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857 Is It The Same Fish?

 Seriously speaking, Little Fish ate the fish more quickly than she ate rice. No one really knew how much fish she had eaten exactly to gain such speed.

"No, no. I only eat fish quickly," It might be because she was teased or she found that Yuan Zhou sped up, Little Fish blushed and then waved her hands continually, saying with embarrassment.

"Haha. If you come to eat roast fish again later, Boss Yuan has to speed up to roast them," Ling Hong burst into laughter and said happily.

Everyone can only order one fish," Little Fish blushed and said in a low voice.

"Yeah, right. Everyone can only order one fish. Hahaha." Ling Hong nodded his head, but still couldn't help laughing, especially when he saw Yuan Zhou roasting the fish with a straight face.

"Little Fish must have been professionally trained, that is why she can eat so quickly."

"No, no, no. I think Little Fish will be the champion if there's a fish-eating match."

The atmosphere was excellent. Everybody began to make jokes one after another. Little Fish also blushed and echoed smilingly, making it more lively.

"By the way, didn't you also have roast fish before, Boss Yuan? Though it's a different fish, the current one can't be regarded as a new dish," Muscular Coward suddenly said.

Because the roast fish was too delicious and the customers were all expectant of Yuan Zhou's delicacies, they had almost forgotten about this matter. Having been reminded by Muscular Coward, they suddenly reacted and realized there had indeed been roast fish before. It just had a different outward appearance and a little larger than the current one.

"Compass, you are caught cheating us. You took an existing dish as a new dish," Ling Hong said immediately. It was a necessary trait of a "harmful" friend to become happy when he found something wrong with you.

Yuan Zhou gave a contemptuous look at Ling Hong and asked back, "Are the beef kebabs and the Roast Whole Cow the same thing?"

Then, Ling Hong became stupefied. Beef kebabs and Roast Whole Cow were absolutely two different dishes. Not to mention the size, the processing techniques were completely different. The processing technique of the beef kebabs was very easy, but for the Roast Whole Cow, there were dozes of preparation methods to make the sauce.

It was the same for the previous roast fish and the current roast fish. For the previous one, Yuan Zhou had used the existing ingredients like grass carp and bighead carp, the kind used to cook the All-Fish Banquet.

It was not an exaggeration to say that Yuan Zhou's ingredients were all top-notch. So were his roasting techniques. He had a very good command of the heat. However, the freshness and tenderness of the grass carp and bighead carp weren't as good as those of the Yellow River Carp. Carps were essentially more suitable for roasting, let alone it was the Yellow River Carp.

"No Discount Ling, are you stupid? This roast fish is obviously different from the previous one." Fang Heng looked at Ling Hong contemptuously, "Didn't you see that Boss Yuan's tools are different? The previous roast fish was roasted on the grill while this roast fish was roasted in the fish grilling basket."

"I also observed it carefully. You think Boss Yuan really scattered some salt only on this roast fish? No. I noticed Boss Yuan had spread something else on the fish grilling basket. I can only tell there's some lemon scent. based on the technique, the way of roasting, and the taste, the previous roast fish isn't the same thing with the current roast fish."

When they talked about the food formerly, Fang Heng didn't have so many opinions. When they talked about the roast fish today, however, Fang Heng spoke as continuously as flowing water, which made Ling Hong unable to say anything. It was another person who was passionate about eating fish.

Little Fish looked at Fang Heng with a worshiping gaze at the side. She felt Fang Heng was so knowledgeable and so well-educated and thus she couldn't agree with him more. The fish roasted with the fish grilling basket was more delicious than the one roasted on the grill. Little Fish believed it should be the issue of heat, though she wasn't clear about the exact reason. However, she felt it couldn't be more suitable to describe Fang Heng as "a man of great talent."

Ling Hong had originally thought he found fault with Yuan Zhou, but in the end, he made a fool of himself. He glared at Muscular Coward while Muscular Coward just shrugged, revealing a manner of "none of my business."

Then, according to Fang Heng's suggestion, they gave these two roast fish different names. The previous one roasted on the grill was named Roast Fish No. 1 and the current one roasted in the fish grilling basket named Roast Fish No. 2.

