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864 Ling Hongs True Love

 Thanks to the Chef's Association, Yuan Zhou didn't need to handle those inviters personally all day long. He could do something more valuable and worthwhile.

Along with the broadcasting of the promotional video "Cooked Wheaten Food Master" and the variety show "Roll, Dear Beef", Yuan Zhou was becoming a more and more well-known star chef.

Yuan Zhou had no idea that the Chef's Association had declined so many invitations for him. Only a few significant invitations could be passed to Yuan Zhou after they were filtered by Zhou Shijie.

Even so, Yuan Zhou declined most of them. First and foremost! It was absolutely not because he was lazy. No. The reason why he declined them was that Yuan Zhou just wanted to study his culinary skills attentively.

However, the invitation this time was quite different from the previous ones. The timing it arrived was perfect thus Yuan Zhou felt quite happy and delighted. Whenever he was happy, Yuan Zhou wanted to sculpt. Just like now, he immediately went outside and began to sculpt.

Time passed quickly when one was occupied with something. Unknowingly, dinnertime had arrived.

Ling Hong reached here quite early today. Wu Hai was still the first one and Ling Hong was right behind him.

"You seldom come so early." Wu Hai stroked his own mustaches and looked at Ling Hong strangely.

He had just said at noon he was quite busy recently and then in the afternoon, he came to line up so early. That was really very strange.

"I wasn't busy in the afternoon," said Ling Hong lightly. He didn't look as spirited as usual.

"Did you lose your memory? You said at noon that you would be quite busy recently." Wu Hai was never a person that would save face for others, thus he reminded Ling Hong straightforwardly.

"I will be busy from tomorrow on." Ling Hong knitted his brows and explained.

"I don't think you lost your memory. You must be concerned about something. Look at you. You are even incoherent," said Wu Hai affirmatively.

"F*ck off." Ling Hong raised his voice and waved his hand impatiently.

They usually talked to each other in this way. Other customers who rushed over to line up didn't feel anything wrong, but Wu Hai looked at Ling Hong strangely and believed something was wrong with him.

Yes. Wu Hai's look at Ling Hong contained much curiosity.

Because Ling Hong definitely would have already lost his temper formerly. He was totally unlikely to behave so calmly and composedly.

It had to be admitted that the friendship between Wu Hai and Ling Hong mainly came from their daily arguments.

Wu Hai hesitated for a while and looked at Ling Hong again, who appeared as natural as usual. As he was not sure what was going on, Wu Hai didn't know what to ask.

Just in a little while, more and more people joined in the line. After a sound of "Ding", they began to form a line and waited to get the number ticket. The business time of dinner commenced.

The first ten people including Wu Hai and Ling Hong first entered the restaurant to eat. As soon as they got seated, Ling Hong looked back and turned to sit down beside Sister Wan.

Out of his concern for his friend Ling Hong, Wu Hai naturally got seated beside Ling Hong, too.

"What are you sitting over here for?" Ling Hong looked at Wu Hai and said in disgust.

"Watching the fun." Wu Hai stroked his mustaches and didn't conceal his intention at all.

"Ho Ho." Ling Hong couldn't help turning up the whites of his eyes. Then, he turned his head and no longer talked with Wu Hai.

"What's the matter?" There came the mild sound of Sister Wan.

Sister Wan was very clever. When she found Ling Hong specially came to sit beside her, she knew he must have something to ask her and hence talked to him proactively.

"Nothing. I just want to treat you to dinner." Ling Hong suddenly took a look at Wu Hai and then summoned Zhou Jia.

"Ah? You don't need to do this. Just tell me if you need help," Sister Wan first got stupefied and then answered.

"Just take it as my gratitude," Ling Hong said calmly.

"All right." On hearing that, Sister Wan didn't decline his kindness anymore and agreed.

"I'd like to order the All-Fish Banquet for Sister Wan," Ling Hong said to Zhou Jia at the side.

