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860 Longan And Red Jujube Tea

 Naturally, normally, Yuan Zhou would silently serve the completed dish to the customer, but it was different now.

"What do you want to eat?" Yuan Zhou walked towards Yin Ya who had just taken a seat and asked.

"A glass of Longan And Red Jujube Tea and Clear Broth Noodle Soup," Yin Ya said gently.

"What date is today, Zhou Jia?" Yuan Zhou did not answer and turned to ask a question instead.

"Fourth of the month, boss," Zhou Jia answered without even raising her head.

"I thought you will only be drinking Longan and Red Jujube Tea on the seventh each month?" Yuan Zhou asked doubtfully.

When Yin Ya heard that, she raised her head and stared at Yuan Zhou, her eyes filling with murderous intent. One could say that if eyes could kill, Yuan Zhou would have been turned into mincemeat by this gaze.

"Um, please wait a moment," Yuan Zhou stopped himself from coughing to cover the awkwardness and answered calmly. He then turned and went to prepare the meal.

He had forgotten to even accept the money for this order. Fortunately, Zhou Jia was tactful enough to silently went and pay herself.

"A woman's heart is indeed as deep as the ocean. Their thoughts are forever hard to guess," Yuan Zhou lamented inwardly before he focused on cooking again.

The Longan And Red Jujube Tea ordered by Yin Ya was not one that could be prepared by just boiling longan and red jujube. Rather, the ingredients needed to be simmered. Of course, these ingredients could be prepared well in advance. As such, this beverage could actually be made quickly.

In fact, it could be made as easily as pouring water on the prepared ingredients. But even so, Yuan Zhou's Longan And Red Jujube Tea still tasted differently than other places.

And thus, even though this beverage had the same price as the Watermelon Juice, 88 RMB per glass, Yin Ya still enjoyed drinking it here. From this, it was clear that not a single dish was simple. So long as one was willing to put one's heart into it, something good would be created.

To be precise, when Yin Ya wanted to drink Longan And Red Jujube Tea nowadays, she would come to Yuan Zhou's place.

"Sister Ya, 376 RMB in total. Are you paying in cash or fund transfer?" Zhou Jia asked.

"Fund transfer, I already completed the transfer," Yin Ya showed Zhou Jia her phone.

"Alright. Thank you, Sister Ya," Zhou Jia nodded.

"Um," Yin Ya voiced, not saying too much.

As for Yuan Zhou, he lifted his eyes to steal a glance at Yin Ya before starting to work on the Longan And Red Jujube Tea.

The Clear Broth Noodle Soup and Longan And Red Jujube Tea were completed at almost the same time. As such, Yuan Zhou served both together.

"Your order," Yuan Zhou said as he set the tray down and served the dishes one by one.

The tea was contained in a see-through glass where one could clearly see the numerous ingredients at the bottom of the glass.

It was a brownish-red in color, and the moment it arrived, a sweet jujube fragrant waffled out, giving one a refreshing feeling. When Yin Ya smelled it, her furrowed brows relaxed somewhat.

Sweet foods were could always cheer someone up, and thus, when inhaling a sweet scent, it was natural that one's mood would improve.

"Hmph," Yin Ya seemed to still be holding a grudge for what happened earlier. She snorted coldly instead of giving a smile.

Yuan Zhou did not say anything and retreated after he was done serving the food.

The moment Yuan Zhou turned to leave, Yin Ya picked up the glass and took a small sip off it.

The taste of this tea was very good as the longan and red jujube had been simmered for a long time. When drinking it, a thick flavor that could be clearly associated with both these ingredients would give one an extremely comfortable feeling.

The instant this tea entered one's mouth, it was only slightly sweet. And when it got to the root of the tongue, a stronger sweetness appeared to fill one's mouth with the fragrance of red jujube. Finally, when it entered one's throat, it gave an incomparably smooth feeling.