It seemed that from tonight on, there would be a new record in Milestones Of Yuan Zhou's Restaurant on the Internet, Fang Heng Gives New Names To The Roast Fish.

"Boss Yuan, speaking of Roast Whole Cow, when will you provide a main course such as Roast Whole Cow or Roast Whole Lamb?" Fang Heng asked.

Yuan Zhou didn't answer him. After all, he had barely mastered the single Chengdu School's Sichuan Cuisine. He hadn't even mastered all of Sichuan Cuisine and there were still 8 regional cuisine waiting for him to learn. So it was still too early to talk about grassland cuisines as Roast Whole Cow.

Almost all "roast whole" cuisines were the representative delicacies of Inner Mongolia Province or Xinjiang Province. Yuan Zhou was more interested in the Zhama Banquet. As a person who liked eating large pieces of meat and drinking big mouthfuls of liquor, not knowing about it was a disgrace.

Actually, there was no Roast Whole Horse in the Zhama Banquet. In Mongolian, Zhama meant dehaired whole livestock. It was the most extravagant banquet in the imperial court of Yuan Dynasty. It was said to be able to restore the genuine taste of pigs, cows, or horses to the maximum extent. But unfortunately, it had been lost in the historical long river along with the Zhou Dynasty's Eight Treasures.

With the stalwart support from the system, the Zhama Banquet and Zhou Dynasty Eight Treasures might be able to reappear in the world, even though they only existed in the ancient books. Yuan Zhou thought inwardly.

The closing time arrived very soon. The customers were all quite enthusiastic about the new roast dish today. Plus, with the noise and excitement caused by Ling Hong and Fang Heng, almost everybody ordered the Roast Fish No. 2.

"Fang Heng, let's go together tonight," said Muscular Coward. He felt a little afraid of walking in the street alone at night.

Fang Heng nodded his head to show his consent. After the BBQ time ended, a crowd of men first sent Little Fish and another girl into a taxi and then all left for home. The scrupulous Muscular Coward even took photos of the number plates of the two taxis.

Yuan Zhou was also very busy tonight. After everything was over, he felt he couldn't even raise his arms up because of the ache in his wrists. It was the aftereffects.

He didn't feel that way because of the roast fish. With his current physical status, he could continue making the roast fish for another two hours and wouldn't feel anything wrong. Therefore, it was mainly because of the strenuous ice sculpting in the afternoon.

"It's a little red and swollen." After Yuan Zhou tidied up the kitchen, he stared at the slight red wrist and frowned a little bit.

"System, is this considered an occupational injury? Is there any medical insurance?" Yuan Zhou squatted down to take the ice cube and prepared to put it on the wound.

The system displayed, "This system is Master Chef System, not Medical System."

"That means none, right? I think you should add some additional functions to yourself. Look, you have neither force of arms nor medial service. That's too single." Yuan Zhou complained habitually.

The system displayed, "Of all essentials of a Master Chef, the 38th one is concentration."

"Ho Ho." Yuan Zhou laughed coldly. What the hell was the 38th essential?

Yuan Zhou wasn't in a bad mood today, so he didn't want to argue with the system. The reason for the good mood was, on one hand, he completed the ice sculpture and on the other hand, he had suddenly received the reward from the system.

After the dinner ended on that evening, the system suddenly displayed and told him that he had completed the hidden mission, "Let people realize he's also an ice sculptor." Needless to say, somebody must have filmed the video of the competition between Yang Shuxin and him in the afternoon and posted it on the Internet, which therefore created quite a stir.

Yuan Zhou's first reaction was toward the reward, four rare freshwater fishes. The hidden mission was really a hidden mission. It was probably the first time that the system rewarded him with the ingredients directly.

Yuan Zhou had the four most ordinary freshwater fishes now to prepare for the All-Fish Banquet. And for the four rare freshwater fishes, there wasn't any matching dishes and side dishes. So, Yuan Zhou took the Yellow River Carp as a new dish and roasted it for the customers.

About the completion of the hidden mission, Yuan Zhou basically guessed the truth. Because of the two Nine Dragon Sculptures, he created much of a stir both in reality and on the Internet or even in the ice sculpture circle.