"Wait. I also want to eat it," Wu Hai said boldly. Even Shameless Wu hadn't eaten the All-Fish Banquet for a few times.

"What I'm going to say has nothing to do with you." Ling Hong revealed an evil smile with an extremely unpleasant expression.

"Not necessarily. Maybe only I can help you," while stroking his own mustaches, Wu Hai said affirmatively.

"I bet you can't," Ling Hong said that more affirmatively than Wu Hai did.

"Well, Brother Ling, what's your reason to treat?" Zhou Jia finally managed to interject a question before Wu Hai had time to answer Ling Hong.

According to the rules of Yuan Zhou's restaurant, the All-Fish Banquet could only be ordered in a formal treat. Because of that, Zhou Jia had to ask about it.

"It's about a very important matter, a matter about attending a wedding," Ling Hong said solemnly.

"Attending a wedding?" Zhou Jia looked at Sister Wan and Ling Hong repeatedly with a puzzled look.

"You are going to take Sister Wan to attend a wedding?" Wu Hai asked straightforwardly, "Aren't you fearful of being beaten to death? Precisely speaking, do remember to leave your legacies to Boss Yuan before you die."

Once he said that, even Yuan Zhou's attention was attracted to them. The latter part of Wu Hai's words were directly ignored. Ling Hong's legacies had absolutely nothing to do with Yuan Zhou after he died.

What's wrong with this guy? Yuan Zhou looked at Ling Hong and thought inwardly. Did he fall in love with Sister Wan?

"I'm still single, but this guy has had three girlfriends if Sister Wan is also one of them." Thinking of that, Yuan Zhou looked at Ling Hong indignantly. As a matter of fact, Yuan Zhou didn't know that No Discount Ling's ex-girlfriends were much more than three.

Ling Hong was a good man in this regard. He cared about the single people and never showed off his girlfriends in the face of them.

As Yuan Zhou stayed aside and his look wasn't so obvious as Wu Hai's, no one found him.

"No, I want to consult Sister Wan about going to attend someone's wedding." Ling Hong waved his hand and explained.

"I see." Wu Hai finally understood. Then, he bent over on the table and showed no interest.

"By the way, I also want to eat the All-Fish Banquet." Wu Hai instantly stood up again. He stared at Ling Hong and repeated what he had just said.

"Have you ever attended a wedding before?" Ling Hong directly asked to his face bluntly.

"No, but I have seen others marry," Wu Hai said shamelessly.

"Ho Ho." Ling Hong answered him simply with two words. Then, he looked at Zhou Jia and waited for her confirmation.

"Let me ask my boss," said Zhou Jia.

"No problem." Zhou had barely turned her head and not even said anything when Yuan Zhou agreed at the side.

Yuan Zhou was curious about what exactly Ling Hong wanted to know about the wedding. With his sharp eyes and ears, he heard everything even if they talked in a low voice.

"Thank you." Ling Hong waved his hand to Yuan Zhou smilingly and then made the bank transfer directly.

"All-Fish Banquet? Ling Hong, what details do you want to know about the wedding?" Sister Wan looked at Ling Hong smilingly and revealed an expression of curiosity.

Without saying anything, Ling Hong just smiled.

"Do you have a crush on one of the bridesmaids?" Sister Wan guessed reasonably.

"No. My ex-girlfriend invited me to attend her wedding," said Ling Hong lightly.

"Ex-girlfriend?" Sister Wan looked at Ling Hong in surprise.

"Which of your ex-girlfriends will actually invite you to attend her wedding?" Even Wu Hai as shocked.

Ling Hong's ex-girlfriends added up to 1000 or less, 800. If each of them invited him to attend the wedding, Ling Hong would probably die of fatigue. Therefore, Wu Hai was curious about which one it was.

Most importantly, how could such a person as Ling Hong go to attend the wedding of his ex-girlfriends? That didn't correspond to his temperament.

He was known to adhere to the principle that breaking up meant strangers. He could leave anything but love.