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866 Wish You Happiness Sequel

 "Ling Hong, will you be sad when you go to attend your ex-girlfriend's wedding?" Sister Wan said tentatively.

"Yeah, will you be sad? Didn't you say that was your true love?" Wu Hai added.

" You are not going to snatch the bride, are you?" Wu Hai took a wild guess even before Ling Hong answered the first question.

On hearing Wu Hai's wild guess, even Yuan Zhou couldn't help turning his head and taking a look at Ling Hong.

After all, it happened frequently in history to fly into a rage and do some uncontrollable things for a beauty. But Yuan Zhou was still fearful that Ling Hong would be beaten to death if he dared to snatch the bride from a wedding. Therefore, Ling Hong must be very cautious about such kind of things. If he made up his mind to do that, however, Yuan Zhou really wanted to be brought along with him. He wanted to watch the fun out of curiosity.

"Of course, not." Ling Hong looked at Wu Hai contemptuous and said affirmatively.

"Then just go. Why are you asking so much?" said Wu Hai.

"My former lover is going to get married while I'm not the groom. But I'm such a broad-minded and generous man, so I'm going to send my best wishes to her," Ling Hong said rhetorically.

"Out of sincerity?" Wu Hai looked at Ling Hong in disbelief. There was a suspicious expression on his face.

"Ling Hong, are you all right?" Sister Wan asked gently.

"Yeah, I'm okay. Of course, I am doing that out of sincerity. As long as she's happy, I feel at ease," Ling Hong shook his head and said, "Isn't there a lyric in a song? As long as you live better than me..."

"You don't really need to go if you feel sad," Sister Wan couldn't bear to see Ling Hong say so and hence suggested. She was more experienced in this regard.

"No, I must go. It's quite good to see her blissfully married. Though I'm not sure if I really loved her, it's a kind of commemoration to my lost youth." Ling Hong's tone was filled with soul-soothing "chicken soup".

"Tsk Tsk. Nauseating." Wu Hai made a strange sound with a vague meaning. He shook his body as if to get rid of the goosebumps.

"Good luck," said Sister Wan.

"You have so many girlfriends. Why don't you take one with you to the wedding? Isn't that good?" Wu Hai said that casually.

"No, I'd rather go there alone," Ling Hong said smartly, "If everything goes well, I can probably come back to eat dinner here."

"All right. Let's continue eating now. I'm going to drink tonight. I have bought the beer." Ling Hong said smilingly without an expression of reluctance on his face.

"Okay. I'm not going to stand on ceremony with you." When Sister Wan found Ling Hong really was so natural and unrestrained, she nodded her head to coordinate him.

"I have mine. Just stay away from my beer." Wu Hai immediately revealed his teeth and began to protect his food.

Then, Ling Hong and Wu Hai started to quarrel, again.

Actually, Ling Hong and Sister Wan didn't discuss loudly and Wu Hai also lowered his voice purposefully when he tried to get in a word. As a result, even the customers who were immersed in the delicacies beside them didn't hear them clearly. Of course, Yuan Zhou wasn't one of them as he had extraordinarily sharp eyes and ears.

Occasionally, Wu Hai knew how to behave in a delicate situation. He was also an agreeable person as long as it wasn't related to his food.

Because of Ling Hong's invitation, Sister Wan also arrived at the restaurant during the pub time. And naturally, she came across Chen Wei.

"It has been a while." Sister Wan greeted him gently.

"Um." Chen Wei nodded his head solemnly with a straight face.

"Here to drink beer?" After the greeting, Sister Wan prepared to turn back. But just at that time, Chen Wei asked her again.

"Yeah. Ling Hong is treating, so I came to taste Boss Yuan's fresh beer." Sister Wan nodded her head.

"The beer is nice and tasty." Chen Wei promised.

"Then I'm going to have a taste later," after saying that, Sister Wan turned to talk with Ling Hong.

The atmosphere was... totally awkward between the two while they were talking.