The throat felt moisturized with the tea coursing down it and when the tea reached the stomach, one would feel completely refreshed. After all, both jujube and longan had an energizing effect. Therefore, the refreshing feeling was not a misconception at all.

"Huu, it tastes so good," Yin Ya said with both her palms wrapped around the glass. In fact, she looked like a tiny squirrel that was munching on something with tiny bites.

The air of murderous intent around her had also vanished as she looked completely at peace.

Yin Ya was in no rush to start eating the noodles. She continued drinking until the drink was nearly finished before she stopped.

After drinking the Longan And Red Jujube Tea, she stretched lazily like a cat that had just finished eating. This immediately attracted the attention of the customer beside her.

"Is this drink really that good?" asked Chen Wei. He had never liked sweet drinks as he only drank liquor. Therefore, he could not understand Yin Ya's feeling.

"Of course. You can order one and give it a try," Yin Ya gave a sincere suggestion, speaking in a much friendlier tone than she had earlier.

"No thanks. I'm only here to eat," Chen Wei waved his hand. "No matter what drink it is, nothing beats liquor."

It was worth noting that recently, Chen Wei hadn't been to the restaurant to drink as much. It was rumored that he was saving up his money to do something major with it. As for what that something major was, it was unknown. After all, Yuan Zhou did not tend to gossip around.

And when Yin Ya turned to look at Ling Hong at the other side, before she could even speak, Ling Hong spoke, "I prefer Watermelon Juice."

"By the way, the Longan And Red Jujube Tea and the Watermelon Juice have the same price," Yin Ya did not mind the rejections and her thoughts trailed off to something different instead.

"Yeah, both of them are priced at 88 RMB," said Ling Hong with a nod after checking the menu.

"Yeah, it's so expensive," commented Tang Xi. She was a fresh graduate and had just started working not long ago. Even if she was Yuan Zhou's fangirl, she still felt like the Longan and Red Jujube Tea was too expensive.

"If only it's cheaper. I will be able to drink it everyday," Man Man agreed.

"I know, right? The price for the Watermelon Juice is understandable due to the breed of the watermelon used and the way in which Boss Yuan made the drink. But this tea only has a sweet taste to it. What's so special that it deserves the same price as the Watermelon Juice?" remarked a male customer.

As for how did he know about the breed of watermelon used, it was the book on ingredients. Everything was clearly noted in the book. And thus, the customers of the restaurant had long found out the source of the watermelon.

"I agree," Tang Xi nodded in agreement.

Towards something she loved, she naturally hoped that it could be cheaper.

"Boss Yuan, why is your Longan and Red Jujube Tea the same price as your Watermelon Juice?" finally, a customer asked Yuan Zhou.

"Yeah, I feel like Watermelon Juice should be the more expensive drink," said a customer with a nod. "Based on the quality-price ratio, the Longan and Red Jujube Tea should be sold at 38 RMB instead."

Everyone looked at Yuan Zhou, waiting for his answer.

It was not like the customers were trying to say that the food at Yuan Zhou's restaurant was not worth the price, but they felt like the Longan and Red Jujube Tea should not have the same price as the Watermelon Juice.

How special could a glass of Longan and Red Jujube Tea be?

Of course, Yuan Zhou would definitely answer the customers. After all, dispelling the doubts of the customer, or to be precise, "acting cool" was something Yuan Zhou enjoyed doing very much.

With his professionalism, Yuan Zhou first finished the Clear Broth Noodle Soup he was making and passed it to Zhou Jia so she could serve it out before answering.

"I used jujube scented natural water, Cangzhou's red jujubes, Bobai's longans, and also Hui Spring's water to soak the longans in. That's about it."

He spoke in a flat tone, his words were clear. But the impression the customers had was that they understood each of the words spoken, but combined, they were completely clueless of what he was saying.

Jujube scented natural water...

Canzhou's golden-threaded jujubes...

Bobai's longans...

Hui Spring's water...

What were these?