Wu Hai didn't feel anxious. They just waited silently at the side and didn't urge him anymore.

The restaurant was lost in silence for quite a while before Ling Hong started to say.

"Actually, nothing happened. Nothing happened at all," said Ling Hong.

"I went to the wedding scene and gave them the red packet and then found a place to sit down. And the wedding ceremony started with a video of their love story before we began to eat. Then, we ate and drank," Ling Hong said simply.

"Um. I heard weddings are all more or less the same." Wu Hai nodded his head.

"But I don't feel good in my heart." Ling Hong emphasized.

"You told us yesterday that you were going there to send your best wishes." Yuan Zhou reminded.

"F*ck off. I'll beat him to death if anyone dares to say that I wish my ex-girlfriend happy after we broke up," Ling Hong said fiercely.

"All these are bullsh*t. I wasn't happy when I knew that she would get married." Ling Hong emphasized again.

"Um, but she is already married," Yuan Zhou said calmly.

"Right. She's married. And somebody has begun to praise her." Ling Hong said faintly.

The restaurant fell silent again. Inevitably, Ling Hong thought of the wedding held at noon.

The beginning was indeed like Ling Hong himself said. They watched the wedding ceremony and then ate and drank. After the wedding meal, Ling Hong decided to leave.

Many people left at noon after the wedding meal. And the newlyweds were standing at the hotel entrance to see the guests off. Everybody would basically stop for a little at the entrance while and greet the newlyweds.

Ling Hong was naturally no exception. When he walked to the entrance, there were a lot of people and one of them seemed to be the bride's good friend. They were holding each other's hands and saying goodbye intimately. With the groom accompanying them at the side, the scene couldn't be more harmonious.

"I'm leaving. May you two have a happy marriage!"

"May you be happy!"

"Be happy all your life."

Without exception, Ling Hong also gave them his blessings, something like "May you have kids earlier."

He was supposed to leave after the greeting. After all, more people were leaving and he couldn't stand there and block their way out. However, Ling Hong felt that he couldn't move his feet.

He took three steps forward and then kept staring at the wedding scene for quite a while, especially at the wedding bouquet thrown by the bride on the ground.

Then, Ling Hong blurted out unconsciously, "You were always skillful with your hands. The bracelet you made was very beautiful!"

He didn't know if the bride, who was busy with seeing her friends off, heard him. But from his angle, the bride's countenance didn't change at all. Presumably, she didn't hear him. After saying that, Ling Hong straightforwardly left, without staying there for a single second.

Ling Hong had originally been quite upset. When he finished the word, "You were always skillful with your hands. The bracelet you made was very beautiful!", he couldn't help but burst into tears.

Ling Hong really cried. Just like those actors in TV series, he shed bitter tears. To be honest, one could seldom see a man cry so bitterly like that unless it were life and death partings.