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856 Muscular Coward

 Fortunately, Little Fish didn't need to wait too long before Yuan Zhou's roast fish was ready to eat. It wasn't an exaggeration at all to say that she gazed at it anxiously till her eyes were strained.

"Here's your roast fish." Yuan Zhou carried the plate up and directly put it on the long curved table.

There were no waitresses when BBQ was served. Yuan Zhou could have served the kebabs up to the customers conveniently after they were ready to eat. After all, he stayed close to them and it wasn't inconvenient, either.

But this "bad habit" was corrected by a muscular man whose name was unknown to the customers. What they knew about him was that he was as strong as a bear but was often frightened by the tricycle old man's ghost stories. The regular customers all called him Muscular Coward. As an excellent graduate of a business college, Muscular Coward took half an hour to tell Yuan Zhou how excessive it was to serve the dishes up to the customers by himself.

The BBQ time was originally quite limited. It would take at least ten seconds to serve them personally once. And throughout the limited BBQ time, that delay would accumulate to least several minutes. And as was known to all, one serving of kebabs only required a few minutes to roast. In other words, at least one customer couldn't eat the kebabs throughout the night because of that.

In Chengdu, the average annual humidity was 79-84% while the evaporation capacity was 841.1-1066.1mm, namely, the average annual precipitation was 750-1000mm. By conversion, one could easily know there were only about 60 rainy days throughout the year. That is to say, more than 60 customers would be delayed in eating the kebabs because of this "bad habit" in a year. Muscular Coward asked Yuan Zhou straightforwardly if he felt ashamed.

Yuan Zhou wasn't very clear about if he was ashamed. What he really knew was that he felt a headache after Muscular Coward provided him with the above data. So from that day on, Yuan Zhou directly put the kebabs on the long curved table.

Later on, Yuan Zhou got to know this Muscular Coward was employed in the Chengdu Municipal Meteorological Bureau. He was a meteorological observer.

Yuan Zhou thought inwardly, Sh*t! A graduate from a business college went to a meteorological bureau to work as an observer. He stole the job opportunities from the college graduates of Atmospheric Sciences and Atmospheric Sounding Professions.

Coming back to the story. This serving of roast fish happened to belong to Little Fish. On hearing that, she revealed a smile, then lowered her head and carried the roast fish to her own table quickly.

The roast fish in front of her appeared quite intact, including the golden yellow fish skin. It was wrinkled and emitted a burst of scorching fragrance.

The roast fish wasn't served exquisitely. It was directly put in a fish-shaped wooden plate, of which the size was just enough for the Yellow River Carp.

The scene could be described by a poem, "A carp is in a fish-shaped wooden plate; Little Fish sat in front of the roast fish." Well, it was a good poem. It was neither in rhyme nor neat. How great it was!

Apart from that, the fragrance was pleasant. If observed carefully, there were even some white crystalloids under the fish body. They looked like the crude salt used for seasoning.

There were no other ingredients except for these things. It was a very simple fish.

However, Little Fish wasn't surprised at all.

"I'm looking forward to it so much!" Little Fish took the chopsticks and reached out toward the part where the fish body and the head were connected expectantly.

The first place where Little Fish got started was a piece of fish meat on the back. She always started to eat fish from this place.

The most delicious part was definitely the tail of the fish. As it always moved about, the meat there tasted both tight and chew. However, it didn't lack tender and smooth texture. Nevertheless, Little Fish still loved eating the meat on the back.

As Yuan Zhou had prepared the chopsticks with sharp ends, she reached out her chopsticks and directly picked up a piece of fish meat as big as a garlic clove.

Wrapped by the slightly bigger skin, the white and tender fish meat was giving off slight steam between the brown chopsticks. There were even glittering and translucent salt particles over the surface. The whole fish appeared to be quite appetizing.

"Awooo." Little Fish couldn't help swallowing it up directly without even picking the small bones out. She prepared to chew carefully and picked them out with her tongue.

As soon as the fish meat entered her mouth, the salt particles over the fish skin immediately melted. Then, the tip of her tongue felt a little saline taste blended with lemon fragrance. However, it was just for an instant because when the saline taste came out, the freshness of the fish meat also came out.

"It's so fresh." Little Fish couldn't help narrowing her eyes.

That's right. Along with the salt particles blended with lemon fragrance, the fish meat in her mouth almost melted immediately upon entering her mouth and changed into little pieces of meat. Meanwhile, the freshness rushed straight into her throat. Nevertheless, the fish skin had a gelatinous texture. With some slight chewing, it tasted like the scorched, soft, sticky and tasty skin of steamed buns.

"It's awfully delicious." Little Fish picked up the fish meat continually and muttered at the same time. She ate it bit by bit extremely quickly.

in just a little while, the meat on the back was eaten up, leaving the remaining intact fish body only.

"How is the taste of the fish?" Ling Hong looked at Little Fish for quite a while at the side. Seeing that she suddenly stopped, he couldn't help asking.

Ling Hong didn't have the habit of staring at others while they eat during normal times. After all, he wasn't the Shameless Taotie, Wu Hai. However, today was indeed an exception. This girl was eating the roast fish enjoyably and blissfully. She chewed on and on just like a squirrel. Not only did she attract attention but she also made others have a good appetite.

"Very fresh and delicious," Little Fish said earnestly.

"Um. I can tell that from your face." Ling Hong nodded his head approvingly.

"Really delicious," after saying that, Little Fish lowered her head and continued eating. She still had the fish belly and the other side left uneaten.

Everyone had their own habit of eating fish. For example, Little Fish liked eating the back of the fish while some others preferred to eat the fat and tender fish belly.

Just like the second cook in the kitchen where Yuan Zhou had worked previously. As long as any customer ordered sliced raw fish, he would keep the fish belly for himself to eat.

This habit was known to everybody working in the kitchen.

Fortunately, the fish belly provided by Yuan Zhou was still intact.

Little Fish peeled the fish meat off along the big fish bones and got a large piece. She directly stuffed it into her mouth.

"Wooo." Little Fish suddenly got a shine in her eye and chewed it seriously.

There was a lot of fat in the fish belly. In the past, she would feel it to be a little greasy, but today, the fish belly wasn't greasy at all. It tasted as if there were some green grass leaves in the fish belly, which covered the fish belly with some kind of fragrant smell.

Besides that, the fish belly today almost melted immediately upon entering her mouth and brought about a kind of abundant meaty smell to Little Fish. It tasted soft and tender as well as sweet and fragrant without any greasy feeling.

The key point was that there was even a slight chewiness and a slightly stimulating spiciness contained inside, which made the roast fish very delicious.

"It tastes so good."

Little Fish squinted her eyes and no longer paused this time. She ate up the fish meat on the fish bones and directly turned the fish over to eat the other side.

After she ate up all the fish meat, there was only an intact fish bone left in the fish-shaped plate. Even the meat at the cheeks was eaten up cleanly, not to mention the two white translucent colloid meat at both sides of the fish gills in the head.

Little Fish ate the fish cleaner than the cat did.

She not only ate the fish clean but also ate quickly. The second fish had been barely served by Yuan Zhou when there were only the fish bones left on the plate in front of her.

"Tsk tsk tsk. Boss Yuan, your speed of cooking almost couldn't catch up to her speed of eating," Ling Hong said jokingly.

Yuan Zhou looked fixedly at the empty plate in front of Little Fish and then at Ling Hong. Without saying anything, he continued roasting the fish, but more quickly.