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865 Wish You Happiness

 More importantly, every woman tended to cut contact from Ling Hong after they broke up. After all, they had loved each other before.

"This girl is different from others. We loved each other the most before," Ling Hong said confidently.

"It might be true for others, but for you, I don't think so," Wu Hai said affirmatively, "Did you ever have true love?"

"You described every relationship as your true love." Even Sister Wan couldn't help mocking at him.

"It's not the same. This one is different." Ling Hong shook his head.

"Wait. Do you mean that you have many girlfriends?" Yuan Zhou couldn't help asking. Sister Wan couldn't help rolling her eyes at him. It was a matter known to everybody.

Having ignored Yuan Zhou who was shocked, Sister Wan asked with interest, "What kind of difference?"

Just at that moment, Zhou Jia served up the pre-meal package to them. Ling Hong drank a mouthful of water conveniently and prepared to tell his story.

"We were still in college when we knew each other." Ling Hong's voice was essential clean and bright. So it sounded pleasant when he started to talk.

Of course, in Yuan Zhou's eyes, that was the typical voice of youngsters. So Yuan Zhou slightly lowered his voice to make it a little coarse and sounded like that of a prince charming.

Come back out our story. Ling Hong narrated a love story of youth, beauty, and romance. After listening to the story to the end, Yuan Zhou could only summarize it with one sentence, single people weren't suitable to listen to it.

It didn't feel good to see others show off their relationships in public.

"I think spring is coming and I also should find a girlfriend." Yuan Zhou made up his mind inwardly.

"So you feel that it was true love because that girl didn't accept the gifts you bought. The rest weren't?" Sister Wan reacted first and looked at Ling Hong with a serious tone.

"No, not necessarily. But I did feel that she loved me." Ling Hong thought for a while and then gave them a vague answer.

That's right. In Ling Hong's story, the girl whom he knew in college was different from other girls. As a tall, rich and handsome person, he changed girlfriends quite frequently in college.

That girl wasn't the prettiest and didn't have the best body, either. SHe wasn't even the most pure. In a few words, she wasn't as outstanding compared with the other former girlfriends of Ling Hong. The reason why Ling Hong chased after her was that she had very beautiful eyes.

In school days, Ling Hong had the basic qualities of a playboy. He thought if everything could be solved with money, why should he bother?

Therefore, he always sent gifts whenever he and his girlfriends had some conflicts or something like that, but only that girl declined most of them. The reason was very simple. The gifts were way too precious. On the other hand, if it was his birthday or some festive event, she would actually send some gifts to him.

The girl's gifts weren't really valuable. Some of them were made by herself and some others were picked out in small stores by herself and cost no more than 100RMB. In a word, the girl was quite considerate and devoted to him.

At that time, these things weren't as touching in Ling Hong's eyes. He even felt these small things were unnoticeable and thus, he broke up with her when he was fed up with her after some time.

Ling Hong could still remember clearly that the girl cried very sadly and even her eyes turned red. They no longer had contacts with each other after graduation.

Ling Hong couldn't tell what kind of feeling it was. Till now, he still could remember occasionally the way the girl looked at him with her bright piercing eyes when she sent him the gifts. Her eyes were full of light as if she were waiting for the praise. At that time, however, Ling Hong had never felt these small bracelets or small gifts were good-looking. He even threw all of them away after he broke up with her, not to mention to praise her.

Several days ago, Ling Hong suddenly received an unknown phone call. Oddly enough, Ling Hong recognized whose voice it was once she talked. That was her. That girl was going to marry and wanted to invite him to attend the wedding. And Ling Hong surprisingly agreed.

"Even if they accepted your gifts, they were also likely to love you," Sister Wan said to the point, "Besides, which girlfriend would refuse to accept when their boyfriends send them gifts?"

"Yeah, you are right," Ling Hong shrugged and said, " Maybe what made me remember her wasn't because of true love, but the difference of that girl from others. I couldn't figure it out, either."

"It has been so long. You really have a long-lasting love," said Sister Wan.

"Yeah. I have been immersed in every relationship and spared no effort in them. This one just left me a deep impression." Ling Hong nodded his head.

"Maybe you are still coveting her good looks," Wu Hai stroked his own mustaches and said earnestly.

"F*ck off, you magician. What do you know about affection?" Ling Hong looked at Wu Hai contemptuously.

"I can understand that. Then what do you want to ask?" Sister Wan didn't go into this matter seriously, but turned to ask.

"Here's the first dish of the All-Fish Banquet for you two, Weaving Brocade Diligently While Wearing Winter Clothing. Please take your time and enjoy." At that time, Zhou Jia served up the first dish.

"Thanks, Little Jia." Ling Hong first revealed a sunny smile to Zhou Jia and then pushed the plate towards Sister Wan.

"You are welcome," Zhou Jia answered and then left.

"Let's eat first. Otherwise, somebody's saliva is going to flow into his bowl," Ling Hong glimpsed at Wu Hai and then said loudly on purpose.

"You talked as if I hadn't eaten the dish before." Wu Hai took a look at Ling Hong contemptuously.

Wu Hai had barely ceased talking when he reached out his chopsticks, took some of the dish and stuffed it into his mouth directly at lightening speed.

"Haha. I can eat it fair and square. There's no saliva," Wu Hai said complacently.

"Ho Ho. You Shameless Wu." Ling Hong laughed out because of anger.

"Thank you for your praise. I fully deserved the name." Wu Hai stroked his own mustaches and nodded his head smilingly to show his consent.

"Sister Wan, leave him alone. Let's eat now." Ling Hong straightforwardly ignored him and turned to greet Sister Wan.

"Thank you." Sister Wan nodded her head courteously and then reached out her chopsticks to eat.

Yuan Zhou's food was always quite delicious. And the dishes of All-Fish Banquet were served up one after another. When one had just eaten up one dish and rested for a little while, another dish would be served.

The pace perfectly corresponded to customers' dining time and habits and could also make sure the customers were always immersed in the delicacies.

Therefore, it was the tasting time of Ling Hong, Sister Wan, and Wu Hai who grabbed the dishes by sneak attacks from time to time. They basically had no time to talk about anything else now.

Not until dessert did Ling Hong and Sister Wan stop to talk.

As for Wu Hai, he was just immersed in the delicacies and couldn't get out. So, he didn't participate in their talk at all.

Then, Ling Hong began to talk about the main business with Sister Wan.

He asked carefully and understood all the details of a wedding.

Sister Wan explained about the wedding as if she herself had already married, but the true reason was that she often attended others' weddings. Not to mention her roommates in college, even her younger sisters were married.

Of course, that was also the reason why Ling Hong would ask Sister Wan. After all, only she had a rich experience in attending others' weddings.

EMPTYmagician() has a new meaning in manga. It specifically means an adult man who keeps his virginity until 30.