At this time, Ling Hong was busy with the counterattack against Shameless Wu's verbal aggression and thus wasn't different from usual. He behaved as if he was not worried about the wedding tomorrow at all.

As for Sister Wan and Chen Wei, they met a few times alone in the coffee shop after the previous blind date. Anything that happened between them later was no longer known to anyone else.

Therefore, the atmosphere in the pub was still as cozy and enjoyable as before. The night passed very soon.

It was a rare occurrence where Sister Wan came to Yuan Zhou's restaurant again at noon on the following day. Generally speaking, she only went to Yuan Zhou's restaurant for dinner unless it was the weekend. After all, she had to work in the afternoon and her company was some distance away from Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

It seemed that she took a taxi here at noon in case Ling Hong came so that she could see him. Even Wu Hai was also very curious. Not knowing if it was on purpose, he wore a long-sleeved shirt, which the front read, "My first lover will marry another man today." while the back read, "Don't be upset. you will still be single tomorrow."

As the proverb goes, Wu Hai really deserved a beating. But if someone wanted to beat him, that meant that that person didn't know much about him. After knowing him better, one should feel like beating him to death.

"At this time of day, the wedding is still going on. He's not supposed to come back now," Sister Wan muttered to herself.

"More likely than not, he would be driven out of the wedding ceremony," said Wu Hai after he heard Sister Wan.

"I don't think so, he would probably prepare a thick red packet to frighten others," Sister Wan thought of what Ling Hong had said last night and then said helplessly.

That's right. After drinking the beer last night, Ling Hong said he would prepare a very thick red packet to frighten the bride and groom. God knows if he would really do it in that way.

"Who cares! Anyway, he has a lot of money and weddings happen to require a lot of money." Wu Hai didn't care about that, as he himself didn't have a clear conception of money, either.

"The newlyweds usually need to give the guests the return gifts after the wedding. If the red package is too thick, how do you want them to return the gifts?" Sister Wan gave a look at Wu Hai, who did not have any common sense at all, contemptuously.

"I don't understand these kinds of things. Zheng Jiawei attends to these things for me." Wu Hai shrugged.

"Sigh." Sister Wan heaved a sigh and said nothing more. She just looked at the street corner and waited for him.

Actually, Sister Wan was a very nice woman. She had been playing the role of an agony aunt in the restaurant. Her only problem was that she liked worrying about others too much.

On the other hand, Wu Hai first went into the restaurant to eat something and then walked out. He didn't wait outside the whole time.

Sister Wan also returned to her company before work started again.

"It seems that the wedding meal is good." Ling Hong still hadn't appeared by the time the lunchtime came to an end. Yuan Zhou muttered and then saw off the customers.

In the afternoon, Yuan Zhou carried an ice block outside and practiced sculpting it as usual.

The true reason why Yuan Zhou practiced sculpting ice blocks was that sculpting fruits and vegetables was not challenging anymore. He increased the difficulty proactively and hence naturally had to wait until he deftly mastered the skills of ice sculpting before he changed the material again.

In the afternoon these few days, Yuan Zhou just kept practicing ice sculpting.

Some of the ice blocks were big while some others were small. The size wasn't fixed. As the ice sculptures were difficult to preserve, only a few people would like to take them home.

They would rather leave them here than take them back, so the people could appreciate them for a short time.

Half an hour before Yuan Zhou started to prepare the food ingredients for the dinner, Ling Hong suddenly turned up in the street and rushed toward Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"Boss Yuan, can I go inside and sit for a while?" Ling Hong said in a normal tone to Yuan Zhou, who was putting away the kitchen knife.

"Sit anywhere." Yuan Zhou put down the kitchen knife and didn't even raise his head.

"Ta Ta Ta". Ling Hong walked a few steps into the restaurant and said nothing at all. Yuan Zhou turned to look at him with a strange look. He stood there and thought for a while and then began to tidy things up. He wasn't going to continue sculpting.

It took him about 5 minutes to tidy everything up. When Yuan Zhou stood outside again, most of the onlookers had left